Lyceum Of The Wolfe

Well known tweeter, blogger, and author Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist” launched Lyceum Of The Wolfe on 5/25/2012 as a way to bring forth the truth about “Paranormal Activity.”

Lyceum Of The Wolfe is a one of a kind internet radio show since the paranormal experiencing and investigating host Carmichael Wolfe “The Eclectic Novelist” brings forth real life encounters with the paranormal and with “Paranormal Entities” such as Extraterrestrials. The host also describes seeing UFOs as well as incidents that he’s personally investigated. 

Throughout the “Mysterious Occurrences” series listeners will learn about the mysterious white being that has been primarily visiting African Americans, and they’ll also find out about the role that he played in the case of an African American that was forced to kill a white supremacist that was trying to take his life. In addition, the listeners will learn what happened when the host and one of his colleagues went to investigate a haunted house. This is mentioned in the first episode that was done on 5/25/2012.

Listeners that go through each episode will also find out about the ongoing communication that the host has been having with those that are beyond this realm. Listeners will also find out about the unique method that the entities are using to communicate with the host. The communication involves a set of numbers that have an unmistakable historical meaning.

The unique audio files that are being produced by the host will explain the connection between dead humans and UFOs and Extraterrestrials. In addition, listeners will learn about the paranormal activity that surrounded the creation of The Playground ISBN: 1608447669 which is the host’s current novel. Plus the host will describe what happened while he and a female that he knows were reading The Demonologist by Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Lastly, the audio files will reveal secret communications that the Extraterrestrials were having with certain African Americans throughout the turbulent 1960s and 1970s when blacks were being actively oppressed while living in the United States.

About the host:

Carmichael Wolfe became a teenage paranormal investigator after his high school biology teacher played some audio recordings in the class room that had clearly captured the voices of the dead. The audio recordings were made at a cemetery and there was a young woman that was approximately twenty to twenty one years old based on the sound of her voice and their closeness to her age and she was saying, “Where am I. Someone help me. I’m scared.” And there were some older voices that were coming to her aid and they sounded like men and women that had died in their 40s 50s and 60s and they were saying, “Don’t worry everything will be all right.”

The older voices were clearly coming from a group of humans that had clearly been dead for quite some time and that had heard her calling out for help since she was still trying to figure out why she was no longer with her parents and why she was in a cemetery without anyone that she knew. The older spirits had clearly gotten past the shock of being separated from their loved ones.

The host became fascinated with the unknown and he has personally experienced unexplainable events as well as investigated them, and the audio recordings describe his personal experiences as well as the mysterious occurrences that are happening each and everyday, and that are being investigated by himself and by others like him.

The host has an A.A. in Theology and a B.A. in History and a Certificate in Business Management and he’s spent countless hours studying symbols and he also wrote an article called History of the Swastika prior to the Nazis. The article can be found on and also on Google.

The Swastika was used by the Greeks to symbolize their god Apollo, and it was also used by the Romans as the symbol for Jupiter, and the Scandinavians used it as the symbol for Thor’s Hammer.

In addition, ancient black Jews and Egyptians and Africans also used the Swastika since it was never associated with hatred prior to its misuse by Hitler and the Nazis. And Africans also tattoo the Swastika on their bodies to this very day since it is a symbol of fertility. Americans also used the Swastika prior to WWII and there’s a Stone Age Cave painting that’s 10,000 years old and that depicts the Swastika. At one time the Swastika was used by just about every civilization on the planet and by cultures that had no idea that the others even existed and the only way that this could have been accomplished is if they were all visited by the same source of intelligence or by an unmistakable group of Extraterrestrial Entities that host describes as The EE.

The host created an Android APP with the title “Guide to The EE” and you can download the APP for free.

Since some humans, including human governments, believe that Apollo and that the other Greek gods are going to return, and that they’ve been sending unmanned drones down here to spy on the humans, one can only wonder whether or not Hitler and the Nazis were deliberately trying to usher in the return of the gods, and whether or not this was the secret motivation for bringing back the symbol that had been previously used by all cultures? If the Nazis had succeeded in conquering the world everyone would be displaying the symbol for Apollo since the Nazi flag would be everywhere. Most of us know that the Nazis had contact with an unnamed Extraterrestrial species. But, could this same Extraterrestrial species have been the guiding force that was behind the Nazis adding the Swastika to their flag and subsequently trying to conquer the world through force? We know their explanation for using the Swastika, but can we really believe it, given the lies that they willfully told about the European Jews?

Below you will find a link to the Lyceum Of The Wolfe radio program.

Link for my website:

Link for Media Syndicate article: History of the Swastika prior to the Nazis

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