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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Forty

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 06/22/2014

Night Visits

Today is yet another day in our paranormal lives and in an effort to please the gods as well as the man on the street let me plainly state that this is episode 40, and tonight I will be talking about a number of things that are affecting us as a species, and that are indeed classified as Mysterious Occurrences just like the Pine Bluff Arkansas Bigfoot incident that I talked to you about during Lyceum Of The Wolfe Episode Nineteen which was recorded on 11/28/2012. There has been another recent sighting that occurred about six months ago and I was contacted by William Dranginis from and I am happy to report that we now have a top notch researcher that will be gathering details about the Bigfoot sightings that are taking place in Pine Bluff Arkansas since Bill has already spoken to a UPS worker concerning the sighting that was witnessed by a number of people. So again that’s William Dranginis from that is going to be researching the Bigfoot sightings. Now in November of 2012 I explained that a man was sitting on his porch when a Big Foot suddenly crystalized right in front of him. The man stated that the hairs on his head became tight and that he couldn’t move. He also stated that the Big Foot turned and stared him dead in the face prior to moving on. This particular gentleman was absolutely freaked out by his uncanny encounter since he couldn’t move and since he was someone that had never believed any of the stories that had been told about Big Foot. This same man was also someone that never gave very much thought to anything that had to do with the paranormal; however, he received a rude awakening when the Big Foot suddenly materialized right in front of him. The victim wanted to tear down the front door to his house, however, he couldn’t move despite seeing the Big Foot that had just come out of nowhere prior to staring him in the face.

And now that I have given you an update on a story that I talked about in 2012, and that I provided a transcript for on my blog, and that many undoubtedly scoffed at since they don’t know any better, tonight I will officially begin the program by talking about “Night Visits.” These particular visits are carried out by a number of non-terrestrial or nonhuman entities which you’ll learn as we get further into tonight’s program. Now in order to ensure that you understand the message that is being delivered today, I would like to lay out the specific entities that are involved in the ”Night Visits” that terrified our collective ancestors and that continue to terrify the modern day humans that find themselves on the receiving end of these alarming visits.

During these visits that either happen while the person is fast asleep or that happen while the person is watching television or while they’re getting ready for bed; the non-terrestrial entity makes specific contact with the Designee which allows him or her to realize that they are not alone in the room and that something that they cannot readily see is stirring about inside their home.

Some Designees awake to find that their penis has been removed from their undergarments prior to it being placed in a state of examination. And some female Designees awake only to find that their legs are suspended in the air by an unperceivable source. Some Designees that never sleep on their stomach awake to find that they are lying face down and that the covers and their pajamas have been removed and placed in a corner of the room that’s several feet away from the bed, and others either find the covers and their sleeping attire at the foot of the bed or on the side of the bed where they know that they didn’t leave them. Other Designees awake to a presence that’s pressing them into the bed and that’s trying to smother them for an unknown reason.

And there are those that awake only to find that one of the visiting entities has turned on the light in the room and that they have left it on for an unknown reason and for an undetermined amount of time. Some Designees also feel as though they didn’t get any sleep at all since they woke up just as soon as they went to sleep, which is to say that they laid down at 10:00pm and the alarm clock went off at 5:00am or 6:00am which felt like only 15 minutes or so had passed sense the entity or the entities were constantly probing them throughout the entire span of time which kept the body responding to various forms of stimuli even though they were in a state of unconsciousness or sleep.

This is important so I’m going to repeat it.

Some Designees also feel as though they didn’t get any sleep at all since they woke up just as soon as they went to sleep, which is to say that they laid down at 10:00pm and the alarm clock went off at 5:00am or 6:00am which felt like only 15 minutes or so had passed sense the entity or the entities were constantly probing them through the entire span of time which kept the body responding to various forms of stimuli even though they were in a state of unconsciousness or sleep.

Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt as though you had just lain down when the alarm clock goes off and you cannot account for the 8 hours of sleep or for why you feel extremely tired when you know that you went to bed at a certain time?

Some Designees wake up in the bathroom and cannot remember how they got there or even using the restroom even though they’re sitting on the toilet. The non-terrestrial entities that are conducting the “Night Visits” are angels and matter-based demons and non-matter-based demons (i.e., invisible to the human eye) and devils and ghosts and wicked human spirits as well as Extraterrestrials or aliens.

Now notice that I did not say invisible to the animal eye because our cats and dogs and birds and other animals can see the visiting angels and matter-based demons and non-matter-based demons and devils and ghosts and wicked human spirits as well as the Extraterrestrials or aliens.

Ladies and gentlemen your cat or dog or bird can see the non-matter-based demons that you cannot see, so beware of their behavior because they can sense the supernatural.

I can also see the non-terrestrial entities and have been able to see them ever since I was in the crib sense I have sixth sense capabilities when it comes to matters of the supernatural and to the mundane as well.

Some Designees awake and find that they’re sitting up in the bed and their back and neck are stiff as if they’ve been in that same position for hours at a time. Some male and female Designees that sleep alone and that even have partners awake to being raped by matter-based demons and also by non-matter-based demons however sometimes they can’t cry out and their partner cannot see or hear what’s taking place right beside them. The non-terrestrial entities create an environment that’s like transporting the Designee into another dimension even though they’re still in the bed and next to their partner, and this is why the person that’s lying next to them can’t feel or see what’s taking place because it’s as if the Designee isn’t there, and if you’ve ever been in a room like I have when various portals have opened up simultaneously then you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. And this is why I don’t waste any of my precious time trying to convince the Skeptibirds and the Naybirds because they are so “Spiritually Dead” and have had their senses dulled to such a degree that they might as well be living in another dimension because they will never be able to comprehend the mysteries of the supernatural because they are “Paranormally Deficient” just like the WhitePaper Scientists that are foolish enough to think that they can control the thought patterns of every human that’s alive on the planet. This is simply impossible because some humans are in touch with the gods and cannot be controlled through technological means because the gods will not allow it. For example, there has been a long standing campaign by the U.S. Government and by “The Hysterical Media” which some call the mainstream media and which I call The 3Ms (i.e., the mainstream media mavens) to scare all Extraterrestrial contactees and witnesses into submission by calling them conspiracy theorists and nut jobs, however, the Extraterrestrials that are visiting this planet have caused them to defy the labels and the threats and to tell what they know not matter what the consequences might be. This can only be accomplished when one has had an encounter with a non-terrestrial entity.

Those that have had divine or supernatural or paranormal encounters will not be silent and will face a firing squad before they will lie about their encounters, which should tell the foolish Skeptibirds and the Naybirds something, however, they are “Paranormally Deficient” so they can’t help themselves just like the members of “The Hysterical Media” can’t very well help themselves since they are collectively spiritually dead, which means that matters of the supernatural or of the paranormal which includes the existence of Extraterrestrials escapes them. You should not put your faith or trust in these spiritually dead and “Paranormally Deficient” individuals because they are like a group of woefully ignorant insects that are pulling on the release mechanism of a grenade since they don’t realize the danger.

America is replete with the “Paranormally Deficient” and the fascist pseudo alternative media that’s supposed to be free and clear of mainstream media mavens have joined in their folly since some of them are nothing more than “Variety Shows” that are replete with commercials that often get in the way of the message, which is why my show is commercial free since I care more about you getting the truth than I care about the advertising dollars, which is why you should definitely tell your friends and family about my show since everyone is looking for the genuine article and for someone that will not bow down to the “Corporate Gods” that come with enticing gifts that are used as tool to prevent the general public from learning the truth about the non-terrestrial entities that are roaming our planet and that are invading our personal space while our elected male and female leaders stand impotent in the face of their awesome power.

So, remember that only the truth can save you because this is indeed a hunting ground and we are indeed the prey and this is why the “Night Visits” have continued even though the U.S. Government and “The Hysterical Media” continue to tell boldfaced lies about the existence of the Extraterrestrials when the ancients left records for the humans that would come after them and that would face the very same non-terrestrial entities that visited and that helped and that terrorized them.

Why is the U.S. Government and “The Hysterical Media” involved in matters of the supernatural and paranormal since there has been a separation of church and state?

The paranormal and the supernatural and ghosts and demons and devils are best understood by religious persons, so why are these secular entities involved in our business?

It’s because they know that it’s real.

Ladies and gentlemen I am not, and have not, and will not ask the U.S. Government or the  “Paranormally Deficient” members of our society, which include the WhitePaper Scientists and the Skeptibirds and the Naybirds and the pompous Fascist Pseudo Alternative Media and “The Hysterical Media” for disclosure because you see “The Creator Gods” gave me disclosure a long, long time ago and I’m sharing it with you the listeners and the readers, so I do not need another created being to tell me what I already know to be true because you see only children and the foolish spiritually dead members of our society need and ask other created beings to give them disclosure, however, Supreme Alpha Males like myself and that have already had contact with the aforementioned non-terrestrial entities will never beg the U.S. Government or “The Hysterical Media” to reveal the secrets that are not theirs to keep since the very non-terrestrial entities that they’re lying about, and that they’re trying to shield the general public from, are making contact with the general public on a daily basis despite the best efforts of those in power to conceal the truth since they know deep down inside that we are not alone and that we’ve never been alone and that the ancients weren’t insane and that us modern day humans aren’t any more invincible than they were when it comes to matters of the supernatural or to matters of the paranormal.

Don’t be deceived by the “The Hysterical Media” or by the “Paranormally Deficient” because some that were making the very same sounds as the toy in the movie “Deliver Us From Evil” were outside my home for 2 days as I stated on Twitter and it terrified my neighbor. Again some were making the very same sound as the toy in the movie “Deliver Us From Evil” and they were outside my home for 2 days as I stated on Twitter and it terrified my neighbor. The sound that I’m referring to appears in the movie when the head rolls off of the toy shelf while the little girl is alone in her room.

What would you do if something appeared outside your home and it was invisible and it was making the very same noise as that head that rolled off the toy shelf in the movie “Deliver Us From Evil?”

One of my female neighbors was so terrified that she thought about checking into a hotel as I mentioned on Twitter. Would you think about doing the same thing if something invisible was outside your home making that kind of noise for 2 day in a row? I did not think about checking into a hotel because I wanted to see what it was, however, it never revealed itself, but it left after the span of 2 days. So, it leaves one to wonder why it came in the first place if it wasn’t going to reveal itself. Perhaps it was to let my neighbor know that the paranormal is real despite what she might have heard somewhere else.

The supernatural is real folks and I’m going to provide you with some information that just might astound some of you.

Davao High School

The credible news agencies in other countries such as the Philippines routinely report on encounters with the supernatural since they aren’t trying to hide the truth from their citizens. Yes you heard that correctly so I’m going to repeat it. The credible news agencies in other countries such as the Philippines routinely report on encounters with the supernatural since they aren’t trying to hide the truth from their citizens. For example, a story that involves several high school age females becoming demonically possessed at the very same time will be reported just like a story that involves a corrupt politician that was caught lying and steeling prior to being sentenced to prison. The news agencies in the Philippines are comprised of a group of mature individuals like Blue Cordero who wrote the news article on Monday, September 10, 2012 that described the 20 Crossing Bayabas National High School Students that faith healers said were possessed by evil spirits that lived in the three Talisay trees that were cut down so the new building could be built. Professionals like Blue Cordero are dedicated to reporting all of the news and they don’t dare leave out the supernatural encounters. The supernatural will be reported just like certain activities that are detected at the Taal Volcano and just like companies or individuals that might be running kalesa businesses, which is the same as a horse drawn buggy that is used for tourism purposes.

You see typical stories like kalesa businesses share equal time with supernatural encounters because mature individuals like Blue Cordero are dedicated to bringing the general public the real news and since demonic possession affects us all as a species they aren’t afraid to tell the truth.

Now the police of course didn’t want to admit that it was demonic possession and nor did a psychiatrist that appeared on a radio station, however, the Church and other religious authorities know much more about demonic possession than the police and the psychiatrist since they’ve been dealing with the phenomena for thousands and thousands of years which is a heck of a lot longer than the disconnected field of psychiatry has existed and much longer than the western style of policing has existed, so their collective opinions are worthless since religious matters and specifically matters that deal with the supernatural are best left up to paranormal investigators like myself and religious figures like the faith healers and others that recognized what it was and that started saying prayers out loud as is described in the news report. The news report also mentions the fact that 56 students of another school called Compostela National High School were alleged to have also been possessed by evil spirits in August 2011. The news report mentioned this so that the reader would understand that this was not an isolated incident and that it had happened before. Now these 56 students also became violent and started ranting in front of their classmates and teachers and local officials. This phenomenon is real because you see I saw a demonically possessed black woman at a shopping mall yesterday (06/21/2014), but I’m not going to mention the malls name because it’s a popular tourist destination. In addition, I was sitting down when I felt something shove my head down, and when I became aware of it’s presence it left. I remained at the mail for several more hours after seeing the demonically possessed black woman and after the presence pushed my head down a little while after I recognized the fact that the woman was possessed. She was following a black woman that was holding a little boy and the woman was clearly afraid of her, however, when the demonically possessed woman saw me looking at her she became alarmed and left the area since the demons know who I am.

If you want the pure unadulterated truth about the supernatural then you are definitely listening to the right show and to the right radio host because I bring you Paranormal History 101W lessons in their rawest form since they are taken directly from the The Forbidden P Files of Human History that the “Paranormally Deficient” members of our society don’t want you to know about since they expose the truth and since they clearly show that we are not alone.

The road to bringing you the truth is a difficult one because not only do I have to contend with the less than thrilled “Sinister Gods” I also have to deal with the spiritually dead homo sapiens that wouldn’t know the paranormal truth if it knocked their block off since they have been socially engineered by the powers that be, which is why I will not attempt to deliver my content on a show that is replete with commercials since those that are not spiritually dead want to hear the truth without someone trying to sell them a product every few minutes.

In the few minutes that we have left together, I ask the question again. Why is “The Hysterical Media” or the mainstream media and the U.S. Government involved in matters of Extraterrestrials and supernatural entities when this is clearly a religious matter and when there has been a separation of church and state? We do not need the U.S. Government or the mainstream media to tell us anything about these things because this is outside their purview.

If the U.S. Government is dealing with something like this then they should come to us and then we will help them, but they should not come to us and try to tell us what’s out there.                           

-Carmichael Wolfe- Circa 2014                                                                                                                                      

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.


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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Thirty

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 08/24/2013

Two Types Of Demons

Tonight’s show will deal with a number of things, but to start I want to spend some time talking about the two types of demons that humans often encounter. Now there’s a misconception when it comes to who and what demons are. Demons are inter-dimensional beings and they either appear in physical form or they appear as an energy force that possesses a particular individual. Now this may come as a surprise to some of you since most Americans are only familiar with the Hollywood version of demons since this is what they’ve been taught by some of the media savvy paranormal investigators that they were in direct contact within the past century. However, the world is much, much larger than the United States of America and people in the U.S. and all around the world have had certain uncanny experiences with demons that have come in physical form despite what some of the American based paranormal investigators might try to tell you because you see there are numerous males and females that have been attacked by Matter-Based-Demons.

So don’t assume that all demons are the same simply because an American based paranormal investigator, that’s never even ventured into any of the other states in union, tries to convince you that they are because you see paranormal investigators in Africa and in India and in Mexico and in Malaysia and in other parts of the world have dealt with Matter-Based-Demons that have attacked and raped and killed humans. Plus ordinary citizens outside the United States have also reported these vicious attacks and their testimony is just as good as anyone else’s, so we cannot limit ourselves to the erroneous belief that demons are just sources of energy or an energy force that simply possesses a person because you see we’re effectively dealing with two types of demons and to assume that there is only one type of demon is to display a serious lapse in judgment since demons also operate outside human and animal bodies. I have seen the demonic forces that take on physical form and so have others, and I have also seen a number of people that have been possessed by the energy force that I described, so when I say to you that we have two types of demons that we’re dealing with, I’m speaking from personal experience.

Now there are a number of paranormal investigators that have only experienced one type of demon in their life time and they have therefore developed a myopic view of demons based on their limited exposure and based on what happens to be going on in the United States and in the circle that they dwell in and in the areas that they’ve delved into, but the United States is a big place as most of you know and there are things that people of different nationalities have experienced. For example, there are some things that African Americans have experienced that some of their white counterparts may not have experienced and the same thing can be said about Asians as well as Hispanics and Arabs and people from India and from different parts of the world, so we cannot simply limit ourselves to the belief that demons are only energy forces that possess people because this is what Hollywood portrays based on the paranormal investigators that they talked to and that were active during the 70s and the 60s and the 80s.

Ladies and gentlemen the 21st Century has changed the paranormal playing field because you see paranormal investigators like Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist” are now able to bring forth the truth without the approval or the blessing or the consent of certain people in Hollywood who base a lot of their decisions on a person’s physical characteristics, namely the color of the person’s skin. The 21st Century has also made it possible for everyone to learn anything that they want without being subjected to racism and sexism since the teacher cannot see the student in most cases unless they submit themselves to a webcam session. African Americans that are sophisticated enough to follow the lead of the whites that refuse to self-identify, and who specifically mark declined to state on their enrollment application, and that have traditional English names, have greatly benefited from learning online during The 21st Century since the instructor may not know their racial make-up unless they voluntarily provide it. This is why internet based learning is so important since it allows the student to learn without being subjected to the stunting effects of racism. Any man or woman regardless of race or religious creed that wants to learn certain things about the paranormal without being judged for who or what they are, can visit my paranormal blog at any time and they can also listen to my audio files by visiting Lyceum Of The Wolfe Radio.

Now in order to fully understand why you’re still in the dark when it comes to matters of the paranormal you have to realize that some of the people in Hollywood will not take the time to talk to someone that has a certain physical characteristic, and you can call it xenophobia if you will, but the fact is that some of the people in Hollywood have voluntarily limited themselves to individuals that look like them and that talk like them and that dress like them, however, there are other people in the world that are just as important as they are and that are just as important as the ones that they’ve talked to and they have something of value to say as well. These are the people that I’m most interested in listening to and that I’m interested in meeting with because they have a story that definitely needs to be told and I don’t care about their physical appearance or about their gender.

There’s a woman that was viciously attacked by a Matter-Based-Demon and this was not a possession. The demon was inside her bed and she felt the growling and the heavy breathing on the side of her and figuring that she was partially dreaming and half asleep and a little groggy she just brushed it off, but the growling and the heavy breathing became more intense which caused her to become alarmed. Now I say that she felt the growling and the heavy breathing because the demon that was lying next to her was an immensely powerful creature and the act of growling and breathing caused a certain amount of vibration which was felt by the victim because this is what she described, and since I have experienced the same kind of Matter-Based-Demon that causes one to move by speaking or by breathing or by growling in their presence, I knew exactly what she had encountered, however, a paranormal investigator that has never dealt with a demon that takes on physical form wouldn’t be able to comprehend what the victim is talking about and would therefore try to tell her what she did or didn’t experience, which is a clear sign of haughtiness.

Ladies and gentlemen I have experienced certain things of a paranormal or supernatural nature that would give the average man or woman an instant heart attack or that would leave them in a catatonic state, so when I tell you that something is going on, you can take it to the bank because we are not alone in this great big universe and nor have we ever been and some of the men that you think are men are quickly reduced to nothing more than quivering infants when they behold something that’s as terrifying as a Matter-Based-Demon that’s seeking sex and that’s bent on terrorizing us human beings. These demons are both male and female and they mean business just like the demon that I talked about awhile back. She was around in the time of King Solomon and she was strangling men during the night. Her name is Onoskelis.

Now the aforementioned victim eventually opened her eyes and she turned around only to find a pitch black demon lying on the side of her and the demon attacked her with great violence and he pinned her to the bed and he raped her despite her best efforts to get him off of her, and her encounter with the demon would be similar to a one hundred and fifteen pound woman trying to fight off a Silverback Guerrilla. The woman was wearing undergarments at the time and the demon removed those undergarments prior to savagely raping her. This was not a human being that did this. The attacker was an inter-dimensional being or a demon that was matter based and he raped the woman after she woke up only to find this type of creature inside her bed.

There are some paranormal investigators that hold the aforementioned myopic view about demons and that will try to tell you that what happened to this woman is impossible, however, they are mistaken because we as human beings cannot know everything that goes on in the world and no one has a monopoly on the truth, so if this woman tells me that she was raped by a Matter-Based-Demon that I know to exist and she shows me the sensitive parts of her body that were bruised because of the attack, who am I to tell her that she didn’t have this experience or the demonic encounter that obviously left her speechless and that changed her life forever? I know far better than to do something like that because I’ve had personal experience with demons and I know that Matter-Based-Demons exist, so if you’re a male or a female that has been physically attacked by a demon that did not possess you then you don’t want to talk to someone that holds a myopic view that suggests that demons are only something that comes from within and that simply possesses you and that a demon cannot take physical form because they are sadly mistaken and have not experienced the other side of the demon coin. This type of person can only insult you and they can also lead you down the wrong path.

These Matter-Based-Demons are real and they don’t all look the same because some are white and some are black and some are other colors as well as and I have seen them and others have seen them and I also have a family member that has seen them. Plus the kind of demons that King Solomon was dealing with and that he had power over were Matter-Based-Demons. So, don’t be deceived by those that want to control your thoughts and that also want to sell you their latest product because you see I’m not selling anything. I’m here to educate you, and this is why I have been conducting the Paranormal History 101W lessons.

I’m bring you The Forbidden (P) Files of Human History and I don’t need to claim that I’m the reincarnation of this or that person or that I’m related to a famous person in order to get your attention because you can tell that I’m an original by the things that I’m saying and by the things that I’m writing, however, some people are only famous because their family helped to establish the state of Texas or because their brother or their sister or their deceased aunt wrote a book before they were born or while they were still a child. I stand alone and am here to tell you that some of the American paranormal investigators that you’ve been listening to on various radio programs have never been outside the United States, so how would they know what’s going on in other countries and what other people are experiencing?

I had certain paranormal experiences in the United Kingdom that I wouldn’t have had, had I not left the United States in pursuit of “The Global Paranormal Truth” which consists of far more than just the experiences of a few Americans that had inexplicable access to “The Symbiotosaur” (i.e., the amalgamation of the pseudo alternative media and the mainstream media). I’m Centrist Media and I believe in bringing you a paranormal presentation that is all encompassing and that is meant to edify you because you see I can tell you with absolute certainty that the aforementioned Matter-Based-Demons do indeed exist within the United States of America as well as outside of the United States of America, and there are certain individuals that have been attacked by these demons while they were driving their car on a deserted road and the same Matter-Based-Demons have also attacked others while they were taking a swim and there are people that have witnessed the demon attacking the person and trying to drown them in broad daylight. There have also been witnesses to the same phenomenon that has also happened at night. There have also been certain situations where men have been working in the garage by themselves when they feel something behind them prior to turning around only to be attacked by a demon.

This sort of attack doesn’t happen as much anymore since men are no longer engaged in the same activities as their great-grandfathers and grandfathers and fathers and uncles and older brothers and cousins due to societal changes. There was a time when 8 out 10 men would be working on something inside the garage, however, there are only approximately 3 out of 10 men that are doing this kind of work today since a lot of men are too busy shopping with their girlfriends or playing videogames and don’t possess the knowledge of how to change a thermostat in a car or how to repair the plumbing or how to change a car battery or how to mow the lawn or how to add oil to the lawn mower or how to add fuel to the lawn mower or how to change the tire on a car or how to change the motor oil or how to change a waterpump or how to replace a radiator or what kind of clamps to use on a radiator hose or how to replace spark plugs and distributor caps and rotors or how to replace an ignition coil on a vehicle that doesn’t have a distributor cap. This kind of job generally consists of four to six bolts depending on the number of cylinders and the number of spark plugs and the overall design of the ignition coil. This sort of thing used to be part of American culture. What happened? Social Engineering which consists of a reversal of the roles and robbing men and boys of the very knowledge that was once possessed by the men that came before them.

Before I move on I want to tell you about the saddest thing that I’ve ever witnessed while living in America. A man had an eight year old daughter that developed a flat tire, and he didn’t know how to patch an inner tube, and the little girl was just balling her eyes out because she wanted to ride her bike. I went to the store and purchased some inner tube glue and patches and I also took my hand tools to his house, so the bicycle rim could be removed, and I taught the Caucasian stranger and his daughter how to repair and inner tube and I also explained to the father that he could purchase tubeless tires if his wallet would allow him to do so. The man was grateful and explained that he grew up without a father and that his mother wasn’t able to teach him any of the basic things that most boys know since she didn’t know them herself. Children need their fathers and the girl’s image of her father changed once she saw him working with his hands and solving her problem. I didn’t know the man, but saw that he was in desperate need of help, and that his daughter would eventually grow up hating her father since he couldn’t do anything about her problem. If you see a man or a boy that has been affected by Social Engineering and that is willing to learn the things that he was never taught by another man, then please take the time to teach him because he needs to understand that he cannot remove a radiator cap while an engine is still hot. I had to intervene because a boy that grew up without his father was told by his mother to add radiator fluid to the car since the engine was running hot. She had no idea how dangerous the task of adding radiator fluid could be since she didn’t know what was involved. Fortunately, I had a father and two grandfathers as well as uncles and an older brother and cousin that taught me the fundamentals. Plus I went to school, so I could learn more. I mention this because demons will often whisper things into the ears of those that don’t know any better and the consequences of being ignorant can be deadly. You take a baby for example. Who tells that baby to pull a hot pot of water down onto his or herself when the parent leaves the baby unattended? Ladies and gentlemen do not leave your kids alone because demons are known to whisper things into their ears. The mainstream media and the fascist pseudo alternative media aren’t going to tell you what’s really going on. What possesses an animal to attack the genitals of an infant? A ruthless human hating demon that’s controlling the thoughts of the animal and that has possessed it. This is why it is not safe for children to be around some animals. Why do animals purposely attack the genitals of infants if they don’t know what they’re doing? Why not attack the arm or the leg? Why is it specifically the genitals and why is more than one animal involved? Open your minds. This is not happenstance.

People have also been attacked by Matter-Based-Demons while sitting inside a deserted section of the library, which you’ll hear on the audio file that’s attached below.


During the broadcast I explain what transpired during the American Civil War since I’m fully dedicated to bringing you certain historical accounts that are not known by the general public and that have not and will not be reported by the fascist pseudo alternative media or by the mainstream media since they are indeed “The Symbiotosaur.”

Now during the American Civil War certain blacks were calling on “Papa Shango” who’s also known as “Chango” for those that don’t know. And despite all of the Hollywood movies that you’ve seen thus far and that depict blacks running and hiding and calling for Jesus while the whites are willfully massacring them. The aforementioned blacks that still retained their African roots were passionately calling on “Chango” while the Southerners were engaged in battle with the Northerners and the Southerners witnessed certain supernatural events while on the battlefield. The Southerners that fought during the American Civil War couldn’t explain their crushing defeat; however, the blacks knew what had happened since a number of courageous blacks were secretly calling on “Shango” who also goes by the name “Django.”

You see all the racial hatred in the world couldn’t help the Southerners that were defeated in battle because you see the Southerners were mowed down by armies of blacks and whites that couldn’t be killed or stopped despite their best efforts. The racist demonically possessed Southerners who were filled with racial hatred and who were also in love with the preposterous idea of keeping blacks in bondage, fired upon the advancing blacks and whites and they knew that they had hit them, however, they kept coming and the advancing armies destroyed the Southerners. They completely wiped the racist devils out because you see the Southerners were destroyed by “Shango” because this is who the blacks were calling on. During the conflict thousands of Southerners left home never to be seen or heard from again since “Chango” was waiting for them on the battlefield since the blacks had invited him to come and fight alongside them and to help the Northerners to prevail against the racist Southerners that were trying to keep them enslaved.

You see you hear a lot of things about the Civil War, but until you hear from someone that really knows what was going on in the background, you’ll never fully understand why the Southerners were so soundly defeated and why they could not offer an explanation for their catastrophic defeat.

“Shango” is the God of Fire Lightning and Thunder and he was on the side of the Northerners since the blacks called upon him. Now I’m sure that this is something that you’ve never heard before, however, I talked about it on Twitter, and am positive that you’ve never heard this particular account before because you see the black community holds a lot of secrets, however “The Symbiotosaur” won’t bring you the truth when it is presented to them since they only want you to maintain a certain view when it comes to African Americans. There are still a number of blacks throughout the Continental United States and all around the world that still believe in “Shango” so the Southerners can be foolish and start another Civil War if they want, but this time potbellies and an unquenchable thirst for Viagra and Niagra (i.e., female Viagra that treats female erectile dysfunction) since they can’t perform sexually without it, won’t be the only thing that the Southerners will receive as punishment from “Shango” because they will become an occupied people that have little to no rights and absolutely no guns to fight back with and home schooling and hunting will most likely be outlawed altogether since every aspect of the disobedient Southerner’s life will be controlled by the Northerners if they are foolish enough to start another Civil War that they can’t possibly win since they do not have the technological advantage.

The modern day Southerners that think that they can defeat the North by starting another Civil War are not dealing with reality and anyone that’s trying to convince them that they can win is an even bigger fool as well as an embarrassment to the South since the commencement of 1776 will mean that the Southerners will be crushed for the second time in American History.

The modern day Southerner should realize that he or she will be facing supernatural forces much like the plantation owners that met with an unhappy end because they were raping women and children and killing innocent men. The fact that many of the white plantation owners were a bunch of filthy male and female pedophiles is something that most Americans will try to hide, however, the aforementioned fiends were raping little boys and girls at will and the lady of the plantation was engaging in forced rape against the black male slaves as well as forced lesbian relationships with the black female slaves and the male plantation owners were raping black men, but you won’t hear this being discussed in the mainstream media or in the fascist pseudo alternative media for that matter, however, the black community holds a lot of secrets and know exactly what kind of racist filth existed back then and what kind of racist filth exists to this very day and that this is why there is so much child molestation and rape that’s taking place inside the white community. Everything that happened during slavery has not been written in the history books that were written by whites because African Americans still believe in passing things down orally. Plus there are and were many blacks that wrote books about what had happened, however, these historically accurate books were never published since the white publishing houses and many of the black publishing houses that feared the white publishing houses wouldn’t print the truth.

My grandfather on my mother’s side of the family was born in Texas in 1911 and he saw a lot of cruel things in his life. Plus his mother and father grew up in the racist South when black men and women and children were being raped and lynched at will. Yes, children were also being hung and mutilated and branded and raped out of their minds by a bunch of filthy racist pedophiles that had absolute power and control over them since they were living under a Totalitarian State. Radio hosts that constantly talk about a Totalitarian State, like Alex Lucifer Jones, won’t know what a Totalitarian State is until they live the life of a black man or a black woman that could be killed and raped by anyone that was white. These same male and female radio hosts will not know what a Totalitarian State is until every black person in America can stop them on the street prior to asking to see their papers. This is a Totalitarian State and until these pompous stentorian idiots have  a cruel plantation owner take their kids and sell them right in front of their eyes, which means that they will never see them again, they won’t know what a Totalitarian State is. The aforementioned radio hosts that are fond of talking about a Totalitarian State, which proves that they don’t know history, will also never know what a Totalitarian State is until they go to court to fight for their kids only to be told that the court doesn’t recognize a slave as having children. Belligerent radio hosts that claim to know history and that talk about the Totalitarian State without stating the real facts about the blacks that actually lived under a real Totalitarian State should go back to school because they’re as ignorant as a sack of unwashed cucumbers. Under a Totalitarian State one cannot choose his or her mate and must engage in sex at the pleasure of the slave master and any offspring that are produced are the express property of the slave master even though the slaves are the child’s biological parents. Do you know any racist radio hosts that are living under these conditions or that have lived under these conditions or that were emasculated since they were living under a true Totalitarian State?

Most people believe that slavery ended exactly when the history books say that it ended, however, this account cannot be believed because blacks were still being enslaved in Texas and in other Southern states as well as in places in the North.

During slavery certain blacks that didn’t fully accept Christianity and that weren’t afraid to practice the secret magic of Africa used it to punish the white plantation owners that were raping women and children and men and these bastards became impotent and their women became an orgasmic (e.g., they couldn’t reach a climax) which is a sexual condition that still exists to this very day, which is essentially why white women are secretly taking Viagra as well as Niagra. The curse of sexual dysfunction will not go away, which is why the makers of Viagra and Niagra will continue to get rich off of the Southerners incurable suffering since they will always require a sexual aid that will cut into their overall wealth and that will cause them to use some of “The Slave Money” that their families made in order to gain a normal sex life.

Some of the aforementioned plantation owners were killed by other whites or in black uprising since they were raping men women and children and since the black slaves used the secret magic of Africa against them. The blacks called on “Shango” and he dealt with the plantation owners. I decided to take the time to bring you “The Paranormal Component of The American Civil War” since it’s something that you won’t get anywhere else. Remember certain African Americans still believe in handing things down orally and will not share their knowledge with those that they consider to be outsiders.

I want the Southerners to understand why their losing their rights and why they’re being pushed around. You see every evil act that was done to blacks during slavery and afterwards is now being perpetrated against the Southerners, but the kicker is that the perpetrators look exactly like them and this is why they cannot stop them. Vengeance was called for and an army to carry it out, and who better than the ones that control the world. The Southerners should understand that resistance is futile since they can’t possibly win a second Civil War.

Ghostly Interventions

You will hear many paranormal investigators talking about ghosts and demons and some of them will even discuss UFOs and Extraterrestrials, however, many of them are just reading something that someone else has written since they haven’t experienced the things for themselves. The aforementioned paranormal investigators have done some research on the subject, however, the research that they’ve done and that they’re repacking is based on something that someone else has either said or written. What I’m bringing you is based on real life experience.

When I was a child I was studying for an exam while attending elementary school and I I knew that I had read over a particular passage and needed to study it again since there was an upcoming test, and I spent thirty minutes trying to find the page, however, I couldn’t locate the page as you’ll hear me discussing during the paranormal presentation. After becoming frustrated since I couldn’t find the page that I was looking for, I felt a strong gust of wind that suddenly came up behind me and the pages in the book just started turning by themselves and a light suddenly appeared and it highlighted the section of the book that I had been looking for. I gave the ghost an inaudible thank you since he had helped me by finding what I had been looking for. Due to the ghost’s help I was able to pass the test by studying the material. Ghosts have also helped those that are mechanically inclined or that work on cars after they have encountered a situation that they couldn’t figure out. Master Techs can tell you about their experiences with ghosts. The helpful ghost will give specific instructions and some people have been helped by a ghost simply whispering, “Turn it this way or turn it that way and it will come loose.”

When I was a kid I encountered certain situations that involved me not being able to find the keys to the house. I needed to leave, but couldn’t find the keys to lock up the house and all of a sudden the keys dropped on my foot. The ghost either hid the keys or went and found them for me and dropped them on my foot, so I would see them after doing an exhaustive search. The world is presently filled with ghosts and you have some good ghosts and some bad ghosts, and based on my experience, I can honestly tell you that there are some ghosts out there that will help you. I have spoken with people that have been in a medical setting and who couldn’t figure out how to help a particular patient prior to a ghost telling them what was wrong with the patient and what needed to be done to heal them. The things that happen in this world and that don’t get reported on the news are phenomenal. For example, you can be walking down the street prior to coming to an intersection that’s completely clear when a ghost grabs you by the arm and restrains you, so you aren’t hit and killed by a car that just came out of nowhere and that’s speeding down the street. This happened to me as a child and the ghost that helped me was acting as a protector.

You can be riding your bike like I was when I was just a child and disaster can be waiting around the corner when the front wheel on your bicycle seizes up or won’t roll forward. And due to the problem with the bike you get off of the bicycle to try to figure out what’s wrong when a big truck that doesn’t have any brakes comes charging down the hill right before running into a parked car. The wheel starts working again after the accident since you are no longer in danger. If I had not experienced a problem with the wheel I would have been instantly killed because I was heading in the direction of the truck. The bike never gave me any problems after that day and I was able to ride home two minutes after the accident since the bicycle performed as if nothing had ever happened to it. Moments like these teach one that there is much more to this life than we can ever imagine.

Have you ever been inside a restaurant when a voice tells you not to eat a particular item? Have you ever abstained from a food item that a ghost told you not to eat while everyone else ate it and became extremely ill? I have a friend that ate a particular item that I tried to tell him not to eat and he couldn’t hold water on his stomach for a least a month and he kept feeling as though someone were stabbing him in the heart. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Ghosts will often whisper a warning if the person is in tune, so be on the lookout for the helpful ghost that wants to help you avert disaster.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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