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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Forty One

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 07/30/2014

Night Visits

Today is yet another day in our paranormal lives and in an effort to please the gods as well as the man on the street let me plainly state that this is episode 41, and tonight I will be talking about a number of things that are affecting us as a species, and that are indeed classified as Mysterious Occurrences, but before I start the program, I would like to wish my mother Carmel a full and speedy recovery on this 07/30/2014.

Now the last time that I came on the air I was talking to you about “Night Visits” and still have quite a bit more to share with you as it relates to the visitors that often come to us in the wee hours of the night when most people and animals are fast asleep.

Night Visits also involve waking up only to find that you’re in a completely different room than where you originally fell asleep. For example, you might wake up in the laundry room wearing nothing but your birthday suit which is what some Designees have experienced. Again you might wake up in the laundry room wearing nothing but your birthday suit which is what some Designees have experienced.

In addition some Designees have woken up while wearing strikingly different clothing and some are missing only their undergarments while the rest of the clothes that they were wearing are present. And some Designees that work at night have fallen asleep on the job and have woken up to find that they’re wearing a different article of clothing and that it is something that they had originally thought about wearing to work prior to deciding on something else just moments before leaving the house.

The articles of clothing that the Designee wore to work are often never found or they’ll be waiting for the Designee when he or she returns home, and sometimes the Designee will be wearing someone else’s clothes that will either have the scent of the previous owner’s cologne or perfume or that will have their name sown into the fabric which is why I recommend that humans have at least one article of clothing that they wear regularly and that has the first name and initial of their last name sown into the fabric, so the case can be properly studied if an abducted Designee decides to come forward and explains that he or she was abducted and that he or she woke up with someone else’s clothes that had their name sown into the fabric.

This is especially critical because sometimes the visitors don’t assign the correct clothing to the gender since some of them seem not to understand or to know that some clothes are for men and some clothes are for women. Some of the visitors just see us as humans and figure that anything will do just as long as they put some type of clothing on us since this is how they found us. This is not the case with all of the visitors because some of the visitors appear to be pranksters and know full well that women don’t wear boxer shorts and that most men don’t dare wear women’s’ panties since they are heterosexuals through and through.

Some Designees are missing socks and shoes and sometimes the shoes are placed on the wrong foot as if the visitors were rushing to finish their work or as if they couldn’t figure out which shoe went with the Designee’s right and left foot.

Designees will also have missing items such as wrist watches and necklaces and belts or belt buckles which renders the belt unusable since the Designee cannot use it to keep their pants up.

The visiting entities will also treat the Designee in a manner that is consistent with dressing a doll and with moving the male or female figure from room to room in a toy house. Let me repeat that. The visiting entities will also treat the Designee in a manner that is consistent with dressing a doll and with moving the male or female figure from room to room in a toy house. And perhaps the articles of clothing are changed because the visiting entity was the unseen inspiration that was behind the original thought. For example, the entity might have planted the thought in the human’s mind to wear a particular article of clothing and when the human rejected the thought and wore something else instead, the visiting entity might have sought to correct the human’s appearance by placing the clothes on the unsuspecting human that it had originally selected for him or her. The reasons behind the changing of clothes are still a mystery, but some Designees remember deciding against a particular article of clothing prior to waking up in the same clothes that they had decided against.

It’s amazing isn’t it?

Now to recap what I said during the last show some unsuspecting male Designees that had their penis placed in a state of examination (i.e., lying on the male Designee’s stomach or flaccidly or loosely or flexibly pointed north or off to one side or starboard or pointed south or perpendicular or suspended in the air by an unseen force and not necessarily erect) were experiencing urinary issues as well as ED or Erectile Dysfunction that seemed to go away approximately two weeks after they woke up and found their penis outside their undergarments where they know that they hadn’t left it prior to going to bed.

Note: I have provided a description of the term “State of Examination” since several female listeners that were extremely concerned about the male Designees contacted me and asked for more details about the term “State of Examination” since they didn’t understand what the term meant and since they were concerned that the male Designees had sustained an injury while the visiting entity was inside the room while the unsuspecting male Designee was in a state of unconsciousness since this is exactly what sleep is.

If you are a listener or a reader or a friend or a family member of a listener or a reader or if you are an “Intellectually Curious” individual, and have a sincere and sensible question, send me an email at the email address below.

Some of the visitors seem to be offering help for various medical conditions, however, they give the Designee no warning whatsoever and he or she simply wakes up and knows that they have been tampered with in some way. And as I stated sometimes the light will be left on for an unknown reason and for an undetermined amount of time. Sometimes the television will be left on even though some Designees turn the television off when they go to bed which alerts them to the fact that something has been inside their room since many of them live alone. Now what I recommend is that you remove the light bulb from the lamp that’s next to your bed if you wake up and find that this light is constantly being left on. If you remove the light bulb and place it in another room and record the time and the date the you placed the light bulb in another room and also the light bulb’s whereabouts you will be able to determine if the non-terrestrial entity has entered that room and placed the light bulb in the lamp and turned it on because you will know that you left it in that other room because you will have the time that you recorded it as well as the date and the whereabouts. Another thing that you might do is to lock the light bulb up and place the key in a room that’s not the room that you left the light bulb in and that’s not your room where you sleep,

Now I say this because the non-terrestrial entities have a way of going inside locked places and removing items without having to have a key which is a way that you can tell that you are being visited. Another thing that you might do is purchase a lamp that’s a good length (i.e., a lamp that’s approximately the height of a normal sized refrigerator that’s lying on its side) and place it in an area of your bedroom that’s far away from your bed, which will force the non-terrestrial entity to go over to the area of the room where that lamp is and to turn the light on and to leave it on. This way if you have a partner that doesn’t believe you and they wake up and find the light on and know that they didn’t put it on and that you didn’t then they will know that something more than the mundane is going on inside their bedroom while they are asleep. And another reason that I recommend that you get the lamp that’s a good length and that you place it in a different section of the bedroom is because sometimes the non-terrestrial entities will turn the light on while you’re awake and while your partner is awake, so that you will know that they are there because the whole purpose for many of them leaving the light on is to get your attention and to let you know that there is more to this life than what you see on the evening news, and I can guarantee you that if you and your partner are sitting up in the bed, and that lamp comes on unexpectedly, if you didn’t believe in the supernatural before you will become an instant believer that I can guarantee because there will be no rational explanation for why that lamp suddenly came on when it requires a certain amount of force to either push the pin in or to turn it, so that the circuit is completed. Your partner can be the biggest skeptic in the world, but the moment that light comes on and stays on they will begin to believe and if they still doubt simply ask them to get up and to go over there and to turn the light off and if the entity turns the light back on while they’re on their way back to the bed the hairs on the back of their neck will indeed stand up and they may even become incontinent when they realize that a non-terrestrial entity that’s invisible is inside the room with the two of you.

“Everyone is a skeptic” until they encounter something that they cannot explain which is why a lot of scientists will not conduct any supernatural experiments because they know that it is something that they cannot control.

The biggest scientific skeptic in the world will be afraid to use a Ouija board because they know that it is off world communications that are going on and they also know that once they invite that entity in that they will not be able to control it and that they will be at the mercy of that entity if he or she decides to start tormenting them and won’t leave them alone.

This is the very reason why you have big name television stars and newscasters and executives of major corporations that will not dabble in the occult or deal with any supernatural subjects and will not have a Ouija board in their home or in their office for that matter because despite what you may have been told as a child, and what you’re still being force-fed by the mainstream media, they know that these things are real because many of them have seen them or they know someone else that has seen them or their parents may have told them that they have seen certain non-terrestrial entities roaming this planet, so don’t think for a second that just because someone’s a big named star or a newscaster that they’re going to automatically assume that their parents are insane or that they’re going to tell them that because anyone that’s worth anything in this world is not going to insult their parents like that because they know that their parents are telling the truth. They may not talk about it openly but they know deep down inside that the supernatural is real and that the Extraterrestrials are connected to the supernatural or to the paranormal and that it does not have a bloody thing to do with science and with their laws of physics which they did not create and which were created by these non-terrestrial entities and by some of them that are roaming this planet because they had to have a means for controlling us, and if we cannot operate outside the established laws of physics that govern us as human beings, and they can, then how can we possibly over power them or subdue them if they decide that they are going to take the gloves off.

We can’t?

And this is why government leaders are afraid to tell you the truth because they know that if a particular group of hostile entities of non-terrestrial origin decide to take this planet by force there’s nothing that they can do about it. The only way that we could stave off an attack is if all of the military powers on this planet got together and decided that we were going to make the planet uninhabitable for ourselves as well as for the flesh and blood creatures that are coming here and that want to subdue us and that want to oppress us like white Americans did black Americans. So that is something to think about because if these non-terrestrial entities decide to take the gloves off and decide to institute an “Extraterrestrial form of Chattel Slavery” against the entire human species then everyone on this planet will experience what black Americans experienced during slavery and what they have experienced since then and are still experiencing today because the Extraterrestrials will be as oppressive as the slave masters were and that could indeed be where we are heading, so I would say that for those of you that don’t believe that this phenomena is real you should look to slavery and see how your fellow man was treated because of the color of his or her skin and how he is still being treated and ask yourself is this something that you would like to experience or if you would like to open your eyes and acknowledge the fact that we are not the center of the universe and that we never were and that we are not alone and that we never were alone despite the lies that those in power continue to tell you.

I will share a secret with you. Some of the politicians that you think are on your side are demonically possessed because I have seen the demons that are in them. I have seen them because as I stated on my blog I have the sixth sense and have seen these non-terrestrial entities ever since I was in the crib, so I was a baby that couldn’t even walk on my own when I first started seeing these non-terrestrial entities, so when I say to you that some of the politicians that you see on television are demonically possessed you can take it to the bank because I can guarantee you that they are going to reveal their hand shortly and they are going to wreak all kinds of havoc against the piece loving humans and the true homo sapiens that are not infected the “Demons Seed” and that do not have “The Spark of The Demon” inside them and you don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to. This is entirely up to you, but it does not mean that this isn’t happening because all one need do is to open their eyes and see all of the devastation that is taking place in the world right now and the slaughter of the innocent and how children are just blown up. Some people make excuses saying. “Well these militants were firing rockets near a school so we retaliated and killed a bunch of children,” as if this is a credible excuse.

Just think about what’s happening on this planet and if you think that it’s going to get better you are sadly mistaken because the demons are showing their hand. They are showing their hand and I don’t need to name who these demons are because you know who they are. They are the very ones that are making sure that your children will not have a future because they are not going to have a job. They are the ones that are doing this because the whole thing behind the demons being in control is to punish the humans, so you need to think about this, and those of you that profess to be Christians and that are “Spiritually Dead” and “Paranormally Deficient” you should be ashamed of yourselves because you should know that these non-terrestrial entities exist and that a lot of these politicians are demonically possessed. You should know this because you should be able to see it that is if you have the gift of discernment that you think that you do. I know who they are because I have seen the demons that are in them.

Now let me share a little bit more with you regarding the things that the Designees are experiencing when being visited by these non-terrestrial entities which are angels and demons and devils and Extraterrestrials or aliens or ghosts (i.e., Eternal Protoplasmic Projections) or wicked human spirits.

Anything that is of non-terrestrial origin and that is not a true homo sapien must indeed be classified as a non-terrestrial entity.            

Some male and female Designees feel as though they’ve had a sexual encounter, but can’t remember the event just like a man or a woman that has had too much to drink can’t remember having sex the night before or one to two to three hours after the event. Some Designees often wake up outside their house unaware of how they got outside since all of the doors are locked and since they don’t have any keys in their pockets. I can’t stress even more than what I have stressed that this is indeed a hunting ground and that we are the prey. The ancients knew it and many of us that are alive today know it and this is why the non-terrestrial entities do whatever they want with us because they know that we are powerless.

Now in the few minutes that we have left I’m going to share some of the 22 Axioms with you that are part of the Guide to the Mysterious EE.

Guide to the Mysterious EE

  1. (1) The first thing that one must come to understand is that Extraterrestrials or aliens do indeed exist and that they’ve always existed in the human world and that they were on the scene long before human beings came into existence. 
  2. (2) The letters (EE) stand for Extraterrestrial Entities. 
  3. (3) Most of the inimical Extraterrestrial Entities that people have collectively witnessed visiting the earth throughout the ages are highly advanced species and many of these creatures take great delight in tricking and in terrifying us human beings since they regard us as lower life forms. And I say most because some do not possess knowledge about the simplest things. For example, leather belts and leather shoes and primitive combustion engines. And perhaps this means that their civilizations are so advanced that they either forgotten about these primitive things or that they never bothered with most of the things that make up our evolutionary human identity (i.e., the process of learning not to be confused with Charles Darwin’s waves crashing against the rocks theory) in the first place and that they cannot conceive of such primitive measures. Some claim that Evolution is real….it hardly seems like it because how evolved can we be when we are constantly declaring this or that person as separatist and as militant and saying that their children can be slaughtered and that they are not worth the same as our children because we are Westerners and because we look a certain way. If we treat one another like this then why should the non-terrestrial entities treat us any better? So I ask here on this July 30th 2014 that the non-terrestrial entities fight against those that are in power and that are trying to control the true homo sapiens that are not demonically possessed and that simply want peace. I ask that they crush the nonbelieving and non-true-homo-sapiens that have taken over this planet and that are working against us and that want to steal our future and that are indeed afraid to be separated from the bodies that they possess since they know that they are not of human origin because true hue-man beings and true homo sapiens don’t fear death, but those that are wicked, and that are only here to destroy our planet and to subject us to untold violence, fear being separated from the bodies that they are currently occupying because they know that it will take a long time for them to find another host.

The Role of Government and the News

If the U.S. Government is dealing with Extraterrestrials or aliens or demons or devils or angels or ghosts (i.e., Eternal Protoplasmic Projections) or wicked humans spirits or any other non-terrestrial entity that I have not named, they should come to us for assistance and then we will help them, but they should not come to us and try to tell us what’s out there since religious matters are outside of their purview and since they violate the law by pontificating about Extraterrestrials and aliens since these supernatural creatures fall under the “Paranormal” and are not mainstream subject matter since there has obviously been a separation of church and state which makes it illegal for the U.S. Government or its individual representatives or any other lower level governmental entity to choose one religion over another by publically stating on the news and in writing that the Extraterrestrials are not real which is what many of the established Christian organizations (i.e., Social Institutions of indoctrination and government sanctioned control) are publicly saying despite the overwhelming testimony of millions of Christians and Muslims and Jews and atheists and other religious adherents. Supernatural creatures and religion itself has nothing at all to do with the Mainstream Media or with the Federal State and Local authorities, so they must remain silent due to the separation of church and state and if they wholly believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.                       

-Carmichael Wolfe- Circa 2014                                                                                                                                      

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.


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