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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Nineteen

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 11/28/2012

The Hans Glasser Wood-Cut Of 1566

In this particular episode I provide more information about the 04/14/1561 Nuremberg UFO sighting that took place in 16th Century Germany, and I also explain that the residents witnessed a frightful sight that was cylindrical in nature. In addition, I also mention that the objects were red, black, orange, and blue white and that there were disks as well as globes and crosses and tubes that resembled cannon barrels. I also go on to talk about what some people are saying about World War III. Plus I explain that Charlemagne represents the First Reich and that we had the Second Reich as well as the Third Reich and that it stands to reason that we’re going to have a Fourth Reich. I also touch on what’s currently happening inside Poland as it relates to the ruling that prevents the Jews from adhering to the laws of Kashrut which have to do with Jews only consuming Kosher meat. The fact that the animal must be stunned before its throat is slit automatically makes the animal’s meat un-Kosher since Shechitah has to do with the animal being conscious while its throat is slit. The animal loses conscious after the slit, which makes the meat Kosher. A professional is the only one that is allowed to perform this particular procedure.

When the Nazis were in charge of Poland they prevented the Jews from practicing certain aspects of their religion.

The Big Foot Sighting That Took Place In Pine Bluff Arkansas

I explain that a man was sitting on his porch when a Big Foot suddenly crystalized right in front of him. The man stated that the hairs on his head became tight and that he couldn’t move. He also stated that the Big Foot turned and stared him dead in the face prior to moving on. This particular gentleman was absolutely freaked out by his uncanny encounter since he couldn’t move and since he was someone that had never believed any of the stories that had been told about Big Foot. This same man was also someone that never gave very much thought to anything that had to do with the paranormal; however, he received a rude awakening when that Big Foot suddenly materialized right in front of him. The victim wanted to tear down the front door to his house, however, he couldn’t move despite seeing the Big Foot that had just come out of nowhere prior to staring him in the face.

Why Some People Believe That Seeing A Big Foot Is A Bad Omen

I explain why some people believe that seeing a Big Foot is a bad omen. There have been quite a few incidents that have taken place after one has seen a Big Foot, and I was out camping one summer when I saw a black Big Foot, however, no one wanted to accept the fact that I had seen what I was describing and I believe that they were trying to protect me since they know how some people are treated after they come forward and talk about certain paranormal experiences that they’ve had, which only demonstrates the naysayer’s lack of understanding and their overall immaturity. My sighting happened when I was nine years old and I haven’t seen one since and there were other children around that also bore witness to the same Big Foot, however, we all thought that the Big Foot was something fun since we didn’t know any better.

One particular Big Foot sighting that took place in Pine Bluff Arkansas was accompanied by tragedy as I describe during the episode and what you’ll hear is that a man heard a rap at the door while he was home alone and when he opened the door a bear was standing on its hind legs and he hit the man so hard that the force decapitated him and his head rolled a few feet away from where his body was standing. The man’s head was gone, but the body remained in place for a few minutes according to the witnesses. The bear then got down on all fours and left the area. This caused many residents to pack their bags prior to leaving the area and you’ll be interested in hearing what I have to say about the feeling that the man experienced after seeing the Big Foot and prior to being killed by the bear. The victim thought that it was one of his neighbors that was knocking at the door and never suspected that it was a bear. My grandfather was one of the residents that left the area since he and others didn’t need any more convincing.

This particular Big Foot sighting proved to be a bad omen like the others before it because you see a great deal of people that have seen a Big Foot describe having uncanny experiences shortly thereafter.

The Demon That Appeared During Monday Night Football

A man was sitting on the couch while eating popcorn and while enjoying a beer and he was really getting into the game when a pitch black demon with reddish orange eyes suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The frightened man began to yell and his wife suddenly came out of the kitchen area and seeing the demon the husband and wife evacuated the living room with the speed of a fast moving tornado and they retreated to the bedroom where the man of the house kept his fire arm. However, before he could load the weapon the male demon grabbed him by the shirt and he threw him across the room and he landed on a dresser which he demolished, and before he could recover from being thrown across the room back first, the demon began to choke him and as he was fighting for his life while calling for help, the demon suddenly stopped after his five year old son came into the room and said, “Daddy what’s wrong with mommy?” The child heard his mother screaming and crying and in his innocence he entered the master bedroom to see what was wrong and the demon dematerialized which amounted to him leaving through a portal which is how he first entered the home.

The aforementioned victim’s mother was a practitioner of the darks arts and I explain that sometimes the price of practicing black magic is the price of the person’s first born son or daughter. I also explain that a woman that was practicing the dark arts for financial gain lost her son once he reached a certain age. The boy was heading for greatness, however, once he reached a certain age no one could tell him anything and he got mixed up with gangs and wound up getting life in prison even though he didn’t commit the crime. The price of wealth was the woman’s first born son even though she stopped practicing the black magic. You see the debt was still owed and the dark forces weren’t going to stop until they collected on it and this is why people must be careful when dealing with the dark arts. Also, while reading something of an esoteric nature, or a book that was written by a man like Hitler, one should definitely consider lighting a white candle prior to reading the document which includes certain documents that have been written by devious individuals that have plans that detail how they’re going to create mass chaos and how they’re going to conquer the entire world through deceit and through sorcery and through technology and through unbridled military action. The white candle or candles should remain lit until the reading is concluded.

The information that relates to lighting a white candle is known as protecting oneself or as placing a protective ring around oneself, and you may indeed see a dark shadow that suddenly flies past the white candle since the entity that’s normally invisible to you knows that it cannot influence you and that you’ve placed a ring of protection around yourself. You won’t find this sort of information on the evening news and this is why you always see white candles burning inside Catholic Churches while priests are conducting the mass. Certain people in radio and in television and that don’t have this particular knowledge have been conquered and defeated by dark entities and by those that practice the dark arts simply by reading that which is forbidden and that which was not intended for them.

Some of the documents that have been read by those in radio and in television and that are referred to as leaked documents were purposely given to the individual, so that he or she could become secretly possessed by dark forces prior to being controlled and contained which ultimately limits their overall ability to accomplish other things such as traveling to foreign countries and covering breaking news and esoteric groups that generally meet in secret and that practice the dark arts behind closed doors. The practice of surreptitiously slipping the unsuspecting victim certain leaked or loaded documents that will cause them to become possessed is known as introducing the person to a “Dark Trojan Horse” since the unsuspecting victim or victims genuinely believe that the person that’s supplying the information is actually on their side when nothing can be further from the truth. The information was given to them, so that the dark entities could enter their minds and bodies without them knowing it and so that everyone that’s around them would begin to exhibit the same kind of unsavory behaviors of possession. The victims of the “Dark Trojan Horse” are often driven insane and their unchecked desire for the truth will even cause them to make up certain things which damages their credibility and which paints them as a madman that screams in the dark and that sees the bogeyman at every turn.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Seventeen

Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Seventeen

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 10/24/2012

The Battle Of Los Angeles

In this particular episode I provide a number of details that have never been heard prior to 10/24/2012. The details that you’ll hear while listening to the audio file will be news to you due to the limited amount of people who were interviewed during the 1940s and due to the less than enlightened news organizations that were unwilling to interview certain people that they didn’t view as being credible due to their physical characteristics. Now before I get into the details let me just point out a few things that I researched prior to conducting the interviews that I’m going to talk about in due course. On the night of February 24th,1942 a number of UFOs or Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft were spotted while they were moving through the skies that were directly over Southern California and these non-terrestrial airships caused a considerable amount of terror as thousands of Greater Los Angeles residents began to stare at the sky as they heard the air raid sirens and the artillery that was being propelled from the ground. The air raid sirens and the explosions got everyone’s undivided attention because they immediately thought that Los Angeles was being attacked by a group of Japanese fighters since the Pearl Harbor attack had only happened about three months before The battle of Los Angeles or before The Great Air Raid of Los Angeles. Everything unfolded between February 24th and February 25th and six people were declared dead and 1500 shells were used during the fight with the Extraterrestrial aircraft that seemed impervious to what we were throwing at it. The deaths were attributed to tumbling shrapnel and to automobile accidents as well as to sheer terror or fright as most reporters referred to it as back then.

Now what you’ve just finished reading is what was meant for general consumption, however, I had the honor and the privilege of interviewing five African Americans that were aged 10 to 14 years old when the incident first took place and I interviewed them because I wanted to get a different perspective, and I’m glad that I did because the three men and two women provided a wealth of information that would have never been known. The aforementioned interview was conducted in the summer of 1992 and by then the witnesses were 60 and above and they were no longer afraid to discuss what had happened between February 24th and 25th. And you’ll hear exactly what they told me about certain Caucasian soldiers coming into the black community and questioning everyone about what they saw, and you’ll also hear what caused the blacks to become fearful after the battle that took place between the US Military and between the Extraterrestrials as well as what they saw and how they gained bits and pieces of information from several black males that had ties to the US Military and who had successfully used a pair of government issued binoculars to see the Extraterrestrial aircraft that the soldiers were battling. In addition, you’ll hear how certain activities were halted for a while due to the fear that gripped Los Angeles. The individual human experience is what we really need to know as well as what caused the fear that the blacks experienced and what happened during and immediately after The Great Air Raid of Los Angeles. Our reactions would be no different today than they were back then if the Extraterrestrials were to start to exert their air superiority and if hundreds of battles were to break out in every state in the union. Remember I’m the one that tweeted that no state in the union will be safe and that the Extraterrestrial invasion will not be televised. The Battle of Los Angeles was not televised and if the Extraterrestrials had decided to start a “North American Conflict” then all fifty states would have been involved and old men would be telling their grandchildren about the “North American Conflict” that the Americans engaged in as a unified people and that both black and white stood together against the invading army after the Extraterrestrials declared war on Los Angeles by bringing in more and more aircraft. There wouldn’t have been a dry eye in the news room and every man would have instantly become his brother’s keeper because our very survival would have depended on it and foolish disagreements would have quickly disappeared from our collective minds as men and women called to their neighbors for assistance and for shelter and for food and water.

The witnesses that I interviewed weren’t the only source of information for The Battle of Los Angeles because my grandfather who was a Texan and a Mason and a Foreman on his job and who was born in 1911 was living in Los Angeles when the battle took place between the US Military and between the Extraterrestrials and when I was just a boy we would discuss what would have happened had the Extraterrestrials returned with more ships like the ones that he saw and what you’ve just finished reading about every man becoming his brother’s keeper is a glimpse of what my grandfather and I would discuss and it’s also what he would discuss with other blacks and with the whites that were around when The Battle Of Los Angeles got underway. My grandfather never forgot what he saw or what others saw or their reactions and he stated that the churches were filled to capacity on Sundays after the battle that took place over Los Angeles and although he died several years ago I’ll never forget the talks that we had when I was a child and I’m just glad that I was able to obtain his testimony before it had a chance to follow him to the grave.

The blacks that lived in the affected area during and after The Battle of Los Angeles were terrified because they witnessed their white neighbors being afraid for the very first time in their lives and this is why the churches were packed and why certain black churches played host to a number of white Christians that wanted to hear the Gospel since many thought that the world was going to come to an end due to the Extraterrestrial spaceships that were seen by hundreds if not by thousands. There was no shortage of eyewitnesses because everyone got out of bed once they heard the air raid sirens and the explosions and if truth be told men like my grandfather and like the eyewitnesses that were children at the time were up reading and checking on the house and periodically looking out the window since they knew that the country was at war with the Japanese.

The Ubiquitous Ancient Evidence For UFOs And Extraterrestrials

In the following episode I mention a number of paintings that depict real life UFOs and aliens. I also mention the 1680 Jeton which is the French equivalent of a casino piece or marker or poker chip and by listening to the following episode you will learn a great deal about the compelling evidence for UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Plus you’ll learn where many of these items are presently located and when they were first created. I learned all of these things and many, many more while attending college and I decided to detail some of the ubiquitous historical evidence that cannot be disputed by the scientists or by the modern-day journalists or by the high-powered news agencies that claim that there’s no such thing as UFOs and Extraterrestrials. Now a number of the things that I will detail below were contained in a text-book that I had to have for a Humanities class that I elected to take, and the text-book also talked about the Anunnaki and their connection to the Sumerians, and I learned what I know about the Anunnaki by attending a school of higher education and the college text-book was not written by the late Zacharia Sitchin and I point this out because most people think that Zacharia Sitchin was the first and only person to start writing about the Anunnaki and that no one else ever delved into the topic. Well, this simply isn’t true and anyone that has obtained a higher level of education outside of broadcasting and journalism will get a good chuckle if someone sites Zacharia Sitchin because as a class we also learned about the Early Bronze Age cuneiform that consisted of roughly 1000 characters and also about the Late Bronze Age Hittite cuneiform that consists of roughly 400 characters and I’ve actually seen several ancient clay tablets that contain the wedge writing, so when you hear me talking about UFOs and Extraterrestrials and other Paranormal Entities or writing about them, it doesn’t have anything to do with what someone else has written or talked about. I talk about first hand independent research and about real life experiences and about certain discoveries and about certain observations that I started to make as an enterprising energetic seven year old child that was full of might and a healthy dose of curiosity. Do your own research. Don’t just follow what someone else says just because they’ve been in all of the major newspapers or because they’ve been on television or because they’ve appeared on a nationally syndicated radio show that boasts of millions and millions of listeners because it doesn’t mean that they’re correct.

Now before I begin to list the various historical items that speak to the undeniable existence of UFOs and Extraterrestrials, let me first start off by posing a few questions to the presumptuous scientists and to the hypercritical laymen and women that make up the mainstream media as well as certain portions of the alternative media, and who I might add claim that UFOs and Extraterrestrials aren’t real and that those that acknowledge their existence are clinically insane. What is the underline environmental reason that causes certain people to see UFOs and Extraterrestrials when they aren’t there? And if you claim that the so-called misconceptions or societal delusions aren’t caused by an environmental reason and that they’re genetically based; pray tell what the genetic connection is between the Africans and between the Europeans that have been seeing UFOs and Extraterrestrials and that haven’t engaged in miscegenation and that strictly adhere to the principles of endogamy? In addition, if those that witnessed UFOs and Extraterrestrials thousands of years ago were insane, how did the insanity get passed down to us since many of us are also seeing and experiencing the very same things that the ancients freely talked about and that they also purposely and consciously painted and drew and wrote numerous articles/texts about? While you’re busy figuring out a solution/fabrication to cover the previous questions let me pose another one. How can you possibly begin to account for this quote-on-quote mass psychosis that seems to defy time itself and that knows no racial limits and that some in your own ranks have even reported as being factual? When will you begin to use your five senses like the twenty million plus people who have already reported seeing this timeless and mystifying phenomenon that can be traced all the way back to the Sumerians who lived long before you and others came on the scene? When you look back at the Sumerian periods what do you see? I see accounts of children being buried with their dogs. Aren’t children being laid to rest with their animals in this day and age? I also see that a child got in trouble for poor penmanship. I remember getting in trouble for poor penmanship while I was in school and I also remember getting in trouble with my parents once the school informed them. Plus I got in trouble with my uncle who served during the Vietnam War. Perhaps you might want to check the Sumerian periods of 5700 B.C.E. and 5900 B.C.E. Why not just check everything so you can see that we’re no different today than they were back then.

Kimberley Australia: there are several Aboriginal or Aborigine cave paintings that are approximately 3 to 5,000 years old and they clearly depict the presence of aliens or Extraterrestrial Beings. Plus the Aboriginal belief system integrates the idea of sky beings with the Wandjina that can be seen all over the northern portion of Kimberley Australia. The indigenous people of Australia know what they’re talking about and what they saw and this why their oral traditions continue to this very day. The Aborigines are wise to keep their traditions.

Windsor Castle: Thomas and Paul Sandby were standing on the terrace of Windsor Castle when they suddenly saw a UFO that appeared before them while they were innocently conversing with two other witnesses. The incident happened at 9:45PM on 08-17-1783 and the Extraterrestrial craft in question had a light that lit up the earth that was directly underneath it and despite what you might have heard about this particular incident, meteors don’t stand still and they certainly don’t have lights that are capable of lighting up the soil beneath them. Let us employ a little deductive reasoning while we still have breath and while we still have the unblemished faculties to do so.

The 1680 French Jeton: as previously stated the Jeton is the equivalent of a casino piece or marker or a poker chip and these coins or monetary substitutes were used for games and there’s a Latin inscription on the aforementioned Jeton and it reads as follows. “It is here at an opportune time.”

Tanzania Africa: there are two 29,000 year old cave paintings that depict UFOs and Extraterrestrials. The one in the Itolo region depicts several disk-shaped objects that are in flight and the second one that’s in the Kolo region clearly shows four aliens or Extraterrestrial Entities that are surrounding a woman. The female is being grabbed by the aliens that are closest to her and you can see them making contact with her arms. What terror this woman must have felt since you can easily deduce from the painting that she wasn’t a willing participant due to the way that the Extraterrestrial Entities are all ganging up on her. We see the very same thing today when a group of Extraterrestrial Entities abduct one of our fellow humans for experimentation or for amusement or for both because as previously stated in another post some Extraterrestrials view humans as being nothing more than curios or novelties or toys or trinkets. Now of course we don’t see ourselves as being toys or as being playthings, however, some of the Extraterrestrial Entities that are roaming our planet do and this is why you must resist them with all of your being if they try to take you because you may not be returned.

Kiev: there’s a 4 to 5,000 year old alien in a space suit. He doesn’t look like anything that’s from this world, so the question that has to be asked is where did these so-called primitive people get the idea for this non-terrestrial entity? Is this imagination or is it something that they encountered 4 to 5,000 years ago, and if it’s not an alien as many have come to believe, does its very existence mean that we had a certain group of humans that were engaged in space travel as far back as 5,000 B.C.E.? And if so, then it means that we underwent a massive reset as a species and that all of the knowledge that we previously possessed was lost and that we’re just now founding out what the ancients already knew thousands of years ago. The British Museum is an excellent place to conduct an independent investigation because you will find pieces of art that you never thought possible and that you never knew existed. The Natural History Museum in London is another place that you must visit. Pictures don’t begin to tell the full story. You have to stand in front of the piece in order to experience it for yourself and in order to pick up the incredible energy that surrounded its creation.

Egyptian Secrets And Art Work: the Ancient Black Egyptians left us a number of clues that reveal the past. For example, we can clearly see that the light bulb is not a modern-day invention and that the Egyptians had a light bulb that’s 2600 years old. Now in order to take credit for inventing something you must be the very first to do it and since the Egyptians already created the light bulb we cannot say with a straight face that the light bulb was created by an American even though this is what we were previously taught. Thank God for the various branches of science because if it were left up to the bloody evolutionists then we would never learn the truth about anything because they’re dedicated to deceiving everyone, however, there are certain disembodied forces that are beyond this realm and that have been revealing the truth to certain individuals prior to the various branches of science discovering certain items from the past, so what that means is that certain things that might be shared with the general public through news broadcast were already revealed to others years ago. Everything is nothing more than a repeat of ancient history, and speaking of ancient history, the battery is nothing new because you see the Egyptians already had a battery prior to the modern-day scientists creating one and carbon dating has revealed the age of the battery that was found inside a rock and it is approximately 500,000 years old. Don’t be deceived by the foolishness that’s coming through your television set. Try to dedicate at least an hour or two to researching the things of the past, so you can understand what’s taking place in modern times. Now since a great deal of knowledge seeking individuals won’t have the opportunity to explore the same things that I have due to the current cost of education, I specifically mention the Extraterrestrial that’s riding inside the Egyptian chariot because I want you to understand what you’re looking at and I also explain why the picture that clearly shows an alien cannot be mistaken for mannerism. You see this is why a higher level of education is so important because those that possess the knowledge cannot be so easily fooled and especially when they’ve studied more than one discipline. Take full advantage of those Pell Grants.

Chinese Reliefs And Fictional Book: I had a Chinese friend while I was in college and she showed me a drawing that revealed several reliefs that she said were found inside a maze on a Chinese Island that she called Jotuo and they clearly show a group of humans that were wearing clothing that looks like the kind of space suits that modern-day astronauts would wear. In addition, these suits appear to have oxygen hoses that would obviously be used for breathing. Plus one of the reliefs closely resembles the solar system and there were ten planets, so the tenth planet is nothing new because the ancient Chinese Relief proves that the ancients had knowledge of a tenth planet. Now the same Chinese friend and classmate also introduced me to a 1400 year old Chinese book called “Illustrated Survey of Weird Countries.” Where she got it from? I don’t know, but this 1400 A.D. book specifically stated that the people could make flying cars that traveled by wind and if this isn’t real then the Chinese must be the inventors of science fiction because the picture that I saw clearly shows people flying in cars and with bubbles on their heads for breathing and they are above livestock as well as people. I accept what she showed me to be true since there’s an infinite number of mysterious items out there that have yet to be discovered and since she didn’t open up about the reliefs or about the book until we had known each other for close to six months. Plus the items were shown to me in secret and the only condition that she made was that I not tell the rest of the students in the class since she was a foreign exchange student and feared that her visa would be taken away if word got out that she had a certain book that talked about flying cars as far back as 1400 A.D. and if anyone were to find out about the tenth planet that was being talked about on one of the reliefs. The information about the reliefs was apparently circulating throughout her family and they had obtained certain papers that revealed what was on the reliefs. My friend was not allowed to give me one of the copies, but she had no problem showing them to me just as long as I didn’t tell anyone about the reliefs or about the book. I have  never closed myself off from any particular culture and have always respected their traditions and this is why I’ve been able to find out certain things that the average person wouldn’t be privy to since secrecy is often required. In addition to my Chinese friend and classmate I also had a female teacher that realized that I was interested in ancient art work and in much, much more than just the mundane, and instantly recognizing my maturity at a young age and my overall appetite for knowledge she provided me with certain books that were not part of the curriculum and that were from her day and that she obtained from overseas and from other states and this is how I gained knowledge about a number of the things that are just being talked about today.

Germany 1697: on 11/04/1697 two UFOs that were described as glowing wheels suddenly appeared in the skies over Hamburg, Germany and if we are to believe the official report about the Wright Brothers being the first to take flight in late 1903, how do we then begin to explain what was seen in 1697? I wish that there were more teachers like the teacher that gave me the books to read because more and more people would come to understand what we’re really dealing with, and they would also come to realize that the aforementioned 17th Century encounter demonstrates that the Germans had many more encounters with an Extraterrestrial presence than most people might imagine.

Haratonohama Hitachi Japan: in 1803 which is 100 years before the Wright Brothers took flight, a UFO that was described as having strange writing and a crew was seen over Haratonohama Hitachi Japan and it was said to be constructed of metal and glass and the question that I have is whether or not there were any independent humans or recognized governments that were flying aircrafts in 1803? My research suggests that no one from our planet was roaming the skies, so unless the entire world experienced a collective nervous breakdown that no one seems to remember or knows about, it means that this UFO sighting really happened and that the description is accurate because one must remember that this is well before the Japanese culture was influenced by American culture and by the American based “Gloomy Gus” types that ridicule the vast majority of people who explain what they saw. The aforementioned wet blankets didn’t exist in the ancient world because people were more enlightened back then. Pessimists weren’t allowed to rule the society with their biased highly critical news articles that are nothing more than “Worrywart Pieces.”

Nuremberg UFO Sighting: on 04/14/1561 several UFOs appeared in the sky and are said to have engaged in battle with one another and as I stated during the program one has to wonder whether or not this had anything to do with the Nazis being tried at Nuremberg. Could these 16th Century Extraterrestrials have prompted the Nazis to start a World War that resembled the battle that was seen in the sky? Or could this unusual encounter with the battling Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft have been a type of prophecy or a harbinger of certain things that were to come, meaning did the battle in the sky reveal that the Nazis would one day come out of Germany and that they would fight in World War II prior to being defeated despite their advanced technology? Does the appearance of Extraterrestrials and Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft in our time mean that we are headed for disaster as a species? There’s a lot that we don’t know about the Nazis or about their plan to conquer the world since a great deal of the Nazis were never tried and simply disappeared.

The Annunciation Painting With Saint Emidius: the following painting was created by Carlo Crivelli in 1486 and if you take a look at the sky that’s directly above the buildings you will clearly see a UFO or an Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft, and the question that everyone should be asking themselves is why there’s a spacecraft in the picture and why Mr. Crivelli felt the need to add it to this particular picture? We should also ask ourselves what the painter was trying to convey to future generations since human nature tells us that if this were not an accepted phenomena or ordinary occurrence of the day, then the naysayers would be behaving just like they are today, however, we have no evidence of anyone that tried to stop the artists from depicting Extraterrestrials and UFOs or Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft. The fact that Carlo Crivelli and others were allowed to paint UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings without ridicule and without being slandered and without their art work being destroyed by the authorities or by the devout Christian laymen of their day tells us that we have regressed as a species since we automatically ridicule those that are simply talking about what was depicted long before the modern-day humans that sport white lab coats and coffee mugs and laptop computers were even a thought in the minds of their parents. This should tell you something because any artist that tries to insert UFOs or Extraterrestrial Beings in a painting that is produced today won’t be taken serious and he or she will be ridiculed by others and marginalized by the press, and given the knowledge that I currently possess about the past and about the present, I would be remiss if I didn’t provide the following information and if I didn’t pose the kinds of questions that are designed to cause you to think about the world that you’re presently living in and about the world that our collective ancestors lived in.

We are experiencing the very same phenomena as those in the past and it is my contention that all human civilizations that are born into the world must undergo a period of UFOs and Extraterrestrials who are also referred to in certain enlightened circles as the gods. They want us to know that we aren’t the only ones and that our activities are being monitored and that they are superior to us in knowledge and in technology. Are they our duly appointed prison guards?

The Crucifixion Painting: this particular 1350 painting/fresco that’s above the altar at the Visoki Monestary in Kosovo Yugoslavia clearly shows Jesus Christ being flanked by two Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft and one has to wonder why this was added to the painting and why these technologically deprived people who didn’t have the ability to fly were even considering such high concepts? What did they know? What is the underline reason for why these things are being purposely covered up by the powers that be and by those that give the grade school children and the high school children and the college students books that they know will not reveal the truth about our origins or about what really happened in the past between humans and Extraterrestrials? Was the devastation that we suffered at the hands of the Extraterrestrials so bad that we dare not remember it? Shall there indeed be another show down between the humans and the Extraterrestrials in the not too distant future? Our electrical signature and electronics are the reason that we’re being more closely monitored and that certain sensitive sites are being tampered with since our advances in technology means that we have risen from the ashes that they left us in after The Cosmic EMP.

Inca Ceramic Artifacts: the ancient Incas are responsible for creating startling Extraterrestrial style aircraft. If the Incas were as primitive as we are told that they were why were they even considering these highly advanced concepts that only sophisticated men and women like ourselves can conceive of since we’re supposed to believe that everyone else that lived before us is nothing more than a beast of the field? The Incas had knowledge about flying machines and could it be that the European explorers killed all of the keepers of the books and stole their advanced aeronautical technology and that they also did the very same thing to the Africans and to the other civilizations that they conquered prior to reverse engineering their technology over hundreds of years and repackaging it as their own? Why are we being lied to about UFOs and Extraterrestrials and why are we being told that certain people created certain things that they did not? Are all of these advanced technologies simply being repackaged as new inventions when they’re really from the ancient advanced civilizations like the Ancient Black Egyptians and like the Incas and others?

Ecuadorian Alien Astronaut Sculpture: today there’s an ancient Ecuadorian alien astronaut sculpture that closely resembles the kind of space suits that are being used by our modern-day astronauts. Why would these primitive people even conceive of such a suit? What was their inspiration? Why would it be necessary to develop this type of suit if one weren’t planning to leave the earth by means of an earth built spacecraft or by means of an Extraterrestrial spacecraft that was coming to pick them up?

War of 776: the manuscript that’s known as Annales Laurissenses explains what happened during the siege of Sigiburg Castle. The Saxons had the French surrounded when a flaming disk suddenly appeared in the sky and fearing that the UFO and that the Extraterrestrial Beings were there to help the besieged French, the Saxons fled the scene and no one really knows what the world would be like if the Saxons had stayed the course just like no one really knows what would have happened had the Extraterrestrials returned with more spaceships after they were fired upon during the night of February 24th 1942. I seriously doubt that we would have experienced the turbulent sixties and seventies because some of us would most likely be fighting the good fight from a series of underground tunnels while the Extraterrestrials continue to set up permanent bases on our planet as we’re struggling to build better weapons since we would be stuck with 1940’s era guns and artillery that was certainly useful against the Nazis but that’s no match for a sophisticated Extraterrestrial power. Despite what you might think; we were spared and everyone in Los Angeles that was going to church during the 1940s and 50s knows it.

UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings are always seen during times of great conflict and although you haven’t heard it reported in the mainstream media or in the alternative media for that matter, Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft as well as alien life forms were seen in South Central Los Angeles during the 1980s when the Bloods and the Crips were at war with one another over drug territory. In addition, I did another episode wherein I talked about a pair of Extraterrestrial aircraft that visited Anaheim California. This particular area has a group of Hispanic gangs that are at war with one another and other parts of America that have seen increased incidents of police shootings are also being visited by UFOs and by Extraterrestrials. The UFOs seem to just be observing for now and I’ve been tracking their presence for years and know that they’re attracted to these particular areas of conflict and that it doesn’t take a major war to cause them to appear. I visited the Anaheim area late at night after the recent shooting and during the civil unrest that followed and I spotted several UFOs that were hovering over the area. The Starbucks was one of the places that I spotted a UFO.

I’m breaking this news for the very first time.

The Ghosts Of Guam

I mention what happened after I spotted a pastor inside a restaurant that I was frequenting. The pastor seemed to be frightened, so I approached his table and asked whether or not he was alright and at first he said that he was fine, but later confessed that he really wasn’t. The pastor and I started talking and he confessed to me that he had to leave Guam for a while where he works and lives as a pastor. During the conversation I learned that the pastor left for supernatural reasons and I advised him that I knew about the World War II ghosts that continue to fight one another, however, he explained that these particular ghosts aren’t the same as the ones that we’re normally used to. The pastor then advised me that the ghosts are called Taotaomona and that the Chamorro people say that the ghosts are their ancestors. The ghosts that dwell on Guam are also referred to as Zombie Ghosts because they have decaying bodies and according to the pastor they growl and scream in the caves at night and they also live in the jungle. The pastor was trembling while he was talking about the Zombie Ghosts and he stated that he happened to be watching television when one of the Taotaomona suddenly appeared outside his bedroom window which immediately caused him to retreat and when he went downstairs to try to exit the house he noticed that there were more of the Taotaomona that were standing outside his home and two of the four didn’t have heads. I go into more details on the audio file and I also mention the Latte Stones. Have a Happy Halloween!

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Sixteen

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 10/10/2012

The Fiery Spirit Of Jack The Ripper

In the following episode I explain what I experienced while visiting the infamous stomping ground of one of the world’s best known serial killers, and once you have the opportunity to walk the same London streets as Jack The Ripper and his innocent victims, you’ll be left with a certain feeling that you won’t be able to fully understand and that you won’t be able to readily describe, for you will be able to say that you stood on the same turf as Jack The Ripper and that you were left with an uncanny feeling that nothing in your ordinary life had prepared you for. Now for those of you that are interested in visiting the area where Jack The Ripper was active, and that want to get the best results possible, I suggest that you either visit the area alone or that you travel in groups of no more than three to four people, and I make the following recommendation because often times a person will miss out on the opportunity to experience the true paranormal activity that is to be had in a given area due to the various vibrational frequencies that have accompanied them to the area, and this is why I recommend that you avoid the guided tour and that you use the following route that I’m going to provide. Also, if possible you should stay at the Hilton Hotel since it isn’t all that far from The Natural History Museum and since it’s close to Earl’s Court where you can catch the tube that will take you to Whitechapel Station and once you exit Whitechapel Station you will want to go right and when you come to a certain Pakistani owned fast food chicken restaurant, you will instantly notice that you’re right across the street from the Royal London Hospital where Jack The Ripper used to work. Take the light blue ramp that leads to the next street that’s directly behind the restaurant and make a right turn. You will be on Jack The Ripper’s home turf. I felt the fiery spirit of Jack The Ripper and his victims and Jack’s spirit was an agitating low vibrational frequency, however, his victims were not. Jack’s victims did not display any feelings of regret or of torment; they were simply attached to the area that they had been killed in and that they had called their home or their territory due to the kind of work that they were involved in. My brief communication with the spirit of Jack The Ripper and with his female victims happened through telepathic means after I picked up their vibrations and after they realized who I was and that I was walking inside their space and that I could tell that they were there. I originally made the trip to the area prior to my visit in 2008 because I promised myself as far back as elementary school that I would one day visit the area that Jack The Ripper had been active in. The elementary school promise came after I was first introduced to Jack The Ripper by one of my female teachers who seemed to know a great deal about his life and about his activities while he was alive. Nothing was going to stop me from experiencing this piece of history and this is why I kept the promise that I made to myself as a child.

“History should never be limited to something that you simply read about, for it is to be experienced by visiting the places where the history was made.” Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist”

The aforementioned statement has always been my unshakable philosophy and this is why I enjoy traveling to certain places.

I Had An Extraterrestrial Visitation on 10/05/2012

During this episode you’ll hear me describe the Extraterrestrial visitation that I experienced on 10/05/2012. The Extraterrestrial visitor was clearly male and the incident took place at 7:10AM. I was suddenly awakened by an ice cold gust of wind that abruptly came through my bedroom window while I was sound asleep, and when I opened my eyes as the cold chill jolted me awake an ominous lime green Reptilian head with dark sinister eyes was ruthlessly hovering approximately three to five feet above my bed which was only a few feet away from my completely exposed face and it remained there for approximately 3 to 5 minutes without uttering a single solitary word and without sending any telepathic messages, and as it continued to menace me through looks of great displeasure, I began to take on an aggressive posture which consisted of me trying to get out of the bed so I could mount an offense against this non-terrestrial creature that had entered my bedroom in unawares. And once I made it clear through my actions that I was ready for battle and that I didn’t intend to be attacked without trying to put up a fight even though I had been caught off guard, the menacing Reptilian started to retract and to move closer to the top of the ceiling which allowed me to see that he had come through a portal while I was sleeping. And although he stopped hovering directly over my bed and returned to the opening in the ceiling, I could still detect his presence until the portal completely closed. This particular Reptilian was clearly a “Dimensional Surfer” and he was completely different from the other dark skinned Reptilians that I had encountered in the past and that were hovering inside an Extraterrestrial derived spacecraft that was stalking me and that wouldn’t leave the area where I was walking. This particular Reptilian had a head that was approximately 18 to 20 inches in diameter, and I was able to determine the approximate circumference of his head by looking at a twenty six inch television set that I own. The television set is located inside my bedroom and it was completely shut down when the Reptilian appeared, and I specifically remember that it was 7:10AM, and although I’ve tried to determine the exact moment that the portal opened up, there’s just no way to determine how long the Reptilian had been hovering over me or what he might have done had the gust of wind not alerted me to his presence. Have you ever had a penetrating awareness that you were not liked? I felt like this due to the way that this malevolent Extraterrestrial was looking at me and had divine intervention not come in the form of the ice cold gust of wind, who knows what might have happened. And if you’ll recall from an earlier post, I wrote about there being a hierarchy amongst the paranormal entities and although I never saw the benevolent source that helped me by sending the wind that eventually woke me up, I’m thoroughly convinced that I either received help from Almighty God himself or from one of the branches of Angelic Beings that have been communicating with me through numerical means. The menacing Reptilian was not interfered with in the sense of it being prevented from coming into my bedroom; however, I was alerted to its presence by the wind, so that I would at least have the opportunity to defend myself. No other paranormal entity manifested itself inside my bedroom due to the hierarchy that exists amongst the paranormal entities; however, manipulating the elements is not the same as making a personal appearance, so it is allowed. The hierarchy that exists between the paranormal entities will only be ignored if a person that is destined to do something on the earth will be killed if an equal or greater force does not restrain the ruinous entity or party that’s trying to harm the unsuspecting human.

If you only choose one alternative media source for your information, you will be left with a myopic view of the world and you will pass away before you can obtain a state of enlightenment. I have to give it to you straight because as Silesius said, “There are no classes in life for beginners; right away you are always asked to deal with what is most difficult.”

The Shadow Person That Was Hiding In The Closet

During the following episode I mention the shadow person that was walking around inside my open closet. This happened on 10/02/2012 at 1:37AM and I remember the time because I happened to be flipping through the channels on the television when I suddenly felt the presence of something that was moving around inside my bedroom and when I looked into the opening of my closet since I could see that a dark form was moving, I saw the black outline of a female and when she realized that I could see her she immediately ran to the other side of the closet that was closed off since I only had one of the doors open. And thinking nothing of it I went back to watching television since I figured that the female had gone since shadow people normally leave the residence once they’ve been detected, however, she appeared again once she thought that I was no longer paying attention and realizing that she had come back, I pretended to go to sleep after turning off the television and after leaning back and partially covering my face with the covers. The moonlight that was coming through the bedroom window allowed me to see the shadow person as she continued to walk backwards and forwards and as she continued to peer into the bedroom through the open closet door, however, once she figured out that I was still secretly observing her from behind the covers she immediately retreated back into the closet and left the residence and hasn’t been back since. Most shadow people are afraid of humans for some reason and if they’re the friendly type they’ll leave since they don’t like humans staring at them and since they don’t want to be noticed. We seem to be like the proverbial light that shines into the darkness and you should listen to what I have to say about the playful game that the shadow person seemed to be playing because seeing her running through the closet and peering through the opening reminded me of how a child plays with an adult and how he or she tries to evade detection by the adult. This is what I experienced with this particular female shadow person as you’ll hear during the episode. Also, if you’ve never seen a shadow person before, you’ll definitely want to listen to the description.

The Deleterious Shadow Person That Caused Missing Time

When I was sixteen years old I suddenly awoke to a male shadow person that was trying to strangle me in my sleep, and he was completely on top of me and his pitch black hands were wrapped around my throat and he was bearing down on my chest which made it extremely difficult to move and impossible to get him off of me and I lost two hours of unaccounted for time and this happened several more times before I was able to develop a technique that allowed me to get him off of me. I allowed him to apply force while I offered little resistance and then I would suddenly roll him off of me while grabbing a hold of him and while using my mind to communicate with him and while also using it to command my arms to resist him. Prior to developing this technique I had allowed myself to get caught up in his physical appearance and in my own terror and instead of immediately fighting back I began to plead, however, once I got aggressive and mounted an offense which consisted of me using my mind to communicate directly with the shadow person and to fight back against the low vibrational creature that was constantly attacking me while I was asleep, I was able to overcome him and he did not return after the fourth encounter since he was able to determine that I would not be so easily licked and that I was not going to lose any more unaccounted for time since the third attack caused me to lose a total of five hours. Once I started to fight back the shadow person seemed to be surprised because he was used to overcoming me after I woke up in the middle of his assault. Listen to my description of the struggle.

The Terrifying UFO That Appeared On Halloween

One Halloween while I was trick or treating after getting separated from my friends a disk shaped silver colored UFO started to follow me while I was innocently going from door to door and I could detect the presence of an Extraterrestrial Entity that was moving around on the ground and as I tried to evade the UFO that was overhead I could tell that the Extraterrestrial Entity was stalking me, so I bolted since I was familiar with the area that I was walking in and running down the street I began to cut through a few of the fenceless lawns, however, the UFO continued to pursue me which frightened me since I could still feel The EE following me as I was approaching the end of the block. And remembering what street my friends had said that they were going to since the trick or treating was supposed to be better on that particular street due to the friendly old ladies that would spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on candy, my slight jog became a full blown sprint and I started to climb several wire fences that quickly became a short cut to where I was headed and when I caught up to my friends I was completely out of breath since the Extraterrestrial Entity or The EE had given chase and since I couldn’t outrun the UFO that continued to track me from above. I was hitting backyard wire fence after backyard wire fence and it’s a good thing that I developed the technique of not fully climbing all the way to the top of the fence prior to throwing myself over the fence and landing on my feet because had I climbed those wire fences the traditional way, I believe that the Extraterrestrial Entity would have been able to catch up to me because I could feel him relentlessly pursuing me. It was absolutely terrifying and I spilt most of my previously collected candy trying to get away from the UFO and from The EE and my bag had a hole in it so my friends had to share some of their candy with me and I also placed some candy in my coat pockets since my bag was rendered useless during the pursuit that left me absolutely exhausted and you’ll hear me talking about how out of breath I was. I’m extremely lucky because the next day my friends and I learned that another kid had gone missing a few blocks from where I had been pursued by the UFO and by the Extraterrestrial Entity that I’m sure was attached to the UFO that was following me.

Don’t allow anyone to try to convince you that UFOs and Extraterrestrials aren’t real because they are and through my childhood investigations and experiments I began to call the visiting Extraterrestrial Entities The EE” due to their venomous behavior and since I could see them moving around at night and since I could see their space crafts and since I knew that they weren’t from here and since they weren’t all the same, meaning that they consisted of very different forms and that some of them came through portals while others arrived in spaceships that hovered outside parks and outside homes and outside other manmade structures, however, what they all had in common is that none of them were from here and they were all matter based entities that were Extraterrestrial in nature hence the term The EE which describes the Extraterrestrials that were active in my area; these Extraterrestrials were nothing like the lovable E.T. character, for a great number of them displayed certain sinister behaviors and I needed a phrase for my childhood investigations that would distinguish them from the pint sized Hollywood character that everyone seemed to think represented all of the Extraterrestrials that we were encountering as a species when nothing could be further from the truth.

The EE represent the Extraterrestrial Entities that purposely deceive humans and that play tricks on us and that hold us against our will and that abduct us for sinister means and that seduce us with their seductive speech and that openly lie to us and that show up out of nowhere before striking up a conversation with the awestruck human. Many of these creatures are benevolent and freely provide help to the unsuspecting human through surgical means and through other means, however, some of these creatures are malevolent in nature and there are countless numbers of children that go missing every single year on October 31st and all of their mysterious and unexplained disappearances cannot be attributed to the work of serial killers or to the activities of pedophiles because there’s absolutely no trace of the missing child and no evidence that explains what played a part in their disappearance, so everyone needs to keep a watchful eye on their children this Halloween and on every Halloween because there are several forces that are at work on this planet and that we don’t fully understand and if you rely on the scientists to tell you the truth then you’ll die never knowing the truth because they have a very different agenda and their oath to their financiers does not allow them to reveal anything that would cause you to accept the existence of the otherworldly entities that are visiting our world. People don’t just vanish into thin air without help and those that have been charged with investigating these missing persons cases need to start telling the truth, so parents can start taking certain measures that will ensure the safety of their children and that will make it all the more difficult for them to be abducted. Be careful this Halloween and every other Halloween because I was almost taken and some of the Extraterrestrials don’t realize that they’re doing harm by taking a child or by taking an adult since they regard us as curios and as something that can be possessed since we are a lower life form. Please try to understand that the Extraterrestrials care nothing about our feelings of personal ownership and that some aliens don’t fully understand the connection between mother and child or between father and child since some Extraterrestrial species operate completely different and it’s more like they’re having offspring for the species or for the state if you will.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Fifteen

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 09/25/2012

What To Bring To A Paranormal Investigation

In this episode I explain that one should bring a note pad, two pencils, a manual pencil sharpener, a digital camera, and a recording device, and I specifically don’t mention bringing a ballpoint pen for the following reason. You see my paranormal encounters have taught me to only rely on wooden pencils and on manual pencil sharpeners since I’ve had several writing pens fail on me once the paranormal entity comes on the scene. There is something that takes place between the paranormal entity and between the ink and this phenomenon causes the ink to seize up. Now the disturbance in the ink doesn’t always happen, however, there have been numerous occasions where perfectly functioning pens that were tested beforehand and that were brand new wouldn’t work. This happened when I first started conducting investigations/experiments as a child and it continued as my work progressed into my teenage years and into adulthood. Wooden pencils don’t fail; however, electricity can be affected by the presence of a paranormal entity, so this is why I suggest bringing a manual pencil sharpener since it works off of motion. I was innocently exploring the inside of my mother’s elementary school classroom at the age of eight years old and I was abruptly alerted to the presence of an Eternal Protoplasmic Projection, and the revelation took place right after I noticed that the electric pencil sharpener that I had just finished using wasn’t working. I checked to make sure that the cord was firmly plugged into the socket or into the receptacle and it was. I also looked around the room to see if the power had gone off on one side of the room and if this was possibly the reason for the inoperable pencil sharpener and when I looked up after examining the receptacle for the second time the ghostly outline was standing right next to me; however, he didn’t utter a word and he quickly disappeared as I innocently reached out to try to touch him since he was standing so close and since I was curious about the texture of his form, and after he was gone the pencil sharpener started to work again. The temporary interruption of the electricity happened three additional times as the ghost appeared in different parts of the classroom and it was almost as if he were trying to play hide-go-seek with me. There have been other occasions when an electronic tester that I own has failed to work. I have a voltage ohmmeter that wouldn’t work prior to me seeing an Eternal Protoplasmic Projection that was standing off in the distance. Once she left the ohmmeter started to work again. There have been other times when various electrically based devices have worked just fine even though there’s a ghost in the room.

I have learned to “Ghost Watch” which is the same as people watching. You simply sit and observe the ghost in the environment that it has chosen to manifest itself in, and you do not move or speak since you are only there to observe the actions of the ghost without trying to interact with it since not every ghost wants to communicate with the living and since not every ghost wants to have his or her picture taken or their voice recorded and this is why I explain that a digital camera and a voice recorder are not always appropriate. Remember ghosts retain the same feelings and attitudes about certain subjects, and if they didn’t want their picture taken or their voice recorded while alive they won’t want it done while their dead. Some ghosts are polar opposites and they will cooperate with those that want to photograph them or with those that want to record their voice. Remember being dead doesn’t mean that you’re stupid. The ghosts that choose to manifest themselves can detect the presence of voice recorders and digital cameras and 35mm cameras and video cameras and they know what these devices are used for. Lastly, some ghosts or Eternal Protoplasmic Projections long for attention, so the paranormal investigator must be prepared to be touched by these apparitions since some ghost will touch you on purpose just to experience the sensation. I have felt this on many different occasions and sometimes the ghosts will do it without making their presence known. For example, you can be asleep and the male or female ghost will touch a certain part of your anatomy that causes you to wake up. This also happens to people that are not paranormal investigators and some people have even been touched while eating inside a restaurant in Orange County California or while doing some grocery shopping or while working out at a local gym or while riding in their car or while bicycling or while bathing or while brushing their teeth or while washing their car or while reading a book or while sitting inside a coffee house. Ghosts are everywhere and some will tell you that they did not live on the earth prior to dying, and they will also tell you that they are from other worlds and that they are from other dimensions where humans like us live; this is indeed why some ghosts appear to be lost when visiting our world for the very first time.

How Some Ghost Prefer To Communicate

In the following episode I mention that some ghost will only communicate with the living through telepathic means. I have encountered several ghosts that will not communicate through audible means, meaning they will not speak to you directly, however, they will use their mind to transfer thoughts into your head and you can either responds by speaking words to them or by using your own mind to respond to their statements and to their questions. In addition, you will encounter some Eternal Protoplasmic Projections that will only speak to you by using their minds and you will have to do the same that is if you want to communicate with the E.P.P. that has chosen to manifest itself to you. No explanation will be given as to why the ghost refuses to speak words to you, so you will have to communicate on its terms, and if you’re a person that’s used to speaking his or her thoughts out loud and cannot convert to the system of conversing while using your mind, your communication will be cut short because some ghosts will not humor you. There will be times that you will encounter certain ghosts that will appear to be terribly frightened of the living and if you just sit still and allow things to play out, you might obtain an explanation that explains their fear. Remember we are what they used to be, so we are perfectly capable of communicating with them if we have the patience and the understanding and the desire to do so.

Tombstone Arizona And My Paranormal Experience On 80 West

I mention what a great time I had in Tombstone Arizona and how pleasant everyone was. I also mention speaking to some of the people in town, and I describe what happened while I was traveling back to Tempe Arizona. While riding in the car something that could only be an Eternal Protoplasmic Projection, since I didn’t detect the presence of a demon, suddenly and unexpectedly changed the station on the car radio while I was traveling on 80 West. The kind of radio that was in the car that I was traveling in has a knob that must be turned in order to change the station, so the ghost obviously wanted me to know that it was there since there was no other way for the station to be changed without the dial being physically turned either clockwise or counterclockwise and in this case it was clockwise based on the increase in station numbers. The paranormal experience didn’t end there either because you see I was watching television later on that night and I happened to be watching the Investigation Discovery channel since I like the Deadly Women series that they have to offer and I specifically left the television on this channel, however, after dozing off for a spell I woke up to find that someone who could only be the ghost from the car had changed the channel to the news. The ghost switched the channel to Headline News for some unexplained reason and I mention these two incidents just to tell you that sometimes a friendly ghost will follow you from a certain location even if you aren’t conducting a paranormal investigation and the ghost or ghosts will follow you simply because you’re open to other concepts or to other realities. I wasn’t harmed in the least bit and regard the two incidents as par for the course. Plus I mentioned in a previous episode how a ghost suddenly turned on my television set one Saturday morning, so this wasn’t my first experience with a ghost tampering with the television. In addition, a number of ghosts used to change the radio station when I was a child which is one of the reasons that I started conducting investigations and experiments while still attending elementary school, and I made a solemn promise to myself one summer that I would visit Tombstone Arizona, so I could visit the same places as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday and the other legends that I read about. Now before I move on let me just state that the state of Arizona is a great place and that I enjoy vacationing there and that Tombstone has a lot of great food and drinks and wonderful people that aren’t shy about extending their Southwestern hospitality. The performers at the Gunfight Palace are one such group and they put on three impressive reenactments that tell the real story of Tombstone Arizona and Gold Dollar and Margarita are mentioned by name.

My Ghostly Encounter In Scottsdale Arizona

I mention how I did a little gambling at Casino Arizona and how a transparent male ghost suddenly ran across the road at Mckellips and McClintock, and I also mention that I believe that the ghost was in the area since the Drive-in theater wasn’t operational, and I draw this conclusion because I had been in the area on many different occasions without seeing a ghost. Plus the area is normally teeming with people on a Saturday night, but since the entire area was dark, I believe that this is why the ghost manifested himself. Remember ghosts always return to the scene of their greatest activities and this particular ghost was most likely a patron of the West Wind Scottsdale 6 Drive-in Theater when it was fully operational. By the way I frequented this particular Drive-in theater in the past and it was the kind of theater that would broadcast its sound through a particular radio station that you would tune into which is different from the ones that required you to hang the speaker on the inside of your car window. It’s too bad that most of the things that make us recognizable as Americans are fast disappearing, however, we are still famous for our road trips and since road trips are just as American as apple pie, I never hesitate to get on the wide open road.

The Tower Of Babel

I discuss The Tower of Babel in addition to our similarities to the people that were responsible for the construction of The Tower of Babel and I also explain what The Towel of Babel was and what happened to the people. Plus you’ll want to hear what I have to say about “The Universal Language” and about how we have been brought together by Empirical Science and who brought us back together whether knowingly or unknowingly. There are several things that you need to know about the conditions that existed back then and about the conditions that exist today and if you know anything about history then you’ll realize that history always repeats itself. I mention the fact that the gods or the Extraterrestrials destroyed the space program of the people that were responsible for The Tower of Babel and I also explain that the gods or the Extraterrestrials changed the languages. Will we suffer the same fate as the people that were responsible for The Tower of Babel?

The Cosmic EMP

During this episode I explain what The Cosmic EMP is used for and I also give the sequence of events, meaning I explain what comes before The Cosmic EMP is used and just so no one is confused. The Cosmic EMP that I’m referring to is not a solar flare. It is a weapon that is used by the gods or by the Extraterrestrials and this particular weapon is used to reset humanity. The blacks that were in Atlantis and that had reached the pinnacle of knowledge were locked into a battle to the death with the gods or with the Extraterrestrials that were trying to reset humanity and they as well as their knowledge were destroyed. Will we be the next Atlantis since our technological advances are being closely monitored? Should we as a species start assembling certain items which include pictures of ourselves and not just photographs that are taken, but that are also drawn, so that the people that come after us can know who we were? Once you hear how we are started over as a species you will understand why I’m asking these particular questions. Shouldn’t those that come after us know that we once lived inside several countries and as a unified people and that we used a universal language? The only way that the people that come after us will know this is if we start to assemble pictorial examples of ourselves that depict blacks and whites and Asians and Hispanics and Arabs and others all living together under one flag and as brothers and sisters. Once The Cosmic EMP is used all knowledge will be lost and none of our electronic equipment will work because The Cosmic EMP affects all electrically based devices including our brains. I propose that a time capsule of the United States and of the entire Western world be buried that shows all of us living together as a unified people, so that the other civilizations that will surely come after us will know what we accomplished before we were reset. If it were not for clay tablets and papyrus which are not affected by The Cosmic EMP we would not know the things that we know about the people that lived before us. They were highly intelligent people and they used certain incorruptible materials that could be buried and that would withstand the test of time and that were not electronically based, and so did the Egyptians that erected the Pyramids and so did the Nubians that also erected Pyramids. Let us learn a lesson from those that came before us and let us also follow in their footsteps because what is not readily known is that the Extraterrestrials or the gods will use human on human violence to destroy those that have the true knowledge and that have reached the pinnacle of knowledge in their time.

In some cases a less knowledgeable group of people will take over a given area and after they destroy all of the artifacts and the books that contain the secrets of the universe, they will be the humans that will live long enough to experience The Cosmic EMP since the human race will have already been made that much dumber through warfare. Can you imagine how far we would be set back if something were to happen to the greatest physics minds that the world has to offer and if the vast majority of the engineers and the builders were suddenly and simultaneously wiped out through a disastrous natural occurrence or through warfare? There would be a gap that’s akin to the gap that currently exists between the Egyptian flying machines, and between the Ancient Greek Archytas who built a steam powered aircraft that flew for some two hundred feet, and between the Wright Brothers who didn’t take flight until late 1903.

What happened to the knowledge in the interim?

The Cosmic EMP which is nothing short of an Extraterrestrial derived weapon and its partners that are affectionately known throughout the world as warfare, and as human on human violence, and as racism that’s specifically based on one’s physical characteristics are the reasons for the loss of knowledge.

This is indeed how knowledge is lost and how humans participate in resetting their own species.

Now let me just say that anyone that has studied UFOs for any number of years and that has seen them for themselves can tell you that these non-terrestrial aircraft are always present during conflicts and in areas where advancements in technology have been achieved. And during the program I mention the Rhodesian War which is also known as the Second Chimurenga or as the Zimbabwe War of Liberation. UFOs were spotted during this particular conflict that lasted from July 1964 to December 1979. The war involved the Rhodesian government and the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army and the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army of Joshua Nkomo’s Zimbabwe African People’s Union and it resulted in the universal suffrage of 1979 which was to end the rule of the white minority in Rhodesia, however, it failed to gain international recognition and acceptance and the bloody conflict continued. UFOs were also seen during the Vietnam War where my uncle served in the United States Navy and they’ve been seen throughout Africa and in China and in Russia and in the Middle East.

John F. Kennedy placed the 33-rpm gold plated record that’s known as Camelot on the moon, so I ask you here just as I ask during the program, if we are the only creatures in existence, then why was the greeting/recording left on the moon by the Apollo astronauts if it is not for the other non-terrestrial entities or creatures to know that we are a different life form and that we hail from the planet earth?

Homo habilis and the Thatch Hut are mentioned during the program to demonstrate the first humans that have the ability to learn after The Cosmic EMP has been deployed and after the Extraterrestrials or the gods have already caused a considerable amount of destruction to take place on the planet prior to deploying The Cosmic EMP that destroys all knowledge of the past after the destructive forces have already covered up our accomplishments. We are currently excavating the past accomplishments of the advanced civilizations that lived before us and that underwent the reset that I mention during the program. After a man and a woman are placed in various parts of the world and subsequently given new languages after The Cosmic EMP has been deployed, they have offspring and subsequently pass on their knowledge prior to expiring and we continue from this point forward. We start out as human beings and remain human and we evolve in knowledge only and not in form as the evolutionist erroneously state. We do not come from apes and never did and did not start out as single celled organisms. This is nonsense and I rejected Charles Darwin’s theory while I was still attending elementary school. This is when I was first introduced to, “The Gospel of Science.”

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Fourteen

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 09/12/2012

The Possible Role That Ghosts Play In The Lives Of Human Beings

In this episode you’ll hear me talking about the possible role that ghosts play in our lives, and you’ll also hear me state that you’ll still know who you are even in death, and I make this bold statement because I remembered that I was a writer prior to dying and when I returned I returned as a writer. Now since no one really knows for sure just how long human beings have been encountering ghosts, let me just state for the record that I suspect that we’ve been having ghostly encounters ever since the early humans first started to experience earthly deaths, and perhaps these ghosts that continue to appear on a regular basis are here to inform us that we continue on and that there’s no end to our human existence and that we needn’t be afraid of this thing called death. I believe that the manifestation of these often terrifying human spirits or specters confirm for us human beings that we are eternal creatures and that their energy based forms are the next stage in our human existence and that we will one day be like them and that we will be able to traverse the universe while obtaining the answers to all of the questions that have perplexed us as human beings. And you see some ghosts that had the same perplexing questions as most humans that are living today have returned to our realm prior to telling the living about their travels to other worlds and to other planets and to other dimensions, so this confirms for us that there are other places where us humans can be found and where we will be able to travel to once we shed our earthly bodies. Death is nothing to fear because I will still be Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist” and you will still be you. This I can guarantee due to my own personal experiences with what we collectively term as death, which is nothing more than the completion or the end of our timed out matter based projections that allow us to navigate while residing in the earthly realm. And for the man or woman that needs a Biblical assurance that the natural passing from our matter based temporal vessels to our energy based protoplasm, is by no means the end, let him or her be reminded of what King David said in Psalm 90:10. King David who was sick at the time and who fully understood that he was about to time out in very much the same manner as all living things, courageously said, “And we fly away.” He did not say that we cease to exist and since he was much closer to the deity than those that erroneously claim that we simply live and that we die and that we cease to exist, I think that we ought to listen to what King David had to say because I can attest to the fact that we fly away upon death as I mentioned when I described dying for forty five minutes. There is no death. We simply experience the breath of the Creator being withdrawn from our earthly vessels, which is nothing more than taking a deep breath prior to being immersed in water, which is an experience that everyone must undergo before he or she is transformed into their eternal protoplasm, and if we were taught the truth from the very beginning then we would instantly understand that since the Original Intelligence is eternal, so too is man since he carries the spirit of the living God within him. And if anyone tries to tell you any different then let him or her do their absolute very best to reproduce evolution since they are speaking from a position of ignorance and since their beliefs are deeply rooted in Philosophical Science rather than in Empirical Science. Evolution is strictly a faith position which means that it has no power or authority over mankind and that it is pure speculation because you see hard science deals in what can be reproduced inside a laboratory, and since evolution cannot be reproduced, it has to be correctly categorized as nothing more than junk science and the practitioners of this form of junk science which is aptly called, “The Gospel of Science,” are mentally unstable because you see they readily deny the supernatural occurrences that can be experienced through the same senses that allow us to perceive the works of their hands, and these supernatural occurrences include the very ghosts that fly in the face of their atheistic theory that suggests that we simply live and that we die and that we cease to exist, which is contrary to everything that we know to be true. And why would any rational being allow another created being that also has an expiration date and that’s nothing more than Artificial Intelligence to persuade him or her that we are the work of happenstance when creation itself is beyond the scope of their finite intelligence that causes them to create fanciful stories that cannot be proven inside a laboratory? Cause and effect; nothing happens by chance and the ghosts are in our realm because they are indeed a part of creation as well as undisputed messengers that confirm for mankind that we do indeed live on and no scientist/atheist can explain them away. They are “Eternal Protoplasmic Projections” of their earthly selves or E.P.P.

California Based UFOs

In the following episode I mention why the California Based UFOs are quite different from the ones that I’ve observed in Arizona and in Texas and in New Mexico and in England. The California based UFOs have weapons which I have not seen on the other spacecrafts, and I and others have come to the conclusion that the planet has been dissected or divided up into different parts that are being patrolled or monitored by various Extraterrestrial Species because you see the UFOs that I’ve seen in Texas and in New Mexico and in Arizona and in England don’t seem to have weaponry, however, the California Based UFOs seem warlike and like they could become quite destructive if provoked and this is why I normally don’t take a camera or a video recording device with me because I wouldn’t want to startle them. Now as I mentioned during the broadcast we have the Reptilians, the Nordics, the Greys, and the other Extraterrestrials that I encountered that have appearances that look like stars, and you should pay close attention when I tell you that these Extraterrestrial beings that have appearances that are like stars have eyes that cause you to feel like you’re staring into the universe which is completely different from the Greys since these creatures don’t have coverings over their eyes. When you stare into their eyes you are seeing the universe in its fullness and I mean the blackness as well as the stars. There doesn’t seem to be an end to what you’re experiencing while staring into the vastness that’s known as their eyes. It’s like staring through a telescope that cannot find the end of space and that continues to project nothing but blackness and stars. There’s nothing behind the oval shapes that are where their eyes are positioned. Their eyes seem to be open windows that lead one into the universe and you quickly realize that you won’t soon come to the end of what you’re staring into since it is indeed the universe itself. There are more creatures out there than you can imagine and they are all unique and fascinating and deadly in their own right and this is indeed why the paranormal is worth exploring and why we must keep a watchful eye because if we believe the nonsense that the Philosophical Scientists have been telling us, then we will surely be caught off guard when we encounter that which we have been told does not exist. We were given brains for a reason and we must start to use them accordingly, and we must reject any notion of human beings being alone in the universe because this is simply not true and the ghosts and the angels and the demons have warned us that we are not alone, however, many of us refuse to believe it until we experience a rude awakening that leaves us in a catatonic state since we were too stubborn to open our minds to the possibility of other life forms which would have lessened the effects of the paradigm shift that caused us to experience a nervous breakdown. Don’t allow this to happen to you. Open your minds before you encounter a paranormal entity such as the visiting Extraterrestrials and demons and angelic beings and ghosts that still call mother earth their home. Now friends one can certainly tell by observing the aforementioned Extraterrestrial spacecraft that the California Based UFOs don’t fire projectiles like we’re used to seeing in war movies, and that they’re weapons are purely energy based, and the only thing that I can say is that more and more people need to come forward with their observations because if they’ve seen any Extraterrestrial spacecraft in any of the other states that look like they have weapons then we need to know about them, so we can keep a detailed record of the states that they’ve been seen in. So, far the Extraterrestrial manned and unmanned aircraft seem content with just observing us, however, who knows what they might do in the future and this is why we need to keep good records since the Extraterrestrials know our collective human history while we know very little about theirs since most of them aren’t forthcoming and since they purposely conceal the truth from us since knowledge is both power and control over one’s immediate situation.

The Fruit Tossing Ghost That Crashed A Slumber Party

A group of girls were having a slumber party after moving to a new residence when a piece of fruit was tossed from the fruit bowl prior to hitting the floor. This got the girls undivided attention since it made a loud thud behind them, however, they innocently returned the fruit to its rightful place and continued to watch television, however, the ghost wasn’t finished and he tossed two more pieces of fruit out of the fruit bowl which rolled across the table prior to hitting the wooden floor and causing another loud thud. Seeing the two pieces of fruit the girls started to suspect that an earthquake had occurred and they started to ask one another whether or not they had felt anything while looking around the house to see if anything else had been disturbed by the earthquake that they were attributing the fallen fruit to. However, they found nothing out of place and the ghost finally tossed three more pieces of fruit to the floor before the girls finally saw him standing in the hallway and they were scared out of their minds and one of the girls even experienced a small loss of urine although she didn’t tell her friends that she had urine running down her right leg. A paranormal investigator is privy to a lot because the person simply wants to tell their side of the story since it will often bring closure and since talking about the traumatic event can be quite cathartic or liberating if you will.

A Ghost Turned On My Television Set One Saturday Morning

I mention how I was lying in bed on a Saturday morning prior to waking up, and I also describe the strange feeling that I had immediately upon waking up, and I go on to explain how the ghost suddenly turned on my television set. Plus you’ll hear me talking about how I used to watch the car repair shows on Saturday morning which is what came on immediately after the ghost turned on the television set. I also explain where the remote control was situated and what I did after the ghost turned on the television. I became a little annoyed with the ghost for turning on the television and I explain why, and I want you to remember that ghost can discern our feelings since they used to be human.

A Family Of Shadow People

A woman and her husband and their infant child moved to a new home in the Inland Empire and she started to see a male shadow person whenever the husband would leave the home on business and it was absolutely terrifying because it was just her and the baby. Well, this went on for a few nights in a row and since the lady hadn’t screamed or yelled at the shadow person, he brought a female into the home which she saw after initially only seeing the male who was apparently alone when she first encountered this pitch black paranormal entity that had the form of a human male. The woman eventually observed the male and female with two little boys and they were living inside her home as a family. The woman that I spoke to is credible because she works in the entertainment field and used to work in the medical field and was able to tell me that once the husband started being in the home more the shadow people left. They were apparently spooked by the male energy and decided to leave. The shadow people seem to be connected with our world and many of them seem to be simply looking for a place to stay and who knows why they haven’t remained in their own world since they generally run away from humans once they’re spotted. Now one thing to remember about paranormal entities is there seems to be a hierarchy because you never see ghost or demons or shadow people in the same place at the same time. The human will either encounter a ghost or a demon or a shadow person, but never all three at the same time. However, there are occasions when a demon will be seen in the company of a bad human spirits that was involved in witchcraft or devil worship prior to their death, however, the demon is calling the shots and the human spirit is only there at the behest of the demon, but no human spirits or shadow person will ever pull rank on a demon or on a devil or on an angelic being or on an Extraterrestrial for that matter, which is something else that should be readily understood because you see none of these other paranormal entities seem to come around while the Extraterrestrials are abducting humans which bolsters my theory that the world has been divided up and that it is being patrolled and monitored by various Extraterrestrial species which include any and all non-terrestrial entities. There’s something about us humans that attracts all of these otherworldly beings to our tiny little planet and although some claim that the Extraterrestrials are demons, which could be true, they would have to be a different branch of demon than the ones that possess human bodies since they are matter based or flesh and blood creatures. To those of you that aren’t asleep at the helm, I asked the following questions. Could the earth and its human inhabitants indeed be a fertile hunting ground for all of these other non-terrestrial beings that are visiting our planet? And could the good shadow people as well as the bad ones be a part of this visiting force that wants to interact with us humans despite our objection? What say you?

Dimensional Assassins

During this episode I explain what transpired when a group of Dimensional Assassins that numbered four in all came after me. I also describe seeing the Angel of Death prior to the appearance of the Dimensional Assassins. The Angel of Death was clearly female and she was wearing the type of attire that one would see on a monarch and as she was coming through the window a force pinned me to the bed and I felt her land inside the house prior to leaving the room and going into my hallway. And once I went downstairs I was immediately seized by the Dimensional Assassins that were lying in wait for me, and although they were transparent beings they looked like ordinary human beings. There were three males and a female and the female was clearly calling the shots and they were trying to make my death look like a suicide and before they could accomplish what they had come there to do a portal opened up on my right side and a robust Caucasian male deity with flowing hair suddenly appeared and he was wearing a kingly robe while standing on a cloud and his voice sounded like thunder or like rushing water and when he said no it was like a sonic boom had hit us and it shook the five of us up and the white being’s majestic voice is what caused the Dimensional Assassins to release their grip on me. And I distinctly remember them trying to attack me again and the benevolent white being waved them off and he smiled at me prior to departing back through the portal that he had come through. I know that I’m related to him due to my blood line because he came when I need him and he would not allow the Dimensional Assassins to assassinate me. There’s more that I explain during the broadcast, but what I want you to understand is that every suicide that you hear about is not necessarily a bona fide suicide because there are other forces that are at work and had the white being that’s obviously a king not come to my rescue, I would have been just another statistic. I used to own a firearm at the time, but no longer own any weapons due to my experience with the Dimensional Assassins that tried to use my own weapon to fake my suicide. Humans need to be aware that human beings aren’t the only ones that are in the business of staging deaths because you see if a man is going to reveal the true origins of human beings later on in his life, he might become a target since the evildoers want all of humanity to remain in the dark hence the creation of the evolution story, which is not even close to being the truth since we were created by a powerful force and since the paranormal entities that are visiting our planet were also created by the same source or sources of superior intelligence. I know what’s out there and your job is to try to comprehend the world that you’re living in before it’s too late and before you have an encounter that completely alters your life forever, that is, if you fall into the percentage of the population that isn’t already prepared for the sudden appearance of these Extraterrestrial beings and other supernatural entities that I’ve been talking about and writing about.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Thirteen

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 09/05/2012

The UFO Hotbed That’s Known As Redlands California

In this episode I mention the little known fact that Redlands California is a UFO hotbed. We often hear people talking about Sedona Arizona, however, Redlands California is a place where one can see some real life California based UFOs because you see many of the Extraterrestrial space crafts that are operating in this particular area are mother ships and as I mention during this particular episode we have no way of determining their troop strength, however, before we get stuck on the subject of troop strength let me advise you that there’s much, much more to be considered than just their possible troop strength because you see some of these mother ships that I and others have observed seem to be equipped with weapons because we have observed certain oval shapes that have instantly lit up and that can only be lasers or another type of energy based weapon since they are completely different from the other lights that are used to shine light on the fuselage. In addition, these rather large space crafts have the ability to maneuver just like smaller crafts that are designed for combat, so it stands to reason that these Extraterrestrial space crafts are designed for more than just exploration because you see we have observed certain UFOs that look just like battleships or like warships as I explain, and with the intense lights that can only be indicators of lasers or indicators of high velocity weapons, one would be a fool to dismiss the presence of these Extraterrestrial crafts that don’t seem to be bothered by the fact that they’re entering the zone of a Superpower that’s armed with sophisticated weapons and with sophisticated air craft of its own. And as I state during my episode I’m not really sure why the media as a whole doesn’t camp out in Redlands California because the sightings take place on a regular basis and many of the residents have become terrified of these non-terrestrial spaceships that they know are of Extraterrestrial origin since we as human beings instinctively know when something is manmade due to our unique human signature. Now in order to fully comprehend the illusive Extraterrestrial phenomena that over twenty million people have reported experiencing, one must begin to listen to more than just those that have been researching and talking about the things that transpired some fifty to sixty years ago because what’s more pressing is what’s taking place right in front of our faces in September 2012 because this particular paranormal activity is increasing in frequency for a yet to be determined reason. And as a sentient individual that used to fly Cessna 152s and 172s I’m bringing you eyewitness testimony that’s just as credible as the men and women that reported seeing UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings some fifty to sixty years ago because you see we aren’t the only life forms that have experienced advances in technology and it is quite possible that certain warlike Extraterrestrial species have been engaging in a secret arms race with the human lead governments because why else would the humans feel the need to develop sophisticated weapons that can be used to destroy entire nations when no one else on the earth possesses this kind of power? Could they be for someone else that’s more power than all of the Third World nations combined? Let us employ a little deductive reasoning before we simply dismiss what we don’t fully understand because we as human beings get the same awful feeling while observing a UFO that we get while encountering a ghost; we experience a feeling of wanting to jump out of our skin and the feeling could last for up to thirty minutes; this is the fight or flight reflex which tells us that the phenomena is real since the body never lies while our electronic equipment often fails in the face of the paranormal phenomena that it was charged with capturing.

The 1930’s Male Ghost That Was Looking For A Corpse Reviver

During this episode you’ll hear what happened to me and a female classmate one summer while we were cavalierly sitting inside a local park while discussing a number of the popular television shows that had captured our attention at the tender age of eight years old. My friend suddenly took off running and I immediately launched into an investigation which involved me searching the ground for a spider or for a swarm of ants or for anything that could make an eight year old girl flee the scene without warning, however, I didn’t find anything prior to encountering the male ghost that was the reason for her departure. I describe what the male ghost was wearing and what he was looking for as well as my reaction. This particular ghost touched me on the left shoulder prior to asking where he could obtain a Corpse Reviver, but that’s only part of the story because you’ll also hear what happened when I caught up to my friend that took off running before leaving me with the ghost that was wearing a 1930’s back belt suit. My experience at the age of eight years old with the mysterious Caucasian male ghost that was from a different era was absolutely terrifying, but I managed to get through it and to live to tell you about it.

An Experience With A Child Ghost On 8/22/2012

I was simply minding my own business while standing in my kitchen while preparing a hamburger at a little after 11:00AM and all of a sudden something caught my attention and it was a child ghost that was wearing a gown that little girls routinely sleep in. My immediate reaction was one of alarm and I felt as though I wanted to jump out of my skin, however, the child ghost took off running down my hall way, however, I didn’t follow her, but what I felt was that she was smiling at me prior to running off and I could tell that she was a white American female ghost that had possibly died during the 1800s. Ghosts are often attracted to us humans for reasons that aren’t readily understood and all we can honestly do is to accept the fact that they’re there and that they want to communicate with us.

The Imp That Stole A Child’s Chocolate Bars

I explain how I was sitting outside the library prior to a child approaching me and saying mister I want to tell you about something that happened to me and that my parents won’t believe. I describe my initial reaction as well as the things that the child told me, and what the child told me is that an Imp stole his chocolate bars that he had purposely hidden. Now this particular child was around nine years old and he clearly stated that he had seen the Imp on several different occasions prior to his chocolate bars being stolen, and he also described the male Imp as being approximately four feet to four feet and a half inches tall and he said that the Imp was wearing a green button up vest and a tan shirt and a pair of dark gray pants. Plus the Imp had funny looking teeth as well as curly hair and the child awoke to his presence and he said hey when he saw the Imp inside his room, however, the Imp fled with his chocolate bars before he could get out of the bed and try to stop him. One thing to remember is that as children we often have some weird and unexplained experiences and since our well-meaning parents have gone to sleep due to societal conditioning they often don’t believe us even though we’re telling them the honest to God’s truth, however, I accepted the testimony of the child that had sandy brown hair and striking blue eyes even though his parents attributed his statements to an imaginary friend that he had yet to outgrow.

The Visitors

I explain what used to happen to me when the male and female visitors would come around and how I would be followed by the visitors that would tell me their life’s story and that would ask certain questions of me that I always seemed to have the answers to at the age of seven years old. The vast majority of the visitors were Caucasian and they were professional people and sometimes they were even in their twenties although most of the visitors were a lot older and well established in their professions. None of the mysterious visitors appeared to be drunk; they just seemed to know that they needed to talk to me for some reason and that they needed to share their life’s story with me, and all of the visitors seemed to exhibit a since of relief after talking to me and after receiving the answers that I would give to them, and at first it was absolutely terrifying, but I soon figured out that they were being sent to me for a reason and since none of them were threatening I didn’t mind the visits which sometimes took place while I was on the merry-go-round and many of my school aged friends would asks who the visitors were, however, I simply said I don’t know because they never gave me their names. Now aside from what I’ve mentioned thus far, I must tell you that some of the visitors seemed angelic at times or otherworldly, but most of them were definitely human and the only difference between the two types of visitors, is the fact that the ones that seemed angelic had a certain type of glow about them, however, they still looked like an ordinary white American, so I didn’t mind speaking with them since our conversations seemed to bring them instant relief. And sometimes these individuals would talk to me for hours at a time and I couldn’t seem to break away until they had finished giving me the information and until I had given them the answers that caused their faces to light up. Well as you can certainly ascertain from some of my previous episodes a great deal of my childhood experiences have been absolutely remarkable and I explain how the visitors would keep coming around until they had a chance to talk to me and how I would be followed in the grocery store by these total strangers. Plus you’ll hear how I tried to avoid the visitors while visiting the library. In addition I explain what happened when a seventy year old white woman entered my place of employment when I was a teenager. The woman talked to me for approximately two hours and she told me that she knew that the judgment was coming and that she wanted to make sure that I didn’t make the same mistakes that she had since she had hurt a lot of people in her life and since she regretted her actions. I never saw the woman again after that day and I was so drained after speaking to her that I had to leave work early. I had never seen this particular woman prior to her showing up at my place of employment and she seemed to lock onto me like radar and it was the same with the others and it was a little freaky when it first started to happen because the visitors seemed to know exactly who I was and where I would be on any given day and this is why I couldn’t get away from them. And just yesterday a man came up to me at the gas station and I could tell that he was one of the visitors and he had a long black beard and a pale white face and he didn’t talk to anyone else at the gas station except for me and everyone was looking at me like who is this man and why has this unusual stranger approached him. My paranormal encounters are endless.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Twelve

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 08/15/2012

The Best Part About Being A Paranormal Investigator

In this particular episode I mention that the best part about being a paranormal investigator is the fact that you get to talk to some really interesting people, and after studying abnormal psychology among other things, I can always tell whether or not the person is lying or whether or not they’re suffering from a mental disorder, and the people that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with over the years are just as sane as the distinguished men and women that hold seats in the United States Congress, so don’t be so quick to dismiss what they’re saying since they came into the world by the very same means that brought you here. The only difference between the men and women that I’ve talked to and between those that have been elected to positions of power, is the former half of the citizens have been systematically chosen by The Authority to experience the paranormal while a conscious decision has been made to leave others alone which could certainly change at a moment’s notice, and the previously untouched could indeed find out what it’s like to experience the touch or the feel of a demon or the slap or the punch of another supernatural creature or they could very well come face to face with a malevolent Extraterrestrial Entity that finds them fascinating or that just wants to torment them since they’re a weaker life form. The possibilities and the overall outcome of their otherworldly encounters will become endless once they’ve been exposed to the other side of this miasma that we call life, and being a paranormal investigator while pursuing a much higher education made me all the more interested in the unknown because you see I had a chance to hear about a certain psychiatrist that was interviewing a young woman that was purportedly suffering from multiple personality disorder, however, what the esteemed psychiatrist failed to realize is that a person that’s suffering from multiple personality disorder, and that’s not possessed by a demon, cannot tell you certain things about your life and especially when you’ve never met them prior to conducting their psychological evaluation. The non-demon-possessed, and truly mentally ill, also can’t tell one about their childhood or about their first adolescent sexual encounter, and they most certainly won’t know the name of the person that took the interviewer’s virginity or the sex of that person, however, a demon has all of the aforementioned information at his or her disposal and they can and will begin to recite it without warning since they are not bound by time, space, or secrecy. The petrified psychiatrist who was obviously no match for his demon possessed patient outright refused to continue to see the patient, however, despite all of the overwhelming evidence that suggested that he was dealing with more than just the mundane, and with more than the standard mentally ill patient, he still wouldn’t acknowledge the fact that he was dealing with something that was otherworldly even though the person had personal and confidential information about him and even though it was the kind of information that he had never disclosed to anyone. The foolish psychiatrist that ran out of the room once the demon possessed patient started to tell him certain uncomfortable things about his childhood and about his first sexual encounter and about his mother still wouldn’t make the connection to the paranormal even though the patient had information about his family that his colleagues didn’t even know and even though the demon possessed girl knew certain things about his mother that his older sister was never told due to what it would do to the family. The paranormal is certainly real and being a paranormal investigator or a psychiatrist or a psychologist or a counselor or a member of the clergy one often stares the devil in the face because sometimes he’s the one that’s telling the story of what he put the victim through who in many cases turns out to be the unsuspecting interviewer that was called in to conduct an investigation or to conduct an exorcism or to conduct a psychological evaluation, which was true in the case of the truth rejecting psychiatrist that ran out of the room when confronted with a disturbing memory that he had successfully suppressed for some thirty plus years. You see one of the laughing and insulting demons that was securely locked away inside the girl that he was interviewing had gotten into his mother prior to paying him a visit while he was only twelve years old. The eyes of the person will reveal what you’re dealing with; it’s not always in the voice and had the psychiatrist known this then he would have instantly realized that the demon that was inside his patient is the very same demon that had pinned him to the restroom floor at the age of twelve, and he would have also realized that the demon that was speaking to him through the girl is the very same demon that had ruthlessly possessed his mother just before snatching him out of the shower while his older sister and father were out grocery shopping.

Male And Female Ghosts That Hang Around Health Clubs

Often times one will find male and female ghosts nonchalantly hanging around certain health clubs and especially if these particular ghosts were weight lifters at some point in their lives, and the aforementioned ghosts will often count along with you while you’re silently reciting or while you’re mouthing the number of reps that you’re doing at a given time, and the same counting and encouraging ghosts can also be found roaming around high school gymnasiums since they’re familiar with the equipment as well as with the youthful atmosphere due to previously attending the high school and due to using the weight lifting facility at some juncture in their lives. The reason for the ghostly weight lifters sudden appearance is quite simple really because you see ghosts will return to familiar places once they decide that the other dimensions are not for them since they don’t provide the same kinds of entertaining conversations and places that they were used to visiting prior to leaving their mortal bodies, and longing for their familiar surroundings, the friendly male and female ghosts that purposely hang around health clubs will return to the scene of their greatest activity and these ghosts are extremely helpful and you’ll hear me describe how I and others were helped by a ghost while lifting weights. The kind of miraculous aid that we each received has been reported by people that are living in Russia and in the United Kingdom and in Mexico and in the United States and in other places around the globe, and it prevented disaster from striking because the weights would have crushed our chests and we would have either been hospitalized or carried by six.

Some Homes Are Truly Haunted While Others Are Not

The secret is that not all homes are haunted; meaning that they only become haunted once a certain individual moves in and unknowingly brings an attached entity with them that they’re obviously not aware has been secretly following them everywhere they go. These same selected citizens eventually figure out that every house that they’ve ever moved to can’t be haunted and that they’re being surreptitiously pursued by a supernatural force. The reason is usually never revealed to the oppressed.

Why Some Ghosts Just Won’t Leave Us Alone

Some ghosts or spirits that feel that they have some unfinished business or that outright refuse to acknowledge their own death, since we are often just as stubborn in death as in life, will remain on the earth and they will try to communicate with us humans since they previously shared the same physical form. And despite what you might have previously heard with respect to ghosts, these particular male and female ghosts feel a strong connection to us since we resemble them as well as the other humans that they previously communicated with while alive or while still alive since many of them refuse to accept the fact that they are no longer like us. And still believing that they’re very much alive and that they’re still in corporeal form, most of these well-meaning ghosts mean us absolutely no harm and they simply cannot understand why we are frightened of them since they’re the same species and since they’re just carrying on like they used to when they were full-fledged members of our world. Now to fully understand the psychology of the ghosts that are invading our privacy, one must come to understand that a lot of the aforementioned stubborn ghosts or spirits will continue to see themselves as being in corporeal form and they will not listen to anyone that tries to tell them that they’re dead and they will even begin to think that the humans are trying to play a trick on them since they cannot understand why the humans are afraid of them and why they don’t want to communicate with them since they belong to the human world. And some ghosts will become extremely frustrated by our lack of communication and by our desire to get away from them since they still feel that they’re alive and that they belong in our world even though they are not like us anymore. Could this indeed be a state of hell since these ghosts are forced to wander throughout all eternity while still believing that they’re obviously something that they’re not and while experiencing rejection and while realizing that they have no place that they can call home?

A Ghostly Cowboy

I explain what happened when an African American male went on a solo camping trip after feeling that he just needed to get away. You’ll hear about the ghostly cowboy that entered his camping area while he was dozing off after a fishing session and after eating his meal that was accompanied with plenty of ice cold beer. The ghostly cowboy suddenly appeared on the scene before asking the lone camper whether or not he was going to finish the half full can of beer that he had failed to consume prior to dozing off, and what transpired after the question is absolutely remarkable. This is definitely something that you’ll remember for all times to come.

Spooked By A Ghost After Leaving A House Party

I explain what happened when a man left a house party prior to a ghost suddenly appearing on the side of him. The witnesses state that the man who was about fifty seven years old took off running up the street and that he was running like a fresh faced seventeen year old and a family friend had to catch up to him otherwise he would have kept running until his heart gave out. Ghosts enjoy attending parties and they will try to communicate with certain partygoers. This particular ghost was female.

The Ghost Of A Gambler That Was Owed Some Money

You’ll hear me talking about a ghost named Bill and about the promise that was made to him by a man that owed him money and you’ll come to understand why gamblers should always keep their promises. The man that made the promise was sitting at a gambling table one evening and it had been some six months since his gambling buddy’s death and he began to feel a cold chill on the back of his neck which caused him to leave the gambling table. Well, the ghost that placed the cold chill on the back of his neck chased the man until he had a heart attack and the victim had a chance to tell his friends what caused him to take off running prior to dying on the scene. The final thing that the ghost said to his victim was, “Boy aren’t we hav’n fun tonight.”

A Mischievous Teenage Ghost Named Mary James

I describe what happened when a young lady moved into a new apartment that was occupied by a teenage ghost named Mary James. You’ll hear how the victim first started to notice that certain things were out of place. For example, her hair brush would be left in places that she hadn’t gone and her make-up would be left in the kitchen. In addition, the ghost was shutting off the shower while she was trying to bathe and prior to terrorizing the woman she had been tormenting a man that had lived in the apartment and she would take his electric shaver while he was standing in the restroom and she would throw it in the kitchen trash can or she would place it outside the front door of the apartment. But, that’s just part of what she did because she did much, much more and the female victim got into a tug of war with her over the covers after she called in a priest. The landlord that was renting the apartment knew about the ghost, but didn’t bother to tell anyone. You’ll hear why Mary James died.

The Haunted State Of Texas

I spoke to a twenty four year old white female that was a former MMA fighter and she was describing her first trip to the state of Texas, and what she told me was absolutely chilling and the man that was sitting in close proximity to me while I was interviewing her about her paranormal experience immediately got up and left the area after he heard what had happened out in Texas. The twenty four year old who was nineteen at the time was walking on a deserted road along with a female friend and just when they started to ask one another a question about a certain house a man that appeared to be about seventy years old suddenly appeared behind them and he was riding on a tricycle while wearing a suit and a bowtie and he started saying the Sullivans live there, the Sullivans live there, the Sullivans live there. The question that the girls asked one another was about an abandoned house and the man disappeared just as fast as he had appeared. The aforementioned young lady’s grandmother told her about an incident that she had had while she was a little girl and she described telling her father about a strange bird that kept following her home from school and thinking nothing of it the man ignored her, however, she kept telling him about the bird so he decided to meet her half way and when he saw the bird that was following his daughter he grabbed her by the hand and they ran to the house where he immediately grabbed his shotgun since the bird was otherworldly. Parents you have to listen to your children when they’re trying to tell you something because more often than not, they’re telling the honest to God’s truth.


You can tell that something extremely powerful and extremely intelligent built Stonehenge, and while I was there I felt a sense of power as well as a sense of peace. In addition, it felt like stepping into another time and like I had entered a portal. Plus the atmosphere was electrically charged like a field which is completely different from the surrounding area. It was absolutely mystical and it’s the kind of thing that can change one’s life, so I encourage everyone to visit Stonehenge at least once in their life because it is truly like walking in the footsteps of the gods.

The Mazda MX6

I describe how the car that I almost drowned in was destroyed approximately a year after I drove out of the water. I was getting ready to take a trip to Palm Springs, CA. where I was going to be vacationing, and after leaving the local mall I felt a feeling of dread suddenly come over me and there was a black mass or cloud that seemed to be trailing the car. The other vehicle that hit me in the front was coming at me like a torpedo and the women that were inside the Ford Mustang that hit me at about fifty miles per hour had the very same demonic eyes as the women in Mexico and as the five year old child that was at the Greyhound bus station in El Paso Texas. I was trapped inside the vehicle and had to power my way out and you’ll hear more details while listening to the episode, but the first thing that I saw after emerging from the car was the pitch black creepy demonic eyes of the women that had hit me and the driver even gave me a false name after trying to flee the scene of the accident that almost claimed my life. Demons will often give false names because they don’t want you to know who they are, but everyone that has battled them in the past will tell you that if you call on the name of Jesus, they will generally flee without further incident, but if they’re devils, they might just decide to stick around since they don’t particularly like or respect humans since they were created first.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Eleven

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 08/08/2012

My Unexplainable Experience At A Hindu Temple

In this episode I explain what led up to my friend’s untimely death which was completely preventable if he had received the proper care. Raj was from Afghanistan and he was a Christian and he had absolutely no affiliation with the Muslims that hail from his country, however, he became ill shortly after 911 and he was mistaken for a Muslim due to his physical characteristics. Raj’s family was comprised of Christians and Sikhs. I was invited to honor my friend at a Hindu Temple since his wife’s side of the family is Hindu. Well, I experienced a presence that suddenly entered my body prior to completely wiping my spirit clean. I was jolted by this force and you’ll hear what transpired. Others experienced the same thing. I was speechless and haven’t had the same experience since. The feeling lasted for 30 days.

Dark Entities That Iraq Veterans Have Been Experiencing

You’ll hear what an Iraq veteran told me about the dark presence that has been following him ever since he served in Iraq. This particular soldier served in the Iraq war prior to being sent to Afghanistan and he started to experience a certain dark presence after returning home. I also spoke to a Mexican American soldier that had to move away from his childhood home after the same phenomena started to show up inside the home that he was sharing with his mother and with his father and with his younger brother. You’ll hear about the black mass that was trying to smother these soldiers. I haven’t had the chance to speak to anyone that has served in Afghanistan exclusively; however, I’d be interested in seeing whether or not they’re experiencing the same thing because this phenomenon seems to be related to the Middle East. The Mexican American soldier advised me that he had only served in the Iraq war and that he had never been to Afghanistan, and the Filipino soldier served in Iraq prior to being sent to Afghanistan and he was absolutely certain that the phenomena started after he served in Iraq. Plus he told me about several soldiers that had only served in Iraq and that were experiencing the very same thing. In addition, someone that had served during the Gulf War had told them about the phenomena since he had started to experience it after serving in the first Iraq War. We are not privy to everything that goes on, on the battlefield, so we must support the troops while keeping them in our prayers because some people have met with disaster just by visiting the Middle East. There’s much more to the story because some soldiers describe having strange people following them that seem to be otherworldly. I felt the dark entities that were surrounding the two soldiers that I spoke to, and you’ll have a chance to hear about these otherworldly forces that seem to be following them in addition to the black mass that started to torment them after they fought in Iraq. Iraq seems to be the catalyst.

The Extraterrestrials Classic Approach

The Extraterrestrials will provide the unsuspecting humans with certain statements that are true and that pertain to our world, and they’ll also furnish certain predictions that they know are going to come true. This will be done to gain the human’s trust; however, these Extraterrestrials are malevolent entities and they enjoy toying with our emotions and playing with our minds, and they will purposely produce signs and wonders that they know will captivate us since we enjoy looking at images while listening to sound. For further reading on the Extraterrestrials’ approach to Extraterrestrial-to-human contact. Please download my free Android App called “Guide to the EE” It will provide you with a complete list of the 22 Axioms. Also you can visit where you will find “Guide to the Mysterious EE” This is a larger version of the pocket sized version of “Guide to the EE”

Enormous Black Cats

The Extraterrestrials will use talking animals to communicate with unsuspecting humans and some of these animals will be large black cats that are the size of car tires, and thinking nothing of the unusual occurrence, certain humans will foolishly approach these enormous black cats not knowing whether or not they’re going to be attacked. These encounters happen late at night and since the cats are speaking to them in the English language or in whatever language they speak, the humans willingly approach them out of pure curiosity and they begin to carry on a conversation with these mysteriously large creatures that are being secretly controlled by the Extraterrestrial tricksters that have purposely placed them on the lawn or in the middle of the street for the lone humans to discover on their way home. And some humans have even invited the black cats to visit them again since they honestly believed in their heart that they had found a new friend. Stay away from these enormous black cats because they will attack without warning once they’ve successfully gained your trust.

Extraterrestrials Will Use Talking Appliances

I explain how some Extraterrestrials will use cloaking devices to purposely disguise themselves, and how they will begin to speak to humans through ordinary kitchen appliances like microwaves and like toaster ovens and like coffee pots. Some of the humans that have actually communicated with these Extraterrestrials that were hiding behind the aforementioned kitchen appliances have been medicated after speaking with their doctors who immediately referred them to a psychologist or to a psychiatrist. However, these humans aren’t crazy and they shouldn’t be on pharmaceuticals. They’re the unwitting victims of a group of malevolent Extraterrestrials that love to play tricks on unsuspecting humans. I’ve personally interviewed several people that this has happened to and I’ve gathered enough information to know that the Extraterrestrials are behind it because certain Extraterrestrial aircraft or UFOs are always seen in the area prior to the events. The space crafts will hover outside the victims’ homes for several nights before the Extraterrestrials will enter the home and before they will start to communicate with the humans through their kitchen appliances, and some humans have actually seen the Extraterrestrials once they turn off the cloaking device prior to exiting the home and prior to returning to their spacecraft. This is a cruel form of Extraterrestrial psychological warfare since the humans are terrified by these events and since they often stay up night after night while wondering whether or not their kitchen appliances are going to start talking, and while wondering whether or not it’s safe to use their chatty microwaves and their talkative toaster ovens and their loquacious coffee pots/coffee makers.

Extraterrestrials Will Provide Healings

I explain how certain Extraterrestrials will provide healings and how certain spouses have walked in on them and how some have been allowed to return to the bed while others have been attacked and pinned to the floor since they weren’t supposed to observe the surgical procedure. In addition, I talk about the humans being tracked and about additional procedures being performed if complications should arise after the first surgical procedure.

Extraterrestrials Have Claimed to Know Us From Past Lives

I explain how certain Extraterrestrials have claimed to know certain humans from a past life. However, these same Extraterrestrials won’t tell the humans how they know them. Plus they only seem to speak in riddles and in parables, never actually revealing the truth, and never actually answering the question directly. However, the benevolent ones will reveal the truth when asked certain questions, but the tricksters won’t tell the human anything other than they know them from a past life. And some of these aliens will even claim to be family members; however, they won’t explain why the human has a human body or why they have a reptilian body even though the human begs them for the answer. One must not give the Extraterrestrials the upper hand by letting on that he or she has a burning desire to know the truth because this only fuels their desire to trick you even more. If you should encounter a malevolent  Extraterrestrial that wants to play games with you, simply tell him or her that you’re not interested in being toyed with and to either tell you the truth or to go and bother someone else because you’re not interested in being toyed with or made fun of. The Extraterrestrial will either tell you the truth or they’ll make up a good story, but they won’t continue to press the issue since you’ve already made it clear that you’re not going to be played for a fool every time they decide to show up unannounced. The Extraterrestrials will do whatever it takes to keep the line of communication open because believe it or not they enjoy our company since some of us are like newborn babies when compared to their intellect. However, some of the Extraterrestrials will become annoyed if you ask too many questions because they want to control the situation and if the human keeps asking questions it tends to interfere with the game that they want to play. It’s best to be thought dumb because the aliens will start to reveal certain things on their own, but if you keep asking too many questions they’ll leave. This is what my investigations have revealed.

Extraterrestrials Reached Speeds Of 65 To 70 Miles Per Hour

I describe walking into a pub in Northwestern England where a certain group of people were talking about these cone headed Extraterrestrials that were white in color and that seemed to have blonde hair. The people describing the Extraterrestrials were Caucasian and they described the aliens’ eerie white skin that gave them the creeps since the creatures obviously weren’t human. The creatures were described as bipedal and between six to seven feet tall and they were said to be running through a field.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Ten

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 08/01/2012

Sex Seeking Female Demon With Terrifying Flames For Eyes

In this episode I provide a description of a female demon that entered a middle aged man’s home while he was still sleeping and that completely disrobed him. The terrified man also experienced an interruption in his phone line while trying to call his older brother after the demonic attack. You’ll be thoroughly surprised by what the demon communicated to her victim and by the way in which he discovered her inside his home. At one point the victim who was previously an atheist was immobilized by the power of the demon, and the demon had power over the victim’s home as well as over the home that he was trying to reach by phone. I provide some warning signs that a demonic force is present.

Muliebrous Demon With An Alabaster Colored Face And With A Disturbing Black Streak

You’ll hear me describe how I was attacked by a sex seeking demon after receiving a warning for three days in a row. You’ll also hear what steps I took to try to stop the demon from entering our realm. Plus you’ll hear how I struggled with the demon once I came to while being attacked. The demon never gave me her name, but I’m certain that she wasn’t Onoskelis because Onoskelis was around in the time of King Solomon and she is rumored to strangle men. I’m not sure why the female demon was attracted to me.

Paranormal Activity in the state of Louisiana

As a youngster I was interviewing a family friend and he told me about a terrifying encounter that he had had as a child. And while interviewing the family friend about his paranormal experience he told me that fire had suddenly shot out of the ground when he tried to retrieve some money that was revealed to an old woman during a dream. In addition, there was a wicked voice that threatened him and the other boys that accompanied him. You’ll learn what happened after the fire shot out of the ground.

A Ghost Stepped In The Middle Of An Ongoing Conversation

While my mother and the aforementioned family friend were having a casual conversation one evening, that didn’t have a thing to do with the paranormal since it was centered around music and around the historical events that had taken place during the sixties and the seventies, a female Caucasian spirit that was wearing an evening gown suddenly entered the house and she abruptly stepped in between the two of them and she started taking a tour of the house. The family friend said that he needed a stiff shot of whiskey and my mother said that she also had a little something to drink due to the frightening encounter with the ghost. No one knows exactly why the female ghost entered the house, however, sometimes ghosts will hear humans carrying on the same kinds of conversations that they used to engage in while they were still alive and they will show up, and sometimes they will just listen in, and other times they will attempt to join in the conversation, and if the humans don’t immediately flee the scene due to fear, the ghost will converse with them prior to leaving. The only thing that we can say for certain is that we have absolutely no control over these events or over these other created beings since we are Artificial Intelligence. Anyone that is not the original intelligence (i.e. God, The Great Spirit, The Creator, etc.) is Artificial Intelligence, and the paranormal phenomena that many of us are currently experiencing could indeed be millions and millions if not billions of years old. In addition, there’s no missing link so whoever brought us into being for whatever reason, holds the secret to how old we really are as a species, and to how old the paranormal entities are, and to what order they were first created in. And until we receive the divine revelation from someone that actually knows for certain, and that doesn’t make a handsome living off of telling us fanciful stories about our mysterious collective history, our scientists will continue to grasp at straws because we are far older than 5,000 years old and much older than 12,000 years old, so don’t believe that nonsense about the missing link because they’ll be searching for it for trillions of years since it doesn’t exist. The human blueprint is restricted to the divine intelligence and to whom he chooses to reveal it to. Artificial Intelligence can only operate within the laws that have been established for it. We bring other beings into existence through reproduction since the original intelligence brought us into being. We simply carry out the act of creating by using what we were provided (i.e., our reproductive system, our minds, our bodies, and the raw materials that can be found on the earth and that have come from the heavens or from space) which we did not create. Scientists/atheists are merely studying and cataloging someone else’s creation since they did not create it and since the deity did not ask them for their opinion while the heavens were being created, and since they were not asked whether or not they wanted to be created male and female or whether or not they wanted a reproductive system that simulates the original creation, and since they were not asked whether or not they wanted to experience the same kind of death that every created animal and insect on the planet experiences. Scientists had no part in the creation of soil or in the creation of oxygen or in the creation of trees or in the creation of birds or in the creation of their human reproductive systems because they are Artificial Intelligence. Our robots that perform the same kinds of repetitive tasks as humans and that have been given an algorithm did not tell us how to create them or what tasks to give them to perform. We wanted something that was like us, so we created it in our own image, meaning we created it to perform the same kinds of tasks that we as human beings perform. We started out by creating cars by hand, which was learned through human trial and error, and now we have robots creating cars by attaching fenders and by tightening down bolts. We also have auto pilot and cruise control which are functions that humans normally perform, and our cars and airplanes and other items even speak to us in human voices when asked certain questions that we’ve already programmed them to give answers to. We are simply repeating what was done to us since the original intelligence only gave us enough intelligence to be able to communicate with it and to be able to create certain things within the laws that were established for us. Make no mistake! We will never replace the original intelligence because it will not allow it just like we will not allow the robots that we have freely given our knowledge to, to replace us since we are the superior intelligence that knows all of the secrets that govern our human world. Since I could not obtain the true knowledge from the scientists that I spoke to or from the members of the clergy that were terrified by my advanced questions, since I was asking them at the tender age of seven years old, which according to the elders a child my age shouldn’t even be contemplating, those in the 4th dimension became my teachers. They are benevolent.

A Lady Unknowingly Invited A Paranormal Entity Into Her Home

A woman unknowingly invited a demon into her home by purchasing something at a yard sale. The woman felt something pressing down on her back while she was lying on her stomach, and the entity was breathing on her neck. I describe what she bought at the yard sale and how to avoid inviting certain entities into your home. Plus you’ll definitely want to hear what I have to say about purchasing books at a yard sale and about purchasing stones, meaning gemstones. Be careful about purchasing mirrors at a yard sale because you don’t know who had them before you or what they were used for. Hear how your electronics can be affected by demonic entities and why you need to be careful when purchasing used jewelry.

Demonically Possessed Automobiles

I explain how my younger brother unknowingly purchased a car that had a negative entity that was attached to it, and I also explain what was happening to another person that had unknowingly purchased a demonically possessed car. Cars that are demonically possessed will accelerate without warning while your foot is not on the gas. For example, you can be coasting downhill which doesn’t require any gas and the gas pedal will hit the floor. Also, the car’s steering wheel will start turning in a direction that you don’t want to go. Like towards a brick wall.

A Book that Conjured Up Some Dark Entities

A group of siblings, a boy and a girl, obtained a book that contained certain spells that were able to conjure up certain entities and thinking nothing of it they innocently recited the spells which caused them to come under attack while they were sleeping. The entities chased them up and down the hall of their home while their parents were sleeping. You’ll hear what I had to do in order to get the negative entities off their backs. Black Magic is real, so think twice before tampering with it because your curiosity can result in some grave and irreversible consequences.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Nine

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 07/19/2012

True Origins Of The Swastika

In this episode I start off by asking how many people are familiar with the origins of the Swastika. I then go on to explain that the Swastika is a religious symbol and that it was used as a symbol for Apollo and for Jupiter and also for Thor’s Hammer. In addition, I ask whether or not the Nazis were aware of the previous use of the Swastika throughout the world, and I also explain that the Nazis had contact with Extraterrestrials and that they were into the occult. Ladies and gentlemen were the Nazis secretly trying to usher in the return of the gods by spreading the Swastika symbol throughout the world, is a question that begs consideration because we still don’t have a rational explanation for why Hitler and the Nazis chose a symbol that was found in a 10,000 year old Stone Age cave painting. All we have is commentary from those that are purported to know, however, we still don’t know why this particular symbol was chosen out of all of the other ancient symbols that were known to the Nazis. The Nazis were certainly aware of the Egyptian Ankh, however, they didn’t choose this particular symbol, but instead chose a symbol that they knew was previously used as a universal symbol, meaning by practically all of the cultures on the earth including the Egyptians and the ancient black Hebrews and the Greeks and the Romans and the Native Americans and the Indians and other cultures of note.

Wright Brothers

I dispel the myth about the Wright Brothers being the first humans to create flight, and I mention Archytas by name since he’s an Ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, strategist, astronomer, Pythagorean scientist, etc, etc, that created a steam powered aircraft that flew. I also mention the Frenchman Alphonse Penaud since he created the 1871 rubber powered Planophore that flew. The Wright Brothers didn’t invent their box kite until 1899, so they can’t be the first humans to have created flight even though this is what is taught in American schools. The Wright Brothers didn’t take flight until late 1903; however, we are purposely told that they were the first to fly. I’m proud to be an American, but I will not support the willful manipulation of the truth.

Drones In America

I explain that drones are nothing new and that the 1980 Supreme Court ruling makes them legal. I also explain the difference between manmade drones and Extraterrestrial derived drones as well as the possible connection to the Greek Gods. Plus I mention the fact that African Americans encountered insect weapons during the 1970s. I also mention that the drones were already flying prior to the 1980 Supreme Court ruling because drones have been around since the 1930s and Norma Jeane A.K.A. Marilyn Monroe worked on RPV drones.

In addition, there’s a 1960s era Penn State Drone and some of these manmade drones have been mistakenly called UFOs since the witnesses weren’t aware that the government was operating drones.

You can find a description of insect weapons in my book called The Playground. ISBN: 1608447669.

My Paranormal Experience In Juarez Mexico And In El Paso Texas

You’ll hear me describe the five year old child that was demonically possessed and how the demon inside her wanted to try to communicate with me. Plus you’ll hear me describe what happened in Mexico as well as the two females that had the same kind of demonic black eyes that you see in the movies. Plus you’ll learn about the Arabs that are present in Mexico and also about the corruption that I witnessed taking place in Mexico. What I describe is something that can help individual Americans to avoid certain traps.

My College Experience With A Demonically Possessed Girl

I explain how a demonically possessed girl from El Salvador was sitting behind me and how her friend tried to warn me against getting involved with her. There was no soul inside this female and you could tell it by looking into her eyes. Her eyes were like the two women in Mexico and like the five year old that was at the Greyhound Bus Station.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the show.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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