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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Eleven

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 08/08/2012

My Unexplainable Experience At A Hindu Temple

In this episode I explain what led up to my friend’s untimely death which was completely preventable if he had received the proper care. Raj was from Afghanistan and he was a Christian and he had absolutely no affiliation with the Muslims that hail from his country, however, he became ill shortly after 911 and he was mistaken for a Muslim due to his physical characteristics. Raj’s family was comprised of Christians and Sikhs. I was invited to honor my friend at a Hindu Temple since his wife’s side of the family is Hindu. Well, I experienced a presence that suddenly entered my body prior to completely wiping my spirit clean. I was jolted by this force and you’ll hear what transpired. Others experienced the same thing. I was speechless and haven’t had the same experience since. The feeling lasted for 30 days.

Dark Entities That Iraq Veterans Have Been Experiencing

You’ll hear what an Iraq veteran told me about the dark presence that has been following him ever since he served in Iraq. This particular soldier served in the Iraq war prior to being sent to Afghanistan and he started to experience a certain dark presence after returning home. I also spoke to a Mexican American soldier that had to move away from his childhood home after the same phenomena started to show up inside the home that he was sharing with his mother and with his father and with his younger brother. You’ll hear about the black mass that was trying to smother these soldiers. I haven’t had the chance to speak to anyone that has served in Afghanistan exclusively; however, I’d be interested in seeing whether or not they’re experiencing the same thing because this phenomenon seems to be related to the Middle East. The Mexican American soldier advised me that he had only served in the Iraq war and that he had never been to Afghanistan, and the Filipino soldier served in Iraq prior to being sent to Afghanistan and he was absolutely certain that the phenomena started after he served in Iraq. Plus he told me about several soldiers that had only served in Iraq and that were experiencing the very same thing. In addition, someone that had served during the Gulf War had told them about the phenomena since he had started to experience it after serving in the first Iraq War. We are not privy to everything that goes on, on the battlefield, so we must support the troops while keeping them in our prayers because some people have met with disaster just by visiting the Middle East. There’s much more to the story because some soldiers describe having strange people following them that seem to be otherworldly. I felt the dark entities that were surrounding the two soldiers that I spoke to, and you’ll have a chance to hear about these otherworldly forces that seem to be following them in addition to the black mass that started to torment them after they fought in Iraq. Iraq seems to be the catalyst.

The Extraterrestrials Classic Approach

The Extraterrestrials will provide the unsuspecting humans with certain statements that are true and that pertain to our world, and they’ll also furnish certain predictions that they know are going to come true. This will be done to gain the human’s trust; however, these Extraterrestrials are malevolent entities and they enjoy toying with our emotions and playing with our minds, and they will purposely produce signs and wonders that they know will captivate us since we enjoy looking at images while listening to sound. For further reading on the Extraterrestrials’ approach to Extraterrestrial-to-human contact. Please download my free Android App called “Guide to the EE” It will provide you with a complete list of the 22 Axioms. Also you can visit where you will find “Guide to the Mysterious EE” This is a larger version of the pocket sized version of “Guide to the EE”

Enormous Black Cats

The Extraterrestrials will use talking animals to communicate with unsuspecting humans and some of these animals will be large black cats that are the size of car tires, and thinking nothing of the unusual occurrence, certain humans will foolishly approach these enormous black cats not knowing whether or not they’re going to be attacked. These encounters happen late at night and since the cats are speaking to them in the English language or in whatever language they speak, the humans willingly approach them out of pure curiosity and they begin to carry on a conversation with these mysteriously large creatures that are being secretly controlled by the Extraterrestrial tricksters that have purposely placed them on the lawn or in the middle of the street for the lone humans to discover on their way home. And some humans have even invited the black cats to visit them again since they honestly believed in their heart that they had found a new friend. Stay away from these enormous black cats because they will attack without warning once they’ve successfully gained your trust.

Extraterrestrials Will Use Talking Appliances

I explain how some Extraterrestrials will use cloaking devices to purposely disguise themselves, and how they will begin to speak to humans through ordinary kitchen appliances like microwaves and like toaster ovens and like coffee pots. Some of the humans that have actually communicated with these Extraterrestrials that were hiding behind the aforementioned kitchen appliances have been medicated after speaking with their doctors who immediately referred them to a psychologist or to a psychiatrist. However, these humans aren’t crazy and they shouldn’t be on pharmaceuticals. They’re the unwitting victims of a group of malevolent Extraterrestrials that love to play tricks on unsuspecting humans. I’ve personally interviewed several people that this has happened to and I’ve gathered enough information to know that the Extraterrestrials are behind it because certain Extraterrestrial aircraft or UFOs are always seen in the area prior to the events. The space crafts will hover outside the victims’ homes for several nights before the Extraterrestrials will enter the home and before they will start to communicate with the humans through their kitchen appliances, and some humans have actually seen the Extraterrestrials once they turn off the cloaking device prior to exiting the home and prior to returning to their spacecraft. This is a cruel form of Extraterrestrial psychological warfare since the humans are terrified by these events and since they often stay up night after night while wondering whether or not their kitchen appliances are going to start talking, and while wondering whether or not it’s safe to use their chatty microwaves and their talkative toaster ovens and their loquacious coffee pots/coffee makers.

Extraterrestrials Will Provide Healings

I explain how certain Extraterrestrials will provide healings and how certain spouses have walked in on them and how some have been allowed to return to the bed while others have been attacked and pinned to the floor since they weren’t supposed to observe the surgical procedure. In addition, I talk about the humans being tracked and about additional procedures being performed if complications should arise after the first surgical procedure.

Extraterrestrials Have Claimed to Know Us From Past Lives

I explain how certain Extraterrestrials have claimed to know certain humans from a past life. However, these same Extraterrestrials won’t tell the humans how they know them. Plus they only seem to speak in riddles and in parables, never actually revealing the truth, and never actually answering the question directly. However, the benevolent ones will reveal the truth when asked certain questions, but the tricksters won’t tell the human anything other than they know them from a past life. And some of these aliens will even claim to be family members; however, they won’t explain why the human has a human body or why they have a reptilian body even though the human begs them for the answer. One must not give the Extraterrestrials the upper hand by letting on that he or she has a burning desire to know the truth because this only fuels their desire to trick you even more. If you should encounter a malevolent  Extraterrestrial that wants to play games with you, simply tell him or her that you’re not interested in being toyed with and to either tell you the truth or to go and bother someone else because you’re not interested in being toyed with or made fun of. The Extraterrestrial will either tell you the truth or they’ll make up a good story, but they won’t continue to press the issue since you’ve already made it clear that you’re not going to be played for a fool every time they decide to show up unannounced. The Extraterrestrials will do whatever it takes to keep the line of communication open because believe it or not they enjoy our company since some of us are like newborn babies when compared to their intellect. However, some of the Extraterrestrials will become annoyed if you ask too many questions because they want to control the situation and if the human keeps asking questions it tends to interfere with the game that they want to play. It’s best to be thought dumb because the aliens will start to reveal certain things on their own, but if you keep asking too many questions they’ll leave. This is what my investigations have revealed.

Extraterrestrials Reached Speeds Of 65 To 70 Miles Per Hour

I describe walking into a pub in Northwestern England where a certain group of people were talking about these cone headed Extraterrestrials that were white in color and that seemed to have blonde hair. The people describing the Extraterrestrials were Caucasian and they described the aliens’ eerie white skin that gave them the creeps since the creatures obviously weren’t human. The creatures were described as bipedal and between six to seven feet tall and they were said to be running through a field.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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