Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode One

Transcript of the first episode that was recorded on 5/25/2012

Information About The Host

In this episode I describe being able to write in the following genres: Gangster/Urban, Extraterrestrial, Horror, Paranormal, and Western, and I also explain that I’m the author of the novel that’s called The Playground ISBN: 1608447669

House Dwelling Spirits/Ghosts

I explain that I’ve been having paranormal experiences ever since I was a child, and I go on to describe the spirits that were walking around inside my house when I was nine years old. Plus I describe the spirit of an old that came into my bedroom one evening before standing directly over my bed. I also talk about being frightened and about turning towards the wall. The old spirit eventually left my bedside after he saw that I was frightened of him and when I was eleven years old I became angry with the noisy spirits because I couldn’t get any sleep due to the spirits constantly walking around the house and making noise and I went down stairs and I said show yourself and after that day I was never bothered by them again.

Paranormal Activity At School

I discuss being in elementary school and how these pencils and pens would stand up on my desk and how they would start dancing as if someone on the other side was doing it for my entertainment.

Paranormal Activity While Writing The Playground

You’ll hear me describing how a pen started dancing later on in life while I was writing my current novel that I described above. Plus I specifically mention that I could feel someone standing behind me and that they were pressing down on my right shoulder and that I ignored the presence.

Woman Taken Over By A Casino Dwelling Spirit

A college educated female visited a casino alone and she was possessed by a spirit that was apparently lying in wait and she couldn’t control herself after winning 231.00.

Paranormal Activity At Home Of Deceased

I describe what happened when a man visited the home of his deceased brother and how the kitchen cabinets started opening.

Dead Child Confronts A Man That’s Lying In Her Bed

I provide a description of the events that took place when a deceased child entered her former bedroom only to find a stranger in her space.

Five Colleagues Witness UFO

I describe how five colleagues and I witnessed a tree hovering UFO.

Walking On The Same Street For Three Hours Due To Extraterrestrials

I give an account of what happened when the Extraterrestrials interrupted my travel at the age of nineteen.

Joshua Tree California

I was with a WWII Veteran and some other colleagues when we saw an Extraterrestrial mother ship through the lens of a telescope.

Extraterrestrial Hybrid That Entered A Restaurant

At the age of seventeen I came face to face with an Extraterrestrial Hybrid and I describe the circumstances and why a woman had to be sedated.

Paranormal Investigation That Unfolded In Santa Ana, CA.

A colleague and I went on a ghost hunt in Santa Ana, CA. after being advised of the paranormal activity that several witnesses claimed to have experienced. I describe what happened when I was touched by a spirit.

A Real Life Paranormal Experience Surrounding Michael Jackson’s Death

My mother was thinking out loud shortly after Michael Jackson’s death and I describe what happened immediately after she vocalized her thoughts.

Lying In The Bed When UFOs Suddenly Come Around

My mother has been lying in the bed and watching television or just trying to get a good night’s rest when UFOs have appeared outside her window for an undetermined reason.

Extraterrestrial Content That’s Contained Inside The Playground

I describe the Extraterrestrial content that’s listed in my current novel, and I also explain that I’m working on two Extraterrestrial novels that are a sequel.

The following link will allow you to listen to the episode.

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