Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Five

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 06/30/2012

Memories Of The Paranormal That Go All The Way Back To The Crib

In this episode I describe the paranormal encounter that I had while standing in the crib. The male and female figures were my great grandparents.

Why I Became A Teenage Paranormal Investigator

I describe being in biology class and the audio recordings that were played inside the classroom which contained the voices of the dead. I also give a description of the young lady that was on the audio recording. Plus I talk about the other spirits that were present in the cemetery where the audio recordings were made. In addition, you’ll hear the approximate age of the spirits that appeared on the audio recordings. You’ll also hear a description of the physical reaction that I had in addition to the dialogue that took place between the spirits that we observed on the audio recordings.

My Experience With The Ouija Board

I lay out exactly what happened while we were using the Ouija Board. The spirit on the other end revealed something that was absolutely startling. The revelation has to do with a curse that was passed from a family member to me. The spirit refused to speak with me, but would, however, communicate with my relatives.

I Died For Forty Five Minutes

I describe how I died for forty five minutes and the circumstances that led up to my eventual death. Plus you’ll hear about the Doppelganger that precipitated my illness and death. In addition, I describe exactly what happened when my spirit left my body. King David was right when he said, “And we fly away.” Psalm 90:10.

A Paranormal Experience With A Sandwich

You’ll hear me describe the unusual paranormal experience that I had at work and that was witnessed by two other employees after I returned from a place called Kelly’s with a deliciously prepared sandwich. We conducted an investigation right on the spot because the phenomena had succeeded in getting our attention, and we were determined to find out what was causing the action.

My Uncanny Encounter With a Bear

I talk about how I out ran a bear at a very young age after going on a Catholic retreat. Plus I describe something picking me up while I was trying to get away from the bear. I could feel its breath on my back.

 I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the show.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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