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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Fifteen

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 09/25/2012

What To Bring To A Paranormal Investigation

In this episode I explain that one should bring a note pad, two pencils, a manual pencil sharpener, a digital camera, and a recording device, and I specifically don’t mention bringing a ballpoint pen for the following reason. You see my paranormal encounters have taught me to only rely on wooden pencils and on manual pencil sharpeners since I’ve had several writing pens fail on me once the paranormal entity comes on the scene. There is something that takes place between the paranormal entity and between the ink and this phenomenon causes the ink to seize up. Now the disturbance in the ink doesn’t always happen, however, there have been numerous occasions where perfectly functioning pens that were tested beforehand and that were brand new wouldn’t work. This happened when I first started conducting investigations/experiments as a child and it continued as my work progressed into my teenage years and into adulthood. Wooden pencils don’t fail; however, electricity can be affected by the presence of a paranormal entity, so this is why I suggest bringing a manual pencil sharpener since it works off of motion. I was innocently exploring the inside of my mother’s elementary school classroom at the age of eight years old and I was abruptly alerted to the presence of an Eternal Protoplasmic Projection, and the revelation took place right after I noticed that the electric pencil sharpener that I had just finished using wasn’t working. I checked to make sure that the cord was firmly plugged into the socket or into the receptacle and it was. I also looked around the room to see if the power had gone off on one side of the room and if this was possibly the reason for the inoperable pencil sharpener and when I looked up after examining the receptacle for the second time the ghostly outline was standing right next to me; however, he didn’t utter a word and he quickly disappeared as I innocently reached out to try to touch him since he was standing so close and since I was curious about the texture of his form, and after he was gone the pencil sharpener started to work again. The temporary interruption of the electricity happened three additional times as the ghost appeared in different parts of the classroom and it was almost as if he were trying to play hide-go-seek with me. There have been other occasions when an electronic tester that I own has failed to work. I have a voltage ohmmeter that wouldn’t work prior to me seeing an Eternal Protoplasmic Projection that was standing off in the distance. Once she left the ohmmeter started to work again. There have been other times when various electrically based devices have worked just fine even though there’s a ghost in the room.

I have learned to “Ghost Watch” which is the same as people watching. You simply sit and observe the ghost in the environment that it has chosen to manifest itself in, and you do not move or speak since you are only there to observe the actions of the ghost without trying to interact with it since not every ghost wants to communicate with the living and since not every ghost wants to have his or her picture taken or their voice recorded and this is why I explain that a digital camera and a voice recorder are not always appropriate. Remember ghosts retain the same feelings and attitudes about certain subjects, and if they didn’t want their picture taken or their voice recorded while alive they won’t want it done while their dead. Some ghosts are polar opposites and they will cooperate with those that want to photograph them or with those that want to record their voice. Remember being dead doesn’t mean that you’re stupid. The ghosts that choose to manifest themselves can detect the presence of voice recorders and digital cameras and 35mm cameras and video cameras and they know what these devices are used for. Lastly, some ghosts or Eternal Protoplasmic Projections long for attention, so the paranormal investigator must be prepared to be touched by these apparitions since some ghost will touch you on purpose just to experience the sensation. I have felt this on many different occasions and sometimes the ghosts will do it without making their presence known. For example, you can be asleep and the male or female ghost will touch a certain part of your anatomy that causes you to wake up. This also happens to people that are not paranormal investigators and some people have even been touched while eating inside a restaurant in Orange County California or while doing some grocery shopping or while working out at a local gym or while riding in their car or while bicycling or while bathing or while brushing their teeth or while washing their car or while reading a book or while sitting inside a coffee house. Ghosts are everywhere and some will tell you that they did not live on the earth prior to dying, and they will also tell you that they are from other worlds and that they are from other dimensions where humans like us live; this is indeed why some ghosts appear to be lost when visiting our world for the very first time.

How Some Ghost Prefer To Communicate

In the following episode I mention that some ghost will only communicate with the living through telepathic means. I have encountered several ghosts that will not communicate through audible means, meaning they will not speak to you directly, however, they will use their mind to transfer thoughts into your head and you can either responds by speaking words to them or by using your own mind to respond to their statements and to their questions. In addition, you will encounter some Eternal Protoplasmic Projections that will only speak to you by using their minds and you will have to do the same that is if you want to communicate with the E.P.P. that has chosen to manifest itself to you. No explanation will be given as to why the ghost refuses to speak words to you, so you will have to communicate on its terms, and if you’re a person that’s used to speaking his or her thoughts out loud and cannot convert to the system of conversing while using your mind, your communication will be cut short because some ghosts will not humor you. There will be times that you will encounter certain ghosts that will appear to be terribly frightened of the living and if you just sit still and allow things to play out, you might obtain an explanation that explains their fear. Remember we are what they used to be, so we are perfectly capable of communicating with them if we have the patience and the understanding and the desire to do so.

Tombstone Arizona And My Paranormal Experience On 80 West

I mention what a great time I had in Tombstone Arizona and how pleasant everyone was. I also mention speaking to some of the people in town, and I describe what happened while I was traveling back to Tempe Arizona. While riding in the car something that could only be an Eternal Protoplasmic Projection, since I didn’t detect the presence of a demon, suddenly and unexpectedly changed the station on the car radio while I was traveling on 80 West. The kind of radio that was in the car that I was traveling in has a knob that must be turned in order to change the station, so the ghost obviously wanted me to know that it was there since there was no other way for the station to be changed without the dial being physically turned either clockwise or counterclockwise and in this case it was clockwise based on the increase in station numbers. The paranormal experience didn’t end there either because you see I was watching television later on that night and I happened to be watching the Investigation Discovery channel since I like the Deadly Women series that they have to offer and I specifically left the television on this channel, however, after dozing off for a spell I woke up to find that someone who could only be the ghost from the car had changed the channel to the news. The ghost switched the channel to Headline News for some unexplained reason and I mention these two incidents just to tell you that sometimes a friendly ghost will follow you from a certain location even if you aren’t conducting a paranormal investigation and the ghost or ghosts will follow you simply because you’re open to other concepts or to other realities. I wasn’t harmed in the least bit and regard the two incidents as par for the course. Plus I mentioned in a previous episode how a ghost suddenly turned on my television set one Saturday morning, so this wasn’t my first experience with a ghost tampering with the television. In addition, a number of ghosts used to change the radio station when I was a child which is one of the reasons that I started conducting investigations and experiments while still attending elementary school, and I made a solemn promise to myself one summer that I would visit Tombstone Arizona, so I could visit the same places as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday and the other legends that I read about. Now before I move on let me just state that the state of Arizona is a great place and that I enjoy vacationing there and that Tombstone has a lot of great food and drinks and wonderful people that aren’t shy about extending their Southwestern hospitality. The performers at the Gunfight Palace are one such group and they put on three impressive reenactments that tell the real story of Tombstone Arizona and Gold Dollar and Margarita are mentioned by name.

My Ghostly Encounter In Scottsdale Arizona

I mention how I did a little gambling at Casino Arizona and how a transparent male ghost suddenly ran across the road at Mckellips and McClintock, and I also mention that I believe that the ghost was in the area since the Drive-in theater wasn’t operational, and I draw this conclusion because I had been in the area on many different occasions without seeing a ghost. Plus the area is normally teeming with people on a Saturday night, but since the entire area was dark, I believe that this is why the ghost manifested himself. Remember ghosts always return to the scene of their greatest activities and this particular ghost was most likely a patron of the West Wind Scottsdale 6 Drive-in Theater when it was fully operational. By the way I frequented this particular Drive-in theater in the past and it was the kind of theater that would broadcast its sound through a particular radio station that you would tune into which is different from the ones that required you to hang the speaker on the inside of your car window. It’s too bad that most of the things that make us recognizable as Americans are fast disappearing, however, we are still famous for our road trips and since road trips are just as American as apple pie, I never hesitate to get on the wide open road.

The Tower Of Babel

I discuss The Tower of Babel in addition to our similarities to the people that were responsible for the construction of The Tower of Babel and I also explain what The Towel of Babel was and what happened to the people. Plus you’ll want to hear what I have to say about “The Universal Language” and about how we have been brought together by Empirical Science and who brought us back together whether knowingly or unknowingly. There are several things that you need to know about the conditions that existed back then and about the conditions that exist today and if you know anything about history then you’ll realize that history always repeats itself. I mention the fact that the gods or the Extraterrestrials destroyed the space program of the people that were responsible for The Tower of Babel and I also explain that the gods or the Extraterrestrials changed the languages. Will we suffer the same fate as the people that were responsible for The Tower of Babel?

The Cosmic EMP

During this episode I explain what The Cosmic EMP is used for and I also give the sequence of events, meaning I explain what comes before The Cosmic EMP is used and just so no one is confused. The Cosmic EMP that I’m referring to is not a solar flare. It is a weapon that is used by the gods or by the Extraterrestrials and this particular weapon is used to reset humanity. The blacks that were in Atlantis and that had reached the pinnacle of knowledge were locked into a battle to the death with the gods or with the Extraterrestrials that were trying to reset humanity and they as well as their knowledge were destroyed. Will we be the next Atlantis since our technological advances are being closely monitored? Should we as a species start assembling certain items which include pictures of ourselves and not just photographs that are taken, but that are also drawn, so that the people that come after us can know who we were? Once you hear how we are started over as a species you will understand why I’m asking these particular questions. Shouldn’t those that come after us know that we once lived inside several countries and as a unified people and that we used a universal language? The only way that the people that come after us will know this is if we start to assemble pictorial examples of ourselves that depict blacks and whites and Asians and Hispanics and Arabs and others all living together under one flag and as brothers and sisters. Once The Cosmic EMP is used all knowledge will be lost and none of our electronic equipment will work because The Cosmic EMP affects all electrically based devices including our brains. I propose that a time capsule of the United States and of the entire Western world be buried that shows all of us living together as a unified people, so that the other civilizations that will surely come after us will know what we accomplished before we were reset. If it were not for clay tablets and papyrus which are not affected by The Cosmic EMP we would not know the things that we know about the people that lived before us. They were highly intelligent people and they used certain incorruptible materials that could be buried and that would withstand the test of time and that were not electronically based, and so did the Egyptians that erected the Pyramids and so did the Nubians that also erected Pyramids. Let us learn a lesson from those that came before us and let us also follow in their footsteps because what is not readily known is that the Extraterrestrials or the gods will use human on human violence to destroy those that have the true knowledge and that have reached the pinnacle of knowledge in their time.

In some cases a less knowledgeable group of people will take over a given area and after they destroy all of the artifacts and the books that contain the secrets of the universe, they will be the humans that will live long enough to experience The Cosmic EMP since the human race will have already been made that much dumber through warfare. Can you imagine how far we would be set back if something were to happen to the greatest physics minds that the world has to offer and if the vast majority of the engineers and the builders were suddenly and simultaneously wiped out through a disastrous natural occurrence or through warfare? There would be a gap that’s akin to the gap that currently exists between the Egyptian flying machines, and between the Ancient Greek Archytas who built a steam powered aircraft that flew for some two hundred feet, and between the Wright Brothers who didn’t take flight until late 1903.

What happened to the knowledge in the interim?

The Cosmic EMP which is nothing short of an Extraterrestrial derived weapon and its partners that are affectionately known throughout the world as warfare, and as human on human violence, and as racism that’s specifically based on one’s physical characteristics are the reasons for the loss of knowledge.

This is indeed how knowledge is lost and how humans participate in resetting their own species.

Now let me just say that anyone that has studied UFOs for any number of years and that has seen them for themselves can tell you that these non-terrestrial aircraft are always present during conflicts and in areas where advancements in technology have been achieved. And during the program I mention the Rhodesian War which is also known as the Second Chimurenga or as the Zimbabwe War of Liberation. UFOs were spotted during this particular conflict that lasted from July 1964 to December 1979. The war involved the Rhodesian government and the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army and the Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army of Joshua Nkomo’s Zimbabwe African People’s Union and it resulted in the universal suffrage of 1979 which was to end the rule of the white minority in Rhodesia, however, it failed to gain international recognition and acceptance and the bloody conflict continued. UFOs were also seen during the Vietnam War where my uncle served in the United States Navy and they’ve been seen throughout Africa and in China and in Russia and in the Middle East.

John F. Kennedy placed the 33-rpm gold plated record that’s known as Camelot on the moon, so I ask you here just as I ask during the program, if we are the only creatures in existence, then why was the greeting/recording left on the moon by the Apollo astronauts if it is not for the other non-terrestrial entities or creatures to know that we are a different life form and that we hail from the planet earth?

Homo habilis and the Thatch Hut are mentioned during the program to demonstrate the first humans that have the ability to learn after The Cosmic EMP has been deployed and after the Extraterrestrials or the gods have already caused a considerable amount of destruction to take place on the planet prior to deploying The Cosmic EMP that destroys all knowledge of the past after the destructive forces have already covered up our accomplishments. We are currently excavating the past accomplishments of the advanced civilizations that lived before us and that underwent the reset that I mention during the program. After a man and a woman are placed in various parts of the world and subsequently given new languages after The Cosmic EMP has been deployed, they have offspring and subsequently pass on their knowledge prior to expiring and we continue from this point forward. We start out as human beings and remain human and we evolve in knowledge only and not in form as the evolutionist erroneously state. We do not come from apes and never did and did not start out as single celled organisms. This is nonsense and I rejected Charles Darwin’s theory while I was still attending elementary school. This is when I was first introduced to, “The Gospel of Science.”

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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Lyceum Of The Wolfe: Episode Twelve

Transcript of the episode that was recorded on 08/15/2012

The Best Part About Being A Paranormal Investigator

In this particular episode I mention that the best part about being a paranormal investigator is the fact that you get to talk to some really interesting people, and after studying abnormal psychology among other things, I can always tell whether or not the person is lying or whether or not they’re suffering from a mental disorder, and the people that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with over the years are just as sane as the distinguished men and women that hold seats in the United States Congress, so don’t be so quick to dismiss what they’re saying since they came into the world by the very same means that brought you here. The only difference between the men and women that I’ve talked to and between those that have been elected to positions of power, is the former half of the citizens have been systematically chosen by The Authority to experience the paranormal while a conscious decision has been made to leave others alone which could certainly change at a moment’s notice, and the previously untouched could indeed find out what it’s like to experience the touch or the feel of a demon or the slap or the punch of another supernatural creature or they could very well come face to face with a malevolent Extraterrestrial Entity that finds them fascinating or that just wants to torment them since they’re a weaker life form. The possibilities and the overall outcome of their otherworldly encounters will become endless once they’ve been exposed to the other side of this miasma that we call life, and being a paranormal investigator while pursuing a much higher education made me all the more interested in the unknown because you see I had a chance to hear about a certain psychiatrist that was interviewing a young woman that was purportedly suffering from multiple personality disorder, however, what the esteemed psychiatrist failed to realize is that a person that’s suffering from multiple personality disorder, and that’s not possessed by a demon, cannot tell you certain things about your life and especially when you’ve never met them prior to conducting their psychological evaluation. The non-demon-possessed, and truly mentally ill, also can’t tell one about their childhood or about their first adolescent sexual encounter, and they most certainly won’t know the name of the person that took the interviewer’s virginity or the sex of that person, however, a demon has all of the aforementioned information at his or her disposal and they can and will begin to recite it without warning since they are not bound by time, space, or secrecy. The petrified psychiatrist who was obviously no match for his demon possessed patient outright refused to continue to see the patient, however, despite all of the overwhelming evidence that suggested that he was dealing with more than just the mundane, and with more than the standard mentally ill patient, he still wouldn’t acknowledge the fact that he was dealing with something that was otherworldly even though the person had personal and confidential information about him and even though it was the kind of information that he had never disclosed to anyone. The foolish psychiatrist that ran out of the room once the demon possessed patient started to tell him certain uncomfortable things about his childhood and about his first sexual encounter and about his mother still wouldn’t make the connection to the paranormal even though the patient had information about his family that his colleagues didn’t even know and even though the demon possessed girl knew certain things about his mother that his older sister was never told due to what it would do to the family. The paranormal is certainly real and being a paranormal investigator or a psychiatrist or a psychologist or a counselor or a member of the clergy one often stares the devil in the face because sometimes he’s the one that’s telling the story of what he put the victim through who in many cases turns out to be the unsuspecting interviewer that was called in to conduct an investigation or to conduct an exorcism or to conduct a psychological evaluation, which was true in the case of the truth rejecting psychiatrist that ran out of the room when confronted with a disturbing memory that he had successfully suppressed for some thirty plus years. You see one of the laughing and insulting demons that was securely locked away inside the girl that he was interviewing had gotten into his mother prior to paying him a visit while he was only twelve years old. The eyes of the person will reveal what you’re dealing with; it’s not always in the voice and had the psychiatrist known this then he would have instantly realized that the demon that was inside his patient is the very same demon that had pinned him to the restroom floor at the age of twelve, and he would have also realized that the demon that was speaking to him through the girl is the very same demon that had ruthlessly possessed his mother just before snatching him out of the shower while his older sister and father were out grocery shopping.

Male And Female Ghosts That Hang Around Health Clubs

Often times one will find male and female ghosts nonchalantly hanging around certain health clubs and especially if these particular ghosts were weight lifters at some point in their lives, and the aforementioned ghosts will often count along with you while you’re silently reciting or while you’re mouthing the number of reps that you’re doing at a given time, and the same counting and encouraging ghosts can also be found roaming around high school gymnasiums since they’re familiar with the equipment as well as with the youthful atmosphere due to previously attending the high school and due to using the weight lifting facility at some juncture in their lives. The reason for the ghostly weight lifters sudden appearance is quite simple really because you see ghosts will return to familiar places once they decide that the other dimensions are not for them since they don’t provide the same kinds of entertaining conversations and places that they were used to visiting prior to leaving their mortal bodies, and longing for their familiar surroundings, the friendly male and female ghosts that purposely hang around health clubs will return to the scene of their greatest activity and these ghosts are extremely helpful and you’ll hear me describe how I and others were helped by a ghost while lifting weights. The kind of miraculous aid that we each received has been reported by people that are living in Russia and in the United Kingdom and in Mexico and in the United States and in other places around the globe, and it prevented disaster from striking because the weights would have crushed our chests and we would have either been hospitalized or carried by six.

Some Homes Are Truly Haunted While Others Are Not

The secret is that not all homes are haunted; meaning that they only become haunted once a certain individual moves in and unknowingly brings an attached entity with them that they’re obviously not aware has been secretly following them everywhere they go. These same selected citizens eventually figure out that every house that they’ve ever moved to can’t be haunted and that they’re being surreptitiously pursued by a supernatural force. The reason is usually never revealed to the oppressed.

Why Some Ghosts Just Won’t Leave Us Alone

Some ghosts or spirits that feel that they have some unfinished business or that outright refuse to acknowledge their own death, since we are often just as stubborn in death as in life, will remain on the earth and they will try to communicate with us humans since they previously shared the same physical form. And despite what you might have previously heard with respect to ghosts, these particular male and female ghosts feel a strong connection to us since we resemble them as well as the other humans that they previously communicated with while alive or while still alive since many of them refuse to accept the fact that they are no longer like us. And still believing that they’re very much alive and that they’re still in corporeal form, most of these well-meaning ghosts mean us absolutely no harm and they simply cannot understand why we are frightened of them since they’re the same species and since they’re just carrying on like they used to when they were full-fledged members of our world. Now to fully understand the psychology of the ghosts that are invading our privacy, one must come to understand that a lot of the aforementioned stubborn ghosts or spirits will continue to see themselves as being in corporeal form and they will not listen to anyone that tries to tell them that they’re dead and they will even begin to think that the humans are trying to play a trick on them since they cannot understand why the humans are afraid of them and why they don’t want to communicate with them since they belong to the human world. And some ghosts will become extremely frustrated by our lack of communication and by our desire to get away from them since they still feel that they’re alive and that they belong in our world even though they are not like us anymore. Could this indeed be a state of hell since these ghosts are forced to wander throughout all eternity while still believing that they’re obviously something that they’re not and while experiencing rejection and while realizing that they have no place that they can call home?

A Ghostly Cowboy

I explain what happened when an African American male went on a solo camping trip after feeling that he just needed to get away. You’ll hear about the ghostly cowboy that entered his camping area while he was dozing off after a fishing session and after eating his meal that was accompanied with plenty of ice cold beer. The ghostly cowboy suddenly appeared on the scene before asking the lone camper whether or not he was going to finish the half full can of beer that he had failed to consume prior to dozing off, and what transpired after the question is absolutely remarkable. This is definitely something that you’ll remember for all times to come.

Spooked By A Ghost After Leaving A House Party

I explain what happened when a man left a house party prior to a ghost suddenly appearing on the side of him. The witnesses state that the man who was about fifty seven years old took off running up the street and that he was running like a fresh faced seventeen year old and a family friend had to catch up to him otherwise he would have kept running until his heart gave out. Ghosts enjoy attending parties and they will try to communicate with certain partygoers. This particular ghost was female.

The Ghost Of A Gambler That Was Owed Some Money

You’ll hear me talking about a ghost named Bill and about the promise that was made to him by a man that owed him money and you’ll come to understand why gamblers should always keep their promises. The man that made the promise was sitting at a gambling table one evening and it had been some six months since his gambling buddy’s death and he began to feel a cold chill on the back of his neck which caused him to leave the gambling table. Well, the ghost that placed the cold chill on the back of his neck chased the man until he had a heart attack and the victim had a chance to tell his friends what caused him to take off running prior to dying on the scene. The final thing that the ghost said to his victim was, “Boy aren’t we hav’n fun tonight.”

A Mischievous Teenage Ghost Named Mary James

I describe what happened when a young lady moved into a new apartment that was occupied by a teenage ghost named Mary James. You’ll hear how the victim first started to notice that certain things were out of place. For example, her hair brush would be left in places that she hadn’t gone and her make-up would be left in the kitchen. In addition, the ghost was shutting off the shower while she was trying to bathe and prior to terrorizing the woman she had been tormenting a man that had lived in the apartment and she would take his electric shaver while he was standing in the restroom and she would throw it in the kitchen trash can or she would place it outside the front door of the apartment. But, that’s just part of what she did because she did much, much more and the female victim got into a tug of war with her over the covers after she called in a priest. The landlord that was renting the apartment knew about the ghost, but didn’t bother to tell anyone. You’ll hear why Mary James died.

The Haunted State Of Texas

I spoke to a twenty four year old white female that was a former MMA fighter and she was describing her first trip to the state of Texas, and what she told me was absolutely chilling and the man that was sitting in close proximity to me while I was interviewing her about her paranormal experience immediately got up and left the area after he heard what had happened out in Texas. The twenty four year old who was nineteen at the time was walking on a deserted road along with a female friend and just when they started to ask one another a question about a certain house a man that appeared to be about seventy years old suddenly appeared behind them and he was riding on a tricycle while wearing a suit and a bowtie and he started saying the Sullivans live there, the Sullivans live there, the Sullivans live there. The question that the girls asked one another was about an abandoned house and the man disappeared just as fast as he had appeared. The aforementioned young lady’s grandmother told her about an incident that she had had while she was a little girl and she described telling her father about a strange bird that kept following her home from school and thinking nothing of it the man ignored her, however, she kept telling him about the bird so he decided to meet her half way and when he saw the bird that was following his daughter he grabbed her by the hand and they ran to the house where he immediately grabbed his shotgun since the bird was otherworldly. Parents you have to listen to your children when they’re trying to tell you something because more often than not, they’re telling the honest to God’s truth.


You can tell that something extremely powerful and extremely intelligent built Stonehenge, and while I was there I felt a sense of power as well as a sense of peace. In addition, it felt like stepping into another time and like I had entered a portal. Plus the atmosphere was electrically charged like a field which is completely different from the surrounding area. It was absolutely mystical and it’s the kind of thing that can change one’s life, so I encourage everyone to visit Stonehenge at least once in their life because it is truly like walking in the footsteps of the gods.

The Mazda MX6

I describe how the car that I almost drowned in was destroyed approximately a year after I drove out of the water. I was getting ready to take a trip to Palm Springs, CA. where I was going to be vacationing, and after leaving the local mall I felt a feeling of dread suddenly come over me and there was a black mass or cloud that seemed to be trailing the car. The other vehicle that hit me in the front was coming at me like a torpedo and the women that were inside the Ford Mustang that hit me at about fifty miles per hour had the very same demonic eyes as the women in Mexico and as the five year old child that was at the Greyhound bus station in El Paso Texas. I was trapped inside the vehicle and had to power my way out and you’ll hear more details while listening to the episode, but the first thing that I saw after emerging from the car was the pitch black creepy demonic eyes of the women that had hit me and the driver even gave me a false name after trying to flee the scene of the accident that almost claimed my life. Demons will often give false names because they don’t want you to know who they are, but everyone that has battled them in the past will tell you that if you call on the name of Jesus, they will generally flee without further incident, but if they’re devils, they might just decide to stick around since they don’t particularly like or respect humans since they were created first.

I Encourage Others To Record Their Experiences

I encourage others to record their experiences and to share them with their family and friends. Also, if you have a paranormal experience that you just need to get off your chest and that you might want me to mention during one of my shows, you can send me an email with the words, “Please discuss my story on your show. “ It’s possible that I might also have you on the show.

You don’t have to provide your real name and if you do, I’ll only mention the first name and not the last name and this also goes for members of the law enforcement community that might want to share their experiences.

Your emails can be sent to:

Below is a link to the episode.

May your nights and days be filled with the answers that you seek.

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