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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Thirty Eight

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 04/22/2014

The Mysterious Occurrences

Today is yet another day in our paranormal lives and in an effort to please the gods as well as the man on the street let me plainly state that this is episode 38, and tonight I will be talking about “The Mysterious Occurrences” that are currently afoot, and what I mean by that is that there are certain things that are being witnessed that ordinarily wouldn’t be occurring. For example, there are certain birds that are flying around in the sky that do not look like they belong to this time period due to their size as well as their overall look. Several extra-large Senegal Parrots with extremely long tails have been witnessed in southern California. In addition, they have been causing a large shadow to fall over the structures that they have been passing over. I personally witnessed this when two of the birds flew over the building that I was in. These birds were so large that they temporarily blocked out the sun, however, this isn’t all that has happened as a result of these prehistoric looking birds being sighted because a woman that saw one flying by her window felt her heart jump inside her chest since the bird was the largest bird that she had ever seen, and just to give you an idea of the size of these birds, I’m talking about something that’s the size of a large eagle, but that isn’t an eagle. Again it was a Senegal Parrot that flew by the woman’s window and it was a pair of Senegal Parrots that flew over the building that I was in and that temporarily blocked out the sun.

Certain creatures that shouldn’t be in the earthly realm are appearing and they are terrifying the daylights out of the witnesses since they can’t understand why these creatures are appearing. The short and simple answer is that a natural portal has opened up on the planet and this is why these creatures are appearing. In addition, certain incantations have been made that have opened other portals since some that are in the know want Americans and others to witness these creatures first hand. These same mysterious sightings were happening prior to the conquest, so those that are currently occupying the land have indeed inherited the appearance of certain creatures that were due to come back around this time. And this particular Paranormal History 101W lesson is meant to advise you that the creatures aren’t the only thing to worry about since we have earthquakes that have broken out all throughout the world. Plus hurricanes have come far too soon, which has baffled most people since they don’t know why these mysterious occurrences are happening, however, I happen to know that a certain god is at work on the planet earth since he was asked to display his power since certain individuals that are in power think that they are the only power to be reckoned with and that they can do whatever they want and without there being any consequences. Well, they can’t control the weather and if this particular god decides to cause a number of volcanic eruptions to occur after the airing of this program or this broadcast, many will suffer, so prepare for the worst because the god that I’m talking about is very powerful and millions have already unknowingly called his name including those in Hollywood as well as those on the radio and I know this for a fact because I bring you stories that are from The Forbidden P Files of Human History.

Now back to the mysterious creatures that are being seen. On 07/05/2012 I told you about The Creature That Caused The Crows To Scream and I stated that I was innocently lying in bed on a summer night when the crows around my home started yelling at two thirty in the morning. I also explained that the crows were signaling to the other crows that were in the adjacent trees and that as I looked out the window to see what was causing the ruckus, I saw a reddish brown creature that was approximately three and a half to four feet tall and that it had the whitest teeth that I had ever seen. I also explained that the creature was not a baby since no baby would be out at 2:30AM. To listen to the full description of the paranormal sighting you can use the link for Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Seven. I’m mentioning this episode as well as the creature that I saw because I want you to know that these mysterious occurrences have been going on for quite some time despite what anyone else might try to tell you because you see some of these portals opened up prior to 911 and prior to The Oklahoma City Bombing and many people saw a great deal of strange things prior to both incidents since there was a lot of unusual paranormal activity that surrounded both events.

I’ll repeat. There was a lot of unusual paranormal activity that surrounded both events.

For example, I had a dream about three hours before The Oklahoma City Bombing took place and before the dark force entered my bedroom and the dream told me that the year would be one to remember and that there would be much bloodshed as well as rivers of tears due to the devastation, however, I never got on the radio and started talking about the paranormal events that were happening in the world because the time was not right for me to appear. The gods themselves had me wait since more and more things were yet to come like 911 for example and like the situation in Ukraine and like all of the other events that have been taking place like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you will recall on 08/08/2012 I told you about the Dark Entities That Iraq Veterans Have Been Experiencing and I specifically stated that an Iraq veteran told me about the dark presence that has been following him ever since he served in Iraq, and this particular soldier served in the Iraq war prior to being sent to Afghanistan and he started to experience a certain dark presence after returning home. In addition, I also spoke to a Mexican American soldier that had to move away from his childhood home after the same phenomena started to show up inside the home that he was sharing with his mother and with his father and with his younger brother. Both soldiers had an enormous black mass that was trying to smother them. The phenomenon seems to be related to the Middle East since the Mexican American soldier advised me that he had only served in the Iraq war and that he had never been to Afghanistan. Plus the Mexican American soldier had never experienced paranormal or supernatural activity prior to being sent to Iraq. In addition, the Filipino soldier, who was the first soldier that I talked to, served in Iraq prior to being sent to Afghanistan and he was absolutely certain that the phenomena started after he served in Iraq. Plus he told me about several other soldiers that had only served in Iraq and that were experiencing the very same thing. I also found out that someone that had served during the Gulf War had told the soldiers about the phenomena since he had started to experience it after serving in the first Iraq War. You see we as civilians aren’t privy to everything that goes on, on the battlefield, so we as citizens of the United States of America must support the troops while keeping them in our prayers because some people have met with disaster just by visiting the Middle East, and some soldiers have openly described a number of strange people following them that seem to be otherworldly, and I as a paranormal investigator, felt the dark entities that were surrounding the two soldiers that I spoke to, and you can listen to their ordeal by checking out Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Eleven. Again you can check out their ordeal by listening to Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Eleven. The Iraq war seems to be the catalyst.

Now one thing that you should know is that some people are sent at the exact time that has been preordained for them and they are kept alive so they can complete the things that they were born to do. For example, in Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Seven I talked about A Brush With Death and I explained what steps I had to take in order to survive. I also explained that I was completely submerged in water and that it was like walking on your hands with someone holding your feet. This accurately describes the precarious position that I was in since I was completely trapped inside a vehicle. In addition, I also talked about The Gas That Mysteriously Covered My Apartment in Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Seven, and I explained that a thought suddenly came inside my head and that it said turn on the lights, which would have caused me to be blown to Kingdom come if I had acted upon the disastrous voice that suddenly popped inside my head and that wanted me to meet death a few seconds after I entered my apartment. Be mindful of the voices that enter the mind because some of them are not friendly like the one that I encountered after entering my apartment. Now just in case you were wondering I did not leave the gas on inside my apartment because I would always double check the stove just to make sure that no gas was leaking, so I know that it wasn’t on when I left. In addition, I explained that prior to disaster striking something held my hand down to my side and my mother’s voice appeared inside my head and it said you had better air this place out. I acted on this voice since it was familiar, however, my mother knew nothing about her voice lending a helping hand and she has advised me that there have also been times when she has heard my voice like when she’s about to oversleep while on her lunch break. Ladies and gentlemen we have been miles and miles apart when this has happened and we have no rational explanation for its mysterious occurrence.

I’m mentioning these past experiences as well as these past episodes, so that you will understand why I was not doing my own radio show prior to 05/25/2012 even though I could have started a long, long time ago. I started doing my own radio show that deals exclusively with the supernatural or with the paranormal at the time that the gods appointed, and it’s just as simple as that. And before I started doing my own show I appeared on various radio shows wherein I was primary talking about my book which is called The Playground and also about other mundane topics such as the CIA’s involvement in South Central Los Angeles as well as the Los Angeles Police officers that were getting high off of rock cocaine.

I’m here because the gods ordained it long before I took my very first breath into the world, and they have made sure that I have remained in this world, so I can complete the work that I was sent to do. In Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Seven I told you about An Encounter With A Supernatural Entity That Took Place In Whittier California and I explained what led up to the creature invading my home as well as the steps that I had innocently taken earlier in the day and that almost cost me my life. I also talked about the bible passage that suddenly came into my mind and explained how the creature came through my bedroom window while I was sleeping and how I was placed in a position of observation as well as the dialogue that ensued between my spirit and the supernatural creature that was outraged that I had unknowingly disturbed it. Now what I will tell you is that the dialogue that was going on between my spirit and the creature was akin to speaking in tongues and although I couldn’t understand the divine language I could deduce the meaning, and what I learned from my position of observation is that the creature was told that it couldn’t kill me because of who I am. The conversation was akin to two people arguing backwards and forwards when one finally becomes frustrated and says, “You can’t kill him because he’s such and such.” After this was explained to the creature he expressed a feeling of, “Oh. I didn’t know.” The creature look back at me while leaving and he seemed apologetic that he had come into my home with the intention of killing me since he didn’t know who I was. My body went back to normal and the divine language ended just as soon as my spirit told the entity who I was.

Now before I continue let me just advise you that I experienced some type of electronic interference when I was talking to you about the encounter with the supernatural entity that took place in Whittier California, so I just wanted to let you know that.

Now ladies and gentlemen there’s a reason that I told you that our earthly names are not our only names when I talked to you about the Visiting Deities and Spirits during Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Thirty Five which I conducted live on 01/26/2014 since I wanted you to see things from a real paranormal experiencers perspective since a lot of the people that you hear from have absolutely no experience with the phenomena and are simply reading about other people’s experiences in addition to talking about the works of others. I bring you things that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to since everyone isn’t chosen to experience the supernatural or the paranormal. Now during episode thirty five I explained that various deities will enter your bedroom while you’re sleeping, and that once you awaken to their presence, they will leave since they were only checking on you since those in the other realms know who you are and why you were sent to the planet earth. Again they know who you are and why you were sent to the planet earth. This is why I took the time to explain to the listeners that our earthly names are not our only names. I also explained that this is why certain deities seek us out and that this is also why certain spirits are visiting us since they have known us in past lives. I don’t want you to be deceived because you’re much more than what you see in the mirror since the flesh is nothing more than an elaborate suit that allows us to interact with other suits and with the physical world that we’re living in due to the kind of physics that are at work on this planet. We are spiritual beings and this is why one should never think that death is the end of all things, for death is simply the beginning, and once you understand that death is simply the beginning, then you will begin to understand that your body that you’re in right now is not the essences of your being because you are a spiritual being that will never die no matter what anyone else might tell you.

The Black Bird

My latest encounter with a paranormal or supernatural creature occurred on 04/15/2014 when a black bird of unknown original suddenly came underneath my door as a black blob right before manifesting right before my very eyes. The bird had unusually long legs and it was moving towards me, however, I immediately went on the defensive after maintaining control of my emotions since the creature just appeared out of nowhere after I interacted with something that came from Morocco. Something told me to pass on it, but the gentlemen that I was talking to was rather convincing, so I decide to test it out since it seemed innocuous. Big mistake! Since entities have sought me out since they know who I am. Well, due to the fear that I didn’t show as well as the power that I displayed in the face of this entity that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, I was able to make it leave, and since I didn’t know if other entities were going to come through the portal as well, I was prepared for war and immediately got out of the bed and got dressed. The black bird appeared a little while before the large Senegal Parrots flew over the building that I was in and a little while before one of them flew by the woman’s window that felt her heart jump inside her chest. I happened to be in her bedroom at the time and caught a glimpse of the bird as it was flying by. These portals are open, so don’t be surprised if you encounter something like what I saw in my bedroom and like the Senegal Parrots that are active in Southern California.

The Dog On The Road

Ladies and gentlemen the birds aren’t the only strange phenomena that are people are experiencing because strange dogs that have never been seen before are suddenly coming out of nowhere and they are trying to stop people from going to church, and what I mean by that, is that people that are walking to church are suddenly happened upon by one of these dogs and it starts growling an barking and blocking their path, so they can’t walk down the street. These dogs want to stop the churchgoer from praises their God. These dogs don’t look like ordinary dogs and they are extremely vicious as well as brazen. There are certain things are going on in this world that have no rational explanation can be offered for, so keep your eyes open.

The Cargo Cult

The Cargo Cult that began during World War II or there about provides a modern day example of what our collective human ancestors’ response was when they witnessed aircraft for the very first time. I’m speaking about the aircraft that the Extraterrestrials were using to visit us humans on a regular basis immediately after “The Creator Gods” created the first human species out of the dust, which is described in the Genesis account. The Natives of New Guinea were so taken by the airplanes that were dropping supplies that they began to see them as gods since the technology was unlike anything that they had collectively seen before. The indigenous people of this region also made replicas of what they saw and they began to worship these idols or gods. We see the same thing in ancient history where early humans began to make replicas of the beings that they encountered. They also made replicas of their spacecraft just like The Cargo Cult did once they saw the aircraft during WWII. Now you can certainly listen to the Whitepaper Scientists that claim that Extraterrestrials and Extraterrestrial Manned Aircraft or E.M.A. don’t exist or you can listen to the brain that’s inside your head because they don’t know any more about what transpired millions of years ago than any of you. I am using this example that can be found in a movie called Mondo Cane since the modern day humans have been conditioned to watch movies and to see movies as their teachers since many of them have lost the ability to reason due to all of the garbage that has been thrown at them.

If this happened in modern times, is it remotely possible that it also happened in antiquity when the early humans saw Extraterrestrials as well as humans flying around in space crafts after the early humans learned how to build and pilot these aircraft that we see as replicas that were built thousands and thousands of years ago? Anyone that considers his or herself to be a sentient being must mark this question with a yes since the answer is obviously yes. Do not listen to those that are out to deceive you because they don’t have your best interest at heart since they wish to control your thoughts by telling you lies and by tricking you into believe that the humans that are in charge are the ultimate authority and that they control reality. Well, the gods that are visiting us modern humans and that were visiting the humans in the past already proved that they are wrong since they can’t stop the visitations since the technology is beyond their ability and their imaginations. So I aks that you find out more about The Cargo Cult because they’re not as crazy as some people claim. The Cargo Cult is also known as the Johnson Cult.

Supplemental information:  

This is another aspect of The Cargo Cult or the Johnson Cult that you might find interesting. Dorothy Billings clearly explains why the Lavongal people of New Hanover Papua New Guinea voted for President Lyndon B. Johnson. This will help you to understand why this group of humans shouldn’t be seen as completely bizarre or as subhuman as some people would like to paint them since us Westerners routinely write in the names of candidates that we want to vote for even though they aren’t on the ballot and even though the establishment continues to tell us sophisticated Westerners that we cannot vote for those candidates even though we want to give them the authority to make certain decisions on our behalf. Are Americans or Westerners that write the names of the candidates that they want and that they want to vote for any different from the people of New Hanover who wanted their leaders to do right by them and who publically shamed them by choosing someone else? Aren’t Americans or Westerners essentially shaming the Democratic and Republican candidates that are written on the ballot by choosing someone else since they don’t have any confidence in them to represent them in matters of importance and since they don’t feel that they’ll do right by them?

What say you?

The one that controls the dissemination of heroes and villains controls the world and this is what the Governments learned from the “The Sinister Gods” that taught us how to make war and to hate one another and to want to kill one another and to want to control one another.

“The Sinister Gods” corrupted the first human species with their DNA and turned them into slaves. This is a fact ladies and gentlemen and this is why we will never find the missing link since there is no missing link. The first species of human beings were corrupted by “The Sinister Gods” that infused them with their DNA and that turned them into slaves and that told them that they were their gods.

It is my contention that the Extraterrestrials were created by more than one God just like the humans were, and that the Extraterrestrials that are listed in the Genesis account as the Elohim and in the Atrahasis as the Annunaki, simply recreated what was done to them by their God or Gods when they created human beings.

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I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

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