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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Thirty Nine

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 05/24/2014

A Tumultuous Planet

Today is yet another day in our paranormal lives and in an effort to please the gods as well as the man on the street let me plainly state that this is episode 39, and tonight I will be talking about a number of things that are affecting us as a species and that cause us to be classified as a tumultuous planet.

Now during my last episode I talked about the extra-large Senegal Parrots with extremely long tails that have been witnessed in southern California and I just wanted to let you know that the birds are still appearing, so don’t be surprised if you happen to see one. I also talked about The Cargo Cult of Popua New Guinea that began during World War II or there about, and I used this particular group of people to demonstrate how our collective human ancestors responded when confronted with a highly advanced group of individuals that were non-terrestrial in origin.

The Extraterrestrials that happened upon our ancestors were using various modes of transportation to visit the humans that described their encounters in written text and also in art work. “The Creator Gods” that created the first human species out of the dust, which is described in the Genesis account, used spacecraft to visit their creation and to monitor them from the air while they were unaware that they were being watched from above just like most humans are unaware that the gods are watching us from above while using various modes of transportation including dimensional travel.

The Natives of Popua New Guinea or New Guinea had a similar experience with the white men that were flying airplanes and that were watching them from above before dropping supplies. The high flying World War II style airplanes were unlike anything that the indigenous people had seen before and they were so taken by the airplanes that were dropping supplies that they began to see them as gods since the technology was far superior to theirs. The only difference is that “The Creator Gods” really were gods while the white men were simply human. However, there is a striking similarity to the past because you see the Extraterrestrials taught the early humans how to build devices that would fly and this is why some humans that didn’t have the ability to fly started to worship other human beings as gods since they knew not where they had come from since the human pilots described in some of the art work descended from the sky. These humans were revered as gods just like the Americans were revered prior to the other nations developing nuclear weapons and delivery systems. There was a time when Americans were seen as superhuman which meant that all of the other nonnuclear nations feared us, however, now that certain nations have developed nuclear capabilities, they are pushing back against some of our policies since they have the ability to cause mass casualties.

The Paranormal History 101W lesson that I conducted prior to this show was meant to get you to think and I hope that you took the necessary time to read more about The Cargo Cult that I’m sure that many of you had never heard of since the past is being purposely hidden from you by those that want to keep you in the dark about human nature and about our collective ancestors’ past experiences with the Extraterrestrial species that are currently visiting our planet.

No one should claim that he or she in bored because there are a lot of things that one can spend his or her time studying. Plus there are hours and hours of past shows that I have recorded and that provide stories that have been taken directly from The Forbidden P Files of Human History, so if knowledge is what you seek, then listen to my past shows or read my transcripts that are located on my blog.

Tomorrow (i.e., 05/25/2014) will make two years that I have been on the air as a solo-radio-host so I just wanted to let you know that there are hours and hours of recorded material that you can listen to and that you can share with your friends.

Now before I move on. I want to let you know something. I want to let you in on a little secret that I’m exclusively sharing with you the listener and reader. When I first started conducting my paranormal radio show, I wanted to determine who was listening, so I purposely mispronounced Respite and Doppelganger during a radio show since I knew that the intelligent minds that heard the purposeful mispronunciation would correctly pronounce the word during their show even though they weren’t entirely certain that I would be listening. You see an intelligent mind is always willing to lend a helping hand when the male or female perceives that there’s a need, so for the radio hosts that are just starting out. I say you can tell which intelligent minds are listening because those that have audiences that number in the millions will pronounce the word correctly since they believe that you’re listening to their show due to the size of their audience, and all you have to do is to conduct another show where you pronounce the word correctly which lets them know that you were listening to their show.  You see understanding how human nature works means that you don’t have to call a radio station and ask a big time radio host whether or not he or she is listening to your show because an intelligent mind can’t help but to respond to a perceived need for help. This also applies to racist individuals as well because I have hidden my intelligence in order to lure them in and once they respond the way that I predicted, I reveal my intelligence right before saying, “An Intelligent Mind Doesn’t See Color So Why Be A Racist When You Can Be So Much More?”

I repeat. “An Intelligent Mind Doesn’t See Color So Why Be A Racist When You Can Be So Much More?”

The Fear Factor

Fear is a powerful response to a perceived threat or to stimuli, but is that all that it is? I’ll repeat. Fear is a powerful response to a perceived threat or to stimuli, but is that all that it is?

Fear is much more than what you’ve previously been told that it is because you see fear is also an aphrodisiac as well as a source of energy, but for who is the question?

Fear is also an aphrodisiac as well as a source of entertainment and energy for “The Sinister Gods” and this is indeed why the Governments that they presently control seek to control what causes you to cheer and to cringe hence the similar themes in horror movies and in shows about drug cartels. During the 1980s it was all about the Cubans (i.e., Tony Montana) and later on it was the Jamaican Posse and the Colombians and New Jack City and now it’s the drug cartels from Mexico since the average citizen must be kept in a constant state of fear since this is the power source for the non-terrestrial beings that are patrolling our planet and that have given the human governments the ability to wage war against one another. Fear is never higher than it is in war or when people believe that there’s going to be a war. Economic chaos also causes a great amount of fear since everything hinges on the universally accepted currency. The same fear causes rapes and robberies and prostitution since women and men become afraid that they’re going to run out of money and that they’re going to become homeless. “The Sinister Gods” love fear because you see it was the fear or not knowing that caused the fall of mankind since Eve couldn’t live another day without obtaining the things that “The Sinister Gods” (i.e., the serpent) promised.

Fear is also an aphrodisiac for the demonically possessed as well as a source of energy for them.

One should always remember or should also remember that Eve was awake a lot longer than Adam and that she knew that the world had been transformed and that she would be the only human to be banished if Adam were allowed to remain in his innocent state, so she made sure that he woke up as well, so he could share in her knowledge that she had damned the entire human species by allowing fear to control her.

I say again. “The Sinister Gods” love fear.

The fear of being left in the dark and not knowing caused Eve to take that leap and we have been fighting wars as a species ever since. “The Sinister Gods” caused gender division to enter the world by waking Eve up first since Adam wouldn’t disobey “The Creator Gods” that had established the human hierarchy. Strife between the genders and the tearing down of the original hierarchy (i.e., the family) was caused by “The Sinister Gods” and the humans have continued it through ridiculous battles of the sexes exchanges, however, no one is willing to tell you the truth about “The Sinister Gods” and the unforgivable chaos that they have caused.

“The Sinister Gods” changed the course of human history through fear and now every nation on the planet wants a weapon of mass destruction since they fear that the other nations might invade them unless that have the capability of destroying hundreds of thousands of enemy troops that set foot on their soil in an effort to destroy their governmental rule.

“The Sinister Gods” changed the course of human history through fear and now every nation on the planet wants a weapon of mass destruction since they fear that the other nations might invade them unless that have the capability of destroying hundreds of thousands of enemy troops that set foot on their soil in an effort to destroy their governmental rule.

This is the reason for the arms race.

Fear is what caused each nation to want to develop these types of weapons.

Fear is what’s really controlling the world because if fear didn’t exist there would be no wars and this is why “The Sinister Gods” must keep the humans in a state of fear.

Governments are afraid that the people will find out that they have been deceived and that they are being taken advantage of and that they may do to them what was done to Marie Antoinette, so they are rolling out all kinds of policies and agendas and punitive measures such as is happening in Orange County California because if you have a traffic citation and you decide to fight it because you know that it’s not right, whether you win or not, the District Attorney is able to get a court order to have you give up your DNA. So why are you being punished for challenging something that you know is not right? It is because the District Attorney represents the Government.

The District Attorney represents the “Governmental Power” and because you challenge that by standing up they are afraid, so therefore they must cause you to become afraid by saying. “Well, if you challenge this whether or not you win we are going to demand that you provide your DNA.”

So if you provide your DNA it could be said that everyone that shares your genes is somehow defective because you received a traffic citation and because you fought it, which means that you challenged their authority.

“So you are therefore defective and we have your DNA on file, however, we’re saying that we’re using it because if a crime is committed then we will know who to go to.”

This is all fear based…..those that are in charge are afraid so therefore they must make the citizens become afraid by getting their DNA through a court order, so if you get the next ticket even if you know that someone has made a mistake and that it’s not right you’re less likely to challenge it based on the traumatic experience that you had by having to give up your DNA. It’s all fear based ladies and gentlemen.

The Unexplained Human Disappearances

Humans are kidnapped by supernatural creatures each and every day since this is a hunting ground and since we are essentially the prey, which is something that our collective human ancestors knew, and which is also why they developed certain strategies for fighting against the entities that have been kidnapping or abducting humans. Most of the humans that have been taken will never be seen again because they have been taken into other dimensions. Ladies and gentlemen there are indeed doors that lead to the other side and that humans are unlucky enough to be taken through while still in physical form, however, very few are willing to talk about this sort of thing on national television since it creeps them out and since they know that not many are immune. Millionaires and billionaires can also be taken by the dark entities and Extraterrestrials that are kidnapping the citizens that hail from the third rock from the sun, so live every day like it’s your last since you just never know when one of these supernatural creatures is going to enter your home or when they’re going to accost you while you’re trying to get in your car. A lot of people are snatched up into the air while they’re trying to turn the key to get inside their home or inside their car, and sometimes cars are found abandoned on the road since the Extraterrestrials hit the vehicle with an EMP that eventually wears off after the person has been kidnapped or abducted.

Let me repeat that for you. Sometimes cars are found abandoned on the road since the Extraterrestrials hit the vehicle with an EMP that eventually wears off after the person has been kidnapped or abducted. Humans aren’t always involved in the disappearance of others because some of the missing persons have been taken to another dimension where they will never been seen or heard from again.

Ladies and gentlemen I want you to understand that the Extraterrestrial have an EMP technology that temporarily causes the circuits to not be able to complete, so what that means is that the metals are obstructed. So there is no conductivity for as long as that EMP is in place, however, once the EMP wears off everything goes back to normal and the car can be driven again. This is why they are able to shut things down and to do what they want to do, and those things go back to normal. This is a superior type of EMP that’s being used, and it is important that you understand that because the EMPs that we’re using on this planet and that we’re talking about cause permanent destruction, but the EMP technology that the Extraterrestrials have causes a temporary stoppage, but everything goes back to the way it was, so it is important to understand that this is an advanced form of EMP that they’re using.

The supernatural is all around us whether we believe in it or not and anyone can become an instant victim, so don’t kid yourselves because these dark entities are here to stay and so are the demons that are possessing the humans that are causing all of this trouble on our planet. A female acquaintance didn’t believe in the supernatural until she was watching television one evening when the lights started to dim and when the picture started fading in and out right before she was pinned to the couch and before her clothes were ripped off. An extremely violent and forceful matter-based demon materialized right in front of her and it raped her on the couch as tears ran down her face and as she couldn’t get a sound to come out. She believes in the supernatural with all of her heart after this happened to her. I had offered her an amulet; however, she laughed and stated that she didn’t believe in any of that superstitious mumble jumble. Well, being raped by something that abruptly materialized in front of her and that caused the lights to dim and the television to become distorted has changed her mind.

The supernatural is real and it always has been despite the obvious cover-up.

The one that controls the dissemination of heroes and villains controls the world and this is what the Governments learned from the “The Sinister Gods” that taught us how to make war and to hate one another and to want to kill one another and to want to control one another.

“The Sinister Gods” corrupted the first human species with their DNA and turned them into slaves. This is a fact ladies and gentlemen and this is why we will never find the missing link since there is no missing link. The first species of human beings were corrupted by “The Sinister Gods” that infused them with their DNA and that turned them into slaves and that told them that they were their gods.

It is my contention that the Extraterrestrials were created by more than one God just like the humans were, and that the Extraterrestrials that are listed in the Genesis account as the Elohim and in the Atrahasis as the Annunaki, simply recreated what was done to them by their God or Gods when they created human beings.

Lyceum Of The Wolfe Radio is available twenty four hours a day and seven days week, so don’t hesitate to listen to one of my past episodes and to tell your friends about my show because you will receive information here that you’re not going to here anywhere else unless someone repeats what I have revealed to you here which happens.

Now don’t forget that “The Sinister Gods” love fear, so you will hear about more and more things happening in the world and as those things continue to happen, and those that are in power, become even more fearful than they are now because they are afraid that what happened to Marie Antoinette might happen to them, just remember who’s really behind it. It’s “The Sinister Gods.” All of this is supernatural. All of it is supernatural, so we must be kept in a state of fear because again it is an aphrodisiac as well as a source of energy and entertainment for “The Sinister Gods” and for the demons that are possessing the human beings that are causing all of this trouble on our planet, so let us not forget about that, and let us share the things that we know with others so that they may understand who is truly behind all of these fearful occurrences.

Every time that I come on this radio program and reveal certain things to you it angers “The Sinister Gods” and it puts me in danger, however, I am glad to do it because you deserve to know the truth, so I will continue to bring you the truth for as long as I have breath.   

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.


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