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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Twenty Five

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 03/27/2013

The Extraterrestrial Invasion

During my radio program I state that due to the lateness of the hour, and current world events, the Extraterrestrial invasion will not be televised. I repeat the Extraterrestrial invasion will not be televised, so you need not look to your favorite television personality for a heads up because a small scale Extraterrestrial invasion has already occurred and it has been underway for quite sometime despite the lies that you’re currently being told because you see the ubiquitous Extraterrestrial sightings and encounters are evidence of the small scale incursion that is currently taking place and that was playing out in North America long before Abraham Lincoln ever became president.

So, you’re simply being lied to as usual because we are not and nor have we ever been the only sentient life forms in the universe, and all one need do is to look to nature for the answers because you see we did not create the plants or the trees or the oceans or the volcanoes or the animals, so it stands to reason that there is a greater or higher intelligence that’s behind it all, and part of that intelligence has been visiting us on a constant and daily basis despite our advanced weapons systems which should tell us something. The Extraterrestrials or the gods are part of the advanced intelligence that is responsible for us being here and there are good Extraterrestrials as well as bad Extraterrestrials as I’ve said on different occasions as it relates to the Extraterrestrials providing healings without any answers.

Now I will go into what will happen if and when the malevolent Extraterrestrials decide to become violent after some of the human lead governments dare to defy the gods as some call them.

When the Extraterrestrials arrive on the scene no state in the union will be safe and men and women that have previously denied the existence of Extraterrestrials will beg for protection, however, none shall be found because every law enforcement officer that America has to spare will be thrown at the problem, however, it won’t be nearly enough because you see men and women will be dying by the hundreds of thousands every ten to fifteen minutes and thousands of fighter jets will be falling from the skies without being blown up because the Extraterrestrial conquerors and aggressors will deploy anti-oxygen weapons that will suck all of the oxygen out of the air after rupturing the cockpit and after destroying the pilot’s breathing apparatus. Now this weapon will have two phases. One will be to penetrate and the other will be to remove the oxygen which will cause instant death.

Now this is something for us to think about since we rely on oxygen, which is a system that was created by the greater or higher intelligence that we’re constantly being told does not exist, however, we did not choose to live off of oxygen, but this is the system that is unchangeable and we cannot live outside of the earth or in space without oxygen. Plus the trees were created to provide that oxygen, so we must ask ourselves whether or not there’s anything to what we’re being told about there not being a God or a higher intelligence when we did not choose to live off of oxygen, and when we ourselves did not create the trees that provide that oxygen. We must question what we are being told because it doesn’t make sense and the person that’s logical realizes this.

Now aside from what I’ve already told you regarding what will happen when the Extraterrestrials arrive, let me just say that Twitter and Facebook will be ablaze with frantic cries for help and the emergency system will fail due to the number of calls that will be coming through. Plus the US Capitol will be under constant siege and a number of men and women that are in the privacy of their homes will get a rude and unexpected awakening when a group of ruthless Extraterrestrial soldiers suddenly burst into their home prior to taking them away as prisoners and prior to killing several of the members of their family that are innocently taking a shower or watching television or eating dinner or playing videogames or playing with their dog or cat. However, this will just be the beginning because the Extraterrestrials will use anti-oxygen weapons against the Pentagon before using sophisticated weaponry to flatten the entire structure and every military base in America as well as the CIA Headquarters and the White House and the FBI Headquarters and all of the rest of the strategic structures will be under siege, however, the courageous men and women that call these structures home will fight to the death while the Extraterrestrials destroy entire cities while using directed energy weapons and while using meteors as weapons. The Extraterrestrials will also cause the oceans to rise which will kill millions, and they will also use volcanic eruptions to destroy millions of lives and men and women that haven’t gotten the news will be dancing their hearts out when the Extraterrestrials attack their nightclubs and their elegant restaurants like a fast moving tornado.

These individuals will not know what hit them; however, they will come face to face with their greatest fears once they see that which they were previously told did not exist and could not exist. This is the very reason that people like myself are trying to warn the unsuspecting humans that we are not alone in the universe and that there is something out there that’s far greater than we are as far as technology is concerned and as far as life span is concerned. We are but one group that calls this universe home and we should realize this and we should open our eyes and ask ourselves whether or not we are being lied to and whether or not we are being lied to as a way to control us and to cause us to become atheists because this seems to be what it’s all about, however, the evolutionists cannot find a reason for Gigantopithecus; the Great Ape that weighed some twelve hundred pounds and that was around when modern humans were around. Gigantopithecus lived when humans lived and this ape did not evolve and we did not evolve from Gigantopithecus. The National Geographic site says that we possibly coexisted with this particular primate who’s a contemporary of the humans that lived back then, and other places say that we interacted with this ape, so how can evolution be correct? Also, The Woodland Texas Scientists recently stated that we were lied to or that we were given incorrect information and that an asteroid did not hit the earth and that it was a comet and that it was not as wide spread as we were previously told, which is something that I’ve known ever since I was a child because you see I studied science and I was scolded because I was able to think outside the box, and didn’t just accept what I was told, which is what everyone should do. Everyone should question, and if you have an idea, and you know something to be correct then you shouldn’t be afraid to let it be known, and the teachers and scientists should be able to accept it instead of holding onto a bunch of lies that were told by a historical figure named Charles Darwin.

If we continue to do this then we will never get anywhere and you will continue to believe that we’re alone in the universe, however, you will get a rude awakening because lightning will be used as a weapon and so will thunder since thunder disorients and the Fire Department will be busy trying to put out all of the fires that have been started by the advancing Extraterrestrials, however, they will be attacked from the air and from the ground by legions of Extraterrestrial Entities that are claiming America for themselves. Hear me well they will be claiming America for themselves, and the National Guard will be overrun while trying to protect the state dignitaries that have taken refuge in Sacramento, and the federal officials that retreat to their underground bunkers will be introduced to an anti-oxygen weapon that will cause them to drop like flies, and while all of this is going on there will not be a dry eye in the newsroom because the members of the mainstream media that have laughed at the individuals that were trying to warn them about the Extraterrestrials will be begging and pleading with Extraterrestrials that are dispatching their friends and colleagues by the dozens.

Yes, when the malevolent Extraterrestrials attack it will be a planetary affair because some countries will choose to fight while others will give up without firing a single shot, however, the men and women that call America home and that believe in God will realize that they are fighting against the armies of Satan and they will fight to the finish while others are being put to sword without lifting a single finger in defense, and once the skies are filled with darkness due to all of the explosions that have been caused by the unprovoked attack the humans will have to make a decision whether to give up and accept their roles as slaves or to fight to the very last man, and while the Christians mount an offense against the Extraterrestrials because they would much rather die than to bow to the army of Satan, as they believe the Extraterrestrials to be, a great deal of atheists and evolutionists and law enforcement officers will be slain while their partners hide inside their offices while waiting for the Extraterrestrials to relieve them of duty.

The invading Extraterrestrial Army will not show the humans any mercy because they will kill young and old alike, and large portions of the United States will simply disappear right along with the tanks and the military personnel that will try to defend the land once the American lead government refuses to surrender and to bow before the Extraterrestrials that we were told didn’t exist. However, we know better than to accept this lie because we know that us humans did not create the seas or the creatures that call them home.

Ladies and gentlemen It is only a matter of time before the Extraterrestrials arrive and the Vatican has already given you all of the information that you will ever need, however, if you continue in your disbelief, you will be frozen with fear and your body will be cremated after you are hit with an anti-oxygen weapon since the gods or the Extraterrestrials know how to stop us since they created the very system that keeps us alive.

We must hand them a pyrrhic victory if and when they decide to attack, and we must use any and everything that’s at our disposal because they will not show us any mercy since we are nothing more than toys with a lot of noisy opinions. Remember I already told you that the Extraterrestrials view us as being nothing but toys or as playthings, so why would they show us any mercy? This is what we have to remember because the Extraterrestrials are real despite what the skeptics and the naysayers might have to say. And using physics that is something that they did not create, and trying to apply it to everything, and saying that well since we can’t move faster than the speed of light, then the Extraterrestrials can’t do it either, is to take an anthropocentric view of the world, and the men and women that make such statements are nothing more than howling anthropoids because they have not engaged in a rational debate. They are not interested in engaging in a rational and disciplined discussion that will require them to answer a set of difficult questions that they cannot answer because math cannot answer all of the questions and just because human beings may not move faster than the speed of light does not mean that a higher intelligence cannot because if we did not create the oceans and if we did not create the lava then how can we say what cannot be done when we are nothing more than created beings that are observing someone else’s creation?

The attack will happen when we least expect it, and many of us will be in the laundry room while others are barbequing or getting a haircut, and the attack could quite possibly take place during the next Super Bowl or it could even take place while some of you are at church or while we’re in the grocery store or while we’re at school or while we’re taking a nap or a siesta or while we’re sitting in front of our computer or while a popular radio host is conducting his show or while an anchorman or an anchorwoman is announcing the news. The thing is. We just never know when the Extraterrestrials are going to attack, or when they’re going to show up, however, they are eventually going to come to the planet earth in large numbers and we are either going to accept their arrival or we’re going to tell them to leave which will start an all out war that we won’t be able to win since they have the technological advantage as well as the numbers. The aliens may have as many as 20 billion soldiers that they can bring to our planet. This is something that is not being discussed because no one knows what their troop strength is, however, if they bring 20 billion soldiers to our planet we cannot match these numbers, however, we can choose to fight to the finish and we can also take a page out of the book of Frederick Douglas because he’s the one that said, “Power concedes nothing without a fight.”

So, I ask you on this March 27th 2013, what will you do when the Extraterrestrials come for you and yours? I already know what I’m going to do because you see as a Supreme Alpha Male and as an Historian and as a Sentient Intellectual as well as someone that was previously known as, “The Stygian Scientist,” that dared to stare into the telescope of the gods who gazed back when he was just a child and when he was first given the name, “The Stygian Scientist,” due to his excellent test scores in science; I say that we should fight to the finish if the malevolent Extraterrestrials should decide to attack, and that we should show them that we are no longer children, and we shouldn’t stop there either, for we should also put up the kind of ferocious fight that will shake the very house of the gods forever, and we should also go down in history as the cantankerous and earth dwelling and unrepentant homo sapiens that gave just as good as we got.

What say you dear friends? What will you do if the Extraterrestrials decide to become hostile and attack us once they show up?

Now I ask the aforementioned question because you see the Vatican has been releasing certain statements because they are fully aware of what’s going on and they do not rely on NASA to give them data. They have their own telescopes and there have been many that are part of the Catholic faith that have talked about the Extraterrestrials. They are all but pleading with you to acknowledge the existence of something that is greater than yourself and we don’t mean or they don’t mean the Government because we all know that the Government is a large entity and that they are here to protect us, however, we must acknowledge the fact that something else that’s beyond this earth has been visiting us and that it is responsible for us having the trees as well as the creatures that are in the sea. We did not create any of those things, so how can we say what is or isn’t out there? We would be fools to do so. And I’ll tell you this. If the individuals that are running the world and that are committing such violence against their fellow man are the only thing that’s here then there’s no hope for us, and if they are the only authority then what shall we say other than perhaps we’ve been abandoned on this planet, but I know better than that. I know that the corrupt individuals that are committing all of this violence against their fellow man and that are responsible for those in Africa starving to death, are not the only power because you see what’s not being told to you is that the reason that the people in Africa are starving to death is because certain people from Western Nations are going there and taking the best for themselves. The same thing is happening in certain parts of India, so you can’t tell me that we need people from the western civilization to go over there and to teach the Africans how to farm and how to grow plants that are fit to be eaten when they existed long before the western civilizations came to power. See this is something that no one ever thinks about. Why would you need someone to come over there and to teach you how to grow vegetables when you existed long before the Europeans ever came to power? See this is why the pursuit of every person on the planet should be, “Intellectual Wealth,” and you gain, “Intellectual Wealth,” by obtaining a higher level of education.

One must pursue, “Intellectual Wealth,” despite the fact that there might not be a job once the degree is finally earned because it is better to have knowledge than to not have it. Plus you need to develop a set of tools to take with you into the next life. The goal is to obtain a higher station in the next life and you can do this by obtaining a higher level of education and by being a freethinker because you see if someone can keep you in the dark it will have implications in the future and in the next world to come.

The Extraterrestrials have already shared this information with certain people and they are coming here to help you understand that you are descended from the gods and that you did not come from a single cell lower life form. The Extraterrestrials realize that certain people want to keep you in the dark and that they don’t want you to know that they exist, and they are trying to help many of you to see past the duplicitous scheme that has been played on you. The so called evolution of man is the duplicitous scheme that the aliens are trying to help you to see past because man did not evolve as you’ve been previously told; however, it is up to you whether or not you want to believe in a creative fairytale. I do not follow fairytales and I never will because you see the WhitePaper Scientists/Artificial Intelligence Operatives cannot create entire planets out of Ex-nihilo so how can they possibly tell you and I how we came into being when they did not create us and when they must also grow old and die just like the rest of us? I reject evolution because simply knowing how this or that might work doesn’t mean that you can assume the position of the Original Intelligence because you will never be the masters of the universe because you are Artificial Intelligence.

The atheists and the evolutionists and their devoted disciples that worship Charles Darwin as their god, and who refuse to acknowledge the fact that they don’t have all of the answers, and that math can’t explain everything, can believe whatever they want, however, they cannot stop death which is something else that they did not create and that they don’t have any control over just like they don’t have any control over the moon or the sun or the stars.

Only racist lunatics that are clinically insane believe that they are superior and that there is nothing that’s above them and that they have all of the answers and that they can assume the role of a deity simply because they know how to manipulate some of the elements, however, they will one day come face to face with that which they cannot deceive and these malevolent entities will teach them that they are not God and that the color of their skin means absolutely nothing since they cannot remain alive without oxygen. They are but mere mortals that are playing a dangerous game of chess with the real masters of the universe and they will eventually lose since they are ill equipped.

Now if and when the Extraterrestrials decide to attack upon their eventual arrival; there will be thousands of battles in the streets and cars will be blown up and buses will be overturned and bridges will collapse due to the meteors that will be hitting the earth and due to the lightning that will be striking the buildings. The lightning will be hitting buildings and toppling them. The high rise buildings will come crumbling to the ground due to the impact of the meteors and due to the buckling of the steel that will be caused by the force of the lightning. The attack will be nothing short of devastating and it will be so gruesome and so powerful that it will be something that the humans will never forget for as long as they live since it will haunt them for the remainder of their days. There will be no let up until the humans submit.

However, the human leaders could always decide to introduce the Extraterrestrials to the general population and they could also say that the aliens are our friends and we can either choose to accept their explanation or we can give them a pyrrhic victory since we will not be in control of our own lives even though they will help us rebuild if and when they attack our planet. We will be an occupied people and they will have troops everywhere and they will also have drones of their own and any human that doesn’t comply with their wishes will be dispatched and this is why it is in your best interest to realize that the Extraterrestrials exist and I encourage you to watch what comes out of the Vatican in the coming months and weeks and days and years because the Extraterrestrials will institute a totalitarian system if they become hostile and if you don’t decide to resist them from the very start of the conflict.

The heavens spoke when the Pope stepped down and when the new Pope took over and the language came in the form of a lightning strike.

Lastly, Atlantis sank or was sunk because the Extraterrestrials used celestial bodies to damage the surface and if they bring 20 billion soldiers to our planet we will be in for one hell of a fight and the bloody evolutionists and the atheists won’t be able to save us or themselves because they will be too busy trying to find a place to hide from the destructive force of the Extraterrestrials who will be conquering and crushing dreams and turning human beings into Eternal Protoplasmic Projections.

Now let me just state for the cosmic record that I have no quarrel with my fellow man, however, I will not be a slave to the Extraterrestrial Entities if and when they decide to attack, and I will also not go quietly into the night like the ubiquitous Beta Males that despise us courageous Alpha Males since we believe in justice and since we also vehemently oppose the malevolent entities as well as the evil men and women that worship them and that serve them day and night.

We will be up against insurmountable odds, however, before some of you begin to lose heart prior to the coming war with the Extraterrestrials should they decide to attack without warning, let me just say that you may indeed find yourselves fighting alongside an angelic being because they can take on the form of human beings and are and will be here to help us.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? What did you think would happen?

Listen to the audio file that is listed below.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Thirteen

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 09/05/2012

The UFO Hotbed That’s Known As Redlands California

In this episode I mention the little known fact that Redlands California is a UFO hotbed. We often hear people talking about Sedona Arizona, however, Redlands California is a place where one can see some real life California based UFOs because you see many of the Extraterrestrial space crafts that are operating in this particular area are mother ships and as I mention during this particular episode we have no way of determining their troop strength, however, before we get stuck on the subject of troop strength let me advise you that there’s much, much more to be considered than just their possible troop strength because you see some of these mother ships that I and others have observed seem to be equipped with weapons because we have observed certain oval shapes that have instantly lit up and that can only be lasers or another type of energy based weapon since they are completely different from the other lights that are used to shine light on the fuselage. In addition, these rather large space crafts have the ability to maneuver just like smaller crafts that are designed for combat, so it stands to reason that these Extraterrestrial space crafts are designed for more than just exploration because you see we have observed certain UFOs that look just like battleships or like warships as I explain, and with the intense lights that can only be indicators of lasers or indicators of high velocity weapons, one would be a fool to dismiss the presence of these Extraterrestrial crafts that don’t seem to be bothered by the fact that they’re entering the zone of a Superpower that’s armed with sophisticated weapons and with sophisticated air craft of its own. And as I state during my episode I’m not really sure why the media as a whole doesn’t camp out in Redlands California because the sightings take place on a regular basis and many of the residents have become terrified of these non-terrestrial spaceships that they know are of Extraterrestrial origin since we as human beings instinctively know when something is manmade due to our unique human signature. Now in order to fully comprehend the illusive Extraterrestrial phenomena that over twenty million people have reported experiencing, one must begin to listen to more than just those that have been researching and talking about the things that transpired some fifty to sixty years ago because what’s more pressing is what’s taking place right in front of our faces in September 2012 because this particular paranormal activity is increasing in frequency for a yet to be determined reason. And as a sentient individual that used to fly Cessna 152s and 172s I’m bringing you eyewitness testimony that’s just as credible as the men and women that reported seeing UFOs and Extraterrestrial Beings some fifty to sixty years ago because you see we aren’t the only life forms that have experienced advances in technology and it is quite possible that certain warlike Extraterrestrial species have been engaging in a secret arms race with the human lead governments because why else would the humans feel the need to develop sophisticated weapons that can be used to destroy entire nations when no one else on the earth possesses this kind of power? Could they be for someone else that’s more power than all of the Third World nations combined? Let us employ a little deductive reasoning before we simply dismiss what we don’t fully understand because we as human beings get the same awful feeling while observing a UFO that we get while encountering a ghost; we experience a feeling of wanting to jump out of our skin and the feeling could last for up to thirty minutes; this is the fight or flight reflex which tells us that the phenomena is real since the body never lies while our electronic equipment often fails in the face of the paranormal phenomena that it was charged with capturing.

The 1930’s Male Ghost That Was Looking For A Corpse Reviver

During this episode you’ll hear what happened to me and a female classmate one summer while we were cavalierly sitting inside a local park while discussing a number of the popular television shows that had captured our attention at the tender age of eight years old. My friend suddenly took off running and I immediately launched into an investigation which involved me searching the ground for a spider or for a swarm of ants or for anything that could make an eight year old girl flee the scene without warning, however, I didn’t find anything prior to encountering the male ghost that was the reason for her departure. I describe what the male ghost was wearing and what he was looking for as well as my reaction. This particular ghost touched me on the left shoulder prior to asking where he could obtain a Corpse Reviver, but that’s only part of the story because you’ll also hear what happened when I caught up to my friend that took off running before leaving me with the ghost that was wearing a 1930’s back belt suit. My experience at the age of eight years old with the mysterious Caucasian male ghost that was from a different era was absolutely terrifying, but I managed to get through it and to live to tell you about it.

An Experience With A Child Ghost On 8/22/2012

I was simply minding my own business while standing in my kitchen while preparing a hamburger at a little after 11:00AM and all of a sudden something caught my attention and it was a child ghost that was wearing a gown that little girls routinely sleep in. My immediate reaction was one of alarm and I felt as though I wanted to jump out of my skin, however, the child ghost took off running down my hall way, however, I didn’t follow her, but what I felt was that she was smiling at me prior to running off and I could tell that she was a white American female ghost that had possibly died during the 1800s. Ghosts are often attracted to us humans for reasons that aren’t readily understood and all we can honestly do is to accept the fact that they’re there and that they want to communicate with us.

The Imp That Stole A Child’s Chocolate Bars

I explain how I was sitting outside the library prior to a child approaching me and saying mister I want to tell you about something that happened to me and that my parents won’t believe. I describe my initial reaction as well as the things that the child told me, and what the child told me is that an Imp stole his chocolate bars that he had purposely hidden. Now this particular child was around nine years old and he clearly stated that he had seen the Imp on several different occasions prior to his chocolate bars being stolen, and he also described the male Imp as being approximately four feet to four feet and a half inches tall and he said that the Imp was wearing a green button up vest and a tan shirt and a pair of dark gray pants. Plus the Imp had funny looking teeth as well as curly hair and the child awoke to his presence and he said hey when he saw the Imp inside his room, however, the Imp fled with his chocolate bars before he could get out of the bed and try to stop him. One thing to remember is that as children we often have some weird and unexplained experiences and since our well-meaning parents have gone to sleep due to societal conditioning they often don’t believe us even though we’re telling them the honest to God’s truth, however, I accepted the testimony of the child that had sandy brown hair and striking blue eyes even though his parents attributed his statements to an imaginary friend that he had yet to outgrow.

The Visitors

I explain what used to happen to me when the male and female visitors would come around and how I would be followed by the visitors that would tell me their life’s story and that would ask certain questions of me that I always seemed to have the answers to at the age of seven years old. The vast majority of the visitors were Caucasian and they were professional people and sometimes they were even in their twenties although most of the visitors were a lot older and well established in their professions. None of the mysterious visitors appeared to be drunk; they just seemed to know that they needed to talk to me for some reason and that they needed to share their life’s story with me, and all of the visitors seemed to exhibit a since of relief after talking to me and after receiving the answers that I would give to them, and at first it was absolutely terrifying, but I soon figured out that they were being sent to me for a reason and since none of them were threatening I didn’t mind the visits which sometimes took place while I was on the merry-go-round and many of my school aged friends would asks who the visitors were, however, I simply said I don’t know because they never gave me their names. Now aside from what I’ve mentioned thus far, I must tell you that some of the visitors seemed angelic at times or otherworldly, but most of them were definitely human and the only difference between the two types of visitors, is the fact that the ones that seemed angelic had a certain type of glow about them, however, they still looked like an ordinary white American, so I didn’t mind speaking with them since our conversations seemed to bring them instant relief. And sometimes these individuals would talk to me for hours at a time and I couldn’t seem to break away until they had finished giving me the information and until I had given them the answers that caused their faces to light up. Well as you can certainly ascertain from some of my previous episodes a great deal of my childhood experiences have been absolutely remarkable and I explain how the visitors would keep coming around until they had a chance to talk to me and how I would be followed in the grocery store by these total strangers. Plus you’ll hear how I tried to avoid the visitors while visiting the library. In addition I explain what happened when a seventy year old white woman entered my place of employment when I was a teenager. The woman talked to me for approximately two hours and she told me that she knew that the judgment was coming and that she wanted to make sure that I didn’t make the same mistakes that she had since she had hurt a lot of people in her life and since she regretted her actions. I never saw the woman again after that day and I was so drained after speaking to her that I had to leave work early. I had never seen this particular woman prior to her showing up at my place of employment and she seemed to lock onto me like radar and it was the same with the others and it was a little freaky when it first started to happen because the visitors seemed to know exactly who I was and where I would be on any given day and this is why I couldn’t get away from them. And just yesterday a man came up to me at the gas station and I could tell that he was one of the visitors and he had a long black beard and a pale white face and he didn’t talk to anyone else at the gas station except for me and everyone was looking at me like who is this man and why has this unusual stranger approached him. My paranormal encounters are endless.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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